How to set up Siri on iPhone

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Turning on

If for some reason the branded voice assistant has been disabled on the iPhone, to re-enable it, do the following:

    Open the iOS “Settings” and scroll down to the section with standard functions.

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Customize how your voice assistant works,

When the message “Hey Siri is ready to work” appears, tap on the “Done” button.

  • Further, returning to the assistant’s settings, if desired, activate two more switches:
  • “Call Siri with the Home button” / “Call Siri with the side button”;
  • Siri with screen lock.
  • At 3-4 steps of the instruction, we enabled the ability to call Siri with a voice command. The same two allow you to access the assistant using the appropriate button on the device body (which one depends on the model) and from the lock screen. If you want the function to be available in each of the cases, put the toggle switches opposite these items to the active state.

    On this, the main task, voiced in the title of the article, can be considered solved.

    Call and use

    First, let’s look at how you can call Siri on the iPhone. we identified this in steps.5 of the first part of the article.

      Say “Hey Siri” if you’ve allowed the assistant to respond to the appropriate voice command. Whether it will work on the locked screen depends on the additional setting, also discussed by us above.

    Pressing the Home button (on an iPhone, where it is, and it’s mechanical) or side (on an iPhone with or without a non-mechanical button).

    If you are using Airpods, in addition to the commands above, you can summon Siri on them by double-tapping or holding the pressure sensor (1st and 2nd generation models) (Pro model). Previously, these actions will need to be configured. the instructions are in the article presented at the link below.

    Now, knowing how to call the assistant, you can assign any (supported and understandable) tasks to it. With Siri, you can launch applications and open websites, control audio and video playback, as well as various functions of your mobile device, make calls, write messages, set reminders, take notes, add entries to your calendar, convert units of measurement, count examples, and much more.

    Note: In some cases, the commands may need to be corrected or, as shown in the last two images above, to independently make the choice of the user with whom you want to contact. The latter usually happens when their names are consonant or identical.

    As you can see, nothing complicated and, what is especially important, in a completely human language. Siri can also be configured to perform various quick commands, which are not separate actions, but chains of such commands, but this is a topic for a separate article.

    You can familiarize yourself with how playback control is carried out using Siri in our articles on AirPods. in this case, the assistant takes over functions that are not available in headphones.


    For more convenient interaction with the assistant, it will also be useful to customize his work. This is done in the same section of system parameters, which we went to in the second paragraph of the previous instruction.

      The first thing to do is determine the language in which you will communicate with Siri and receive answers from her.

    Select it in the appropriate section.

    Next, you can determine the gender (voice) of the assistant.

    The default is “Female”, but you can select “Male” instead.

    This indicates when the assistant will answer aloud and whether the text on the screen will be displayed during communication with him. pronounced by Siri (2) and you (3).

    If you are using 2nd generation Airpods, Airpods Pro, or Beats (select models), you can turn on the Read Messages feature.

    This will allow you to listen to incoming messages without having to unlock your iPhone and, if desired, dictate responses to them.

    Additionally, you can determine from whom exactly they will be read.

    Siri keeps a history of communication and dictation.

    If necessary, this data can be deleted.

    In addition to voice communication and various commands, Siri can display various prompts and suggest options for actions in applications using the search and keyboard. To do this, activate all or only the switches you need in the “Siri Suggestions” block.

    Siri can be configured in individual (only system) applications. the list of supported ones is presented below.

    Depending on the type and functionality of the latter,

    different options are available in the Commands app, on the Home screen, and on the locked screen.

    The last thing that can be configured for Siri, but is optional, is Accessibility. For this:

      Open the appropriate section “Settings” iOS.

    Scroll down the subsections presented in it

    Once you’ve finished setting up Siri on your iPhone, you can safely move on to using it.

    Enabling Siri in iOS 11 and Below

    You can activate the voice assistant on devices with 11 and earlier versions of iOS using settings, the interface of which is very different from the example discussed above.

    • Launch “Settings” iOS and go to them to the section “General”.
    • Open the “Siri” subsection.
    • Turn on the voice assistant by moving the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

    Confirm your intention and make the necessary configuration.

    How to enable Siri on iPhone 10 and other Apple devices

    Siri in iPhone is a handy helper application that is known to almost all Apple users. Activating Siri is quite simple, and the challenge is made in several ways. The peculiarity of the program is that communication with it takes place through the user’s voice, and not by typing. This method significantly saves time if you want to make an urgent request. How to call Siri on iPhone, every gadget owner should know.

    What is Siri on iPhone

    Siri is a personal assistant capable of processing natural speech

    Since then, the voice assistant has been evolving and updated regularly. One of the popular innovations is the support for different languages. You can call Siri now in English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic, Malay, Finnish, Hebrew.

    Siri is capable of playing jokes, songs and poems

    Turning on Siri makes it much faster to perform daily activities, find out the news, and get answers to questions. With the assistant, it is convenient to take notes, turn on music, make calls and receive reminders. In addition to standard functions, the application can interact with other programs, for example, with the addition of the used bank. Without opening the program, the user can ask Siri to perform a series of simple operations with money. You can also send SMS in Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp and other systems that support the voice assistant function. You can get a complete list of available commands by saying “Siri, what can you do?” In some cases, such a program can save lives, for example, when you need to call the emergency services or look at the first aid rules.

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    Note! For iPhones 7 and newer, the function of accessing Siri through the locked screen is implemented, which allows you to use it when your hands are busy.

    Siri features include information about sporting events. This function is especially convenient for those who are regularly interested in the results of various events.

    One of the frequently asked questions is weather information. The assistant copes with this perfectly. Here you can find out the forecast for one day, week or month. In addition to temperature, the assistant indicates the probability of precipitation, humidity and wind speed. Another useful addition is the management of alarms and timers. Instead of opening the “Clock” and creating an alarm every time, it is enough to tell Siri the phrase “Set the alarm” with the time. This function also applies to timers.

    Note! Siri helps you control various smart devices in your home using the HomeKit app. For this feature, Apple has released a smart HomePod speaker with 6 microphones for detailed speech recognition.

    How to unlock iPhone with Siri or lock

    At the moment, when you try to open an application or mail through Siri, the program can unlock the phone on its own. At the same time, anyone can do it. Manufacturers are trying to secure devices and eliminate such vulnerabilities. For example, when opening social networks, be sure to enter a password.

    In the event that the iPhone password is forgotten, you can bypass it in this way:

    • Call Siri and ask the program for the current time.
    • By clicking on “Clock”, go to the application with a timer and alarm clock.
    • Here you can find the item “Ringtone selection”. “Buy ringtone”.

    After the steps taken, iTunes will open, after which it is enough to press the “Home” button to access the phone.

    The second way to unlock iPhone is as follows:

    • You need to call the locked phone and accept the incoming call.
    • Then you should click on “Messages” and select one for the answer.
    • A window for dialing SMS will appear on the screen.

    Activating VoiceOver will unlock the To field and access all data on your phone.

    Siri in activation mode is able to block the phone in case of a security threat

    If the user has forgotten the password, then you can say goodbye to the phone and the information in it. However, thanks to the above methods, it is possible to bypass iPhone lock.

    Note! To protect your phone from hacking, you should turn off Siri when not in use. It is also necessary to prohibit the use of applications and notifications when the screen of the mobile device is locked.

    How to set up Siri on iPhone

    To set up Siri, you need to open the settings section and select “General”. From the proposed list, you should find a voice assistant. By clicking on the switch, the application is switched to active mode. Special functions can be set with the help of the assistant. Siri is capable of recognizing the voice of the owner of the smartphone, so do not ignore the step where it is instructed to speak a number of established phrases. After these manipulations, it will be easy to call Siri at any time.

    Note! Running Siri in the background will reduce battery life. For this reason, it is recommended to disable the program.

    How to rename Siri on iPhone

    You cannot rename Siri on Apple products. This name is spelled out by the manufacturers, so there is no way to change it at the moment.

    How to talk to Siri correctly?

    You can contact Siri using the Home button

    To access it, you need to hold down the home button until Siri responds. If your device is an iPhone 6s or newer, you can speak a question or voice a request immediately after pressing the home button.

    How to enable Siri on iPhone 11?

    To enable Siri on iPhone and iPad running any version of the operating system, including iOS 10 and iOS 11, simply launch the Settings app and then find the section called Siri. To activate the voice assistant, just switch the toggle switch opposite “Siri” to the green “active” position.

    How to set up Siri?

    • Launch the Settings app. Tap the gray gear icon (⚙️) on the Home screen.
    • Scroll down and tap Siri.
    • Move the slider beside Siri to the On position.
    • Click Language.
    • Choose language.
    • Click Siri.
    • Tap Information.
    • Click on your contact information.

    How to turn on Siri by voice without charging?

    How to use “Hey Siri” even without connecting to a charger

    • First, make sure Hey Siri is turned on. This can be done in Settings → General → Siri → Allow “Hey Siri”.
    • Now activate Siri by pressing the Home button. When it turns on, do not say anything and wait for this screen.
    • That’s all.

    Why Siri doesn’t work on iPhone 6?

    Check if Siri Assistant is on

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings Siri & Search and make sure Listen to Hey Siri and Call Siri with Home or Side Button for Siri are turned on 1.

    What iPhones are Siri friends with?

    The Assistant does not work on all iPhones. It “gets along” with versions of devices from the fourth iOS and higher. Calling a subscriber by voice is possible on supported devices if they are connected to a power source, that is, the battery is being charged. However, popular top models work without recharging, these are: iPhone SE, 6s, 7, 8, X, XR, XS.

    The above models of devices are always ready to execute the voice command of their owner. You can “talk” with your phone both on the street and at home.

    The latest versions of the devices do not require an obligatory internet connection. If a person searches for a network, but the server is unavailable due to lack of connection, the data will not be displayed. This is a standard error 404.

    How to enable, set up and use Siri on iPhone (Siri)

    Siri is a voice assistant that helps out iPhone owners in many ways. They use Siri to call a taxi, view certain links in an Internet browser. They also dial the subscriber’s number or call back the contact at the right time, turn on the alarm for the selected hour, write messages, dictate texts. And this is far from the definitive list of Siri’s abilities.

    To fully experience the Assistant’s functionality, you should try to make the settings yourself. The assistant has become indispensable for users of Apple gadgets, so let’s figure out how to enable Siri on iPhone.

    How to enable Siri

    A conversation with the Assistant, his call are made after activating the function. It usually connects automatically. However, there are situations when a user purchased an iPhone in the secondary market, could not find the settings on his own, accidentally knocked off the parameters. In this case, the installation is done manually.

    Activation is performed as follows:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Siri and Search”.
    • Activate green toggles, including the Listen Hey Siri option.
    • Next, we say the phrases offered on the screen so that the iPhone remembers your voice.

    The assistant follows the iPhone owner’s commands by responding to their voice. Therefore, you need to make settings for your own timbre and rhythm. This will reduce the chance of unlocking your phone by unauthorized people. Other features are also provided to make the work of the voice assistant more convenient. These include:

    • management of applications, programs;
    • calling a subscriber;
    • analogue answering machine and others.

    How to use the Assistant

    For the selected type of setting, Siri enters active mode when you press the Home button for 1-2 seconds or a voice command. The first is not always convenient, since it requires manipulating the phone. For example, driving is not even safe.

    Voice activation is more practical, but you should configure your phone according to the instructions above so that intruders do not launch Siri without your knowledge.

    Own sound commands

    IOS has the ability to record your voice commands to call specific applications, perform certain actions.

    • From the Siri & Search menu, select All Shortcuts.
    • iPhone will suggest the actions that the user takes most often. Let’s take an example of viewing incoming e-mail.
    • After pressing the red button (“record”), we pronounce the command with our voice, which we will subsequently use to start viewing incoming mail.
    • We edit and delete previously recorded voice commands in the section “My quick commands”.
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    Record your voice command for Siri

    Is it possible to change Siri’s voice?

    voice. here you can choose Female or Male voice acting. Just select the voice you want for Siri and voila! Tap on Male to hear Siri speak in a male voice. If you go to the Settings app again, you can change Siri’s voice back to female.

    How to call Siri on iPhone x?

    On iPhone X or later, press the side button, then speak your request right away. If you’re using an iPad Pro model that doesn’t have a Home button, press the top button, then immediately make a request. If your device has a Home button, press it and tell right away what you need.

    How to turn the screen on aloud?

    • Turn on TalkBack if you haven’t already.
    • Launch the Play Books app. The books you have are located in the library or on the home page.
    • Open the book.
    • Tap the screen, then double-tap to enter Quick View.
    • Click the icon. Read Aloud.

    How to make a male Siri voice?

    Open Settings, go to General, select Siri, turn it on (if off) and go to Husband / Wife. vote”. It is easy to guess that this is where you can choose the “gender” of your voice assistant. It’s so easy to choose a male or female voice for Siri.

    How to talk to Siri correctly?

    You can contact Siri using the Home button

    To access it, you need to hold down the home button until Siri responds. If your device is an iPhone 6s or newer, you can speak a question or voice a request immediately after pressing the home button.

    How to change the language on iPhone in Siri?

    To change the language that Siri uses, go to Siri’s Settings General, and then select Language. Siri does not read responses on Apple TV, but it processes requests and displays the results on the screen. May 11, 2019.

    How to enable Siri

    The procedure for activating Siri depends on the version of the operating system in the phone.

    If the iPhone has iOS v.11 or earlier, you will need to move the toggle switch to the on position to enable the voice service. At the same time, you can specify the language in which the assistant communicates, the answer options and my data for navigation systems.

    In iOS 12 and higher, the user can both set up Siri on the iPhone and take advantage of additional artificial intelligence features.

    There are two ways to activate the mobile assistant call:

    For devices with the new version of iOS, it is enough to say “Hello Siri” for the mobile assistant to be ready to help. In previous versions of the operating system, voice control only works when the phone is connected to a charger.

    You can activate Siri on iPhone using other gadgets:

    How To Set Up “Hey Siri” On iPhone

    • via wireless headphones. double-tapping the case opens the search application;
    • With Apple Watch. just look at the screen, say hello to Siri, or press the wheel to turn on the assistant;
    • Through a wireless connection in the car or a Bluetooth headset. long press of the voice message key, activates the program in the phone.

    You can read about Yandex maps for iPhone here.

    How to set up Siri on iPhone. instructions with pictures

    Apple’s Siri voice assistant helps you send messages, make calls, open apps, browse social networks and navigate without touching your iPhone. How to set up a mobile assistant and how to turn off Siri on iPhone

    Additional settings

    To view the capabilities of Siri, just activate the program and click on the central icon. A list of services that are in the competence of the application will appear.

    In iOS 12.4 and later, the service has been enhanced with quick commands.

    The function allows you to display frequently used commands on the locked screen. Swiping the reminder down to open the mobile assistant service.

    • Open application settings, for example YouTube, to which you need to add the command.
    • Choosing “Siri and Search”.
    • Quick commands.
    • Add a new command.
    • We say the phrase by which the service will be launched.

    Siri, like artificial intelligence, learns the user’s preferences and gives hints which services can be added to the search engine.

    Basic queries are created in the Siri & Search section of the Settings menu. Go to the application category or use the intended actions.

    If “quick contacts” are not displayed in a third-party application, it is recommended to check and see in the AppStore what functions the program supports. In most cases, in order to form preferences, it is enough to enter the application and perform several actions in it.

    iPhone 7

    With iPhone 7, Siri finally got the latest voices that sound even more natural and better now. Now you can choose between male and female voices.

    Application support

    Siri is an integral part of the iPhone operating system, but it does not work well in Russian. The last update allowed installing third-party software.

    Recall that by default, the installation of programs from unofficial unofficial developers is prohibited and Siri cannot interact with them.

    To use the newest feature, you need to enable this option by yourself.

    To provide access to third-party applications, interact with Siri’s smart assistant, you must:

    • Go to the Application Support section.
    • Activate the item “Software Support”.
    • Check the required applications to which you want to grant access.
    • After that Siri will be trained to work with brand new applications.

    Please note that Siri will work in the language used by the system as a whole. How can this disrupt work? For example, Telegram works in British for Siri and does not have a Russian version. Consequently, the policy of the application creator may cause you difficulties in using.

    How to reset options to factory defaults?

    To reset the options of the Siri smart assistant, you need to take the following steps in sequence:

    • Go to the mobile device options menu.
    • Open the main section.
    • Open a subsection with a list of all installed applications.
    • Select Siri and open to configure settings.
    • Flip the switch to Siri off mode.
    • A window will appear warning that Siri has been accumulating information about you for a long time and when you turn it on again, time will come in handy for collecting data and personal options for the smart assistant.
    • To continue, you need to confirm and agree that you are familiar and do not mind.
    • When the disconnect process is complete, do the same with the dictation app. This software also stores information about the user’s voice commands and preferences.
    • To do this, stay in the phone options section and go to the main tab.
    • Find the keyboard app you are currently using.
    • Activate opening by type for parameter configuration.
    • Find and disable the dictation setting.

    Once enabled, implementation will start from scratch.

    Language selection

    Siri supports several languages ​​for work and you can set any one to choose from in the settings.

    • Open the options section on your smartphone.
    • Go to the section with applications and at the very bottom of the window find Siri.
    • Select the ‘Access Lock Screen’ option and allow Siri to unlock your iPhone.
    • After that, activate the assistant by voice command Siri greeting.
    • After clarifying the indisputable characteristics, select the “Language” option to personalize the language and dialects.
    • Choose a language from the 7 proposed options, among which there is Russian. Then, depending on the chosen language, you can choose the gender of the assistant.

    How to tune Siri to your voice?

    How to teach Siri to better understand the voice of the owner of an iPhone or iPad

    • Go to Settings → General → Siri.
    • Activate Siri and Hey Siri if you haven’t done so.
    • Click the “Configure” button.
    • The voice assistant will ask you to repeat several questions and statements.

    How to make Siri call me by name?

    Ask Siri to call you by your nickname.

    • Open Siri by pressing and holding the Home button.
    • Say in English: “From now on, call me”. at the end of the phrase, say your new name or nickname. Siri will confirm your new name. This operation will change the entry in the “Nickname” field in your personal contacts.
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    How to enable Siri on iPhone XS Max?

    How to summon Siri on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X. Press and hold the side button (or set up Hey Siri).

    What to do if Siri doesn’t work?

    If Siri Assistant can’t hear you correctly or doesn’t answer when you ask a question, make sure the microphone is working: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, remove the screen protectors and covers that cover the microphone, and then ask Siri a question. Also make sure your Airpods microphone is clean.

    How to make Siri work without charging?

    How to use “Hey Siri” even without connecting to a charger

    • First, make sure Hey Siri is turned on. This can be done in Settings → General → Siri → Allow “Hey Siri”.
    • Now activate Siri by pressing the Home button. When it turns on, do not say anything and wait for this screen.
    • That’s all.

    How to call Siri on a locked iPhone?

    On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • Say “Hey Siri” Just say “Hey Siri” and then tell me what you want.
    • Press and release the button
    • Press and hold the button

    How to turn on Siri on 10m iPhone?

    • Go to the settings section. Select the “General” department.
    • Switch the toggle switch to the active position using the touchpad of the gadget.
    • The assistant prompts you to use the “Configure” button. For better memorization of the owner’s voice, he pronounces a number of standard phrases.

    How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

    Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

    The assistant prompts you to press the “Customize” button and repeat some simple expressions to memorize your voice better, to further reduce the chance of others accidentally activating Siri on your device.

    After the done manipulations, calling the voice assistant will become even easier.

    How to Set up Siri on iPhone 11

    Note to owners of top-end devices in which you can activate Siri without connecting the gadget to a power source. the battery life will certainly be reduced.

    On which iPhones and iPads does Siri turn on by voice work?

    Calling Siri with your voice will work on supported devices as long as they are connected to a power source. The exception was top-end gadgets such as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro, which are almost always ready for the request “Hey Siri!” respond and execute a voice command.

    “Hey Siri!” Or How to turn on Siri by voice on iPhone

    The “Hey Siri!” Function, which brings up the voice assistant, is one of the relatively few features that was impudently spied on by guys from a rival platform (“Ok Google”). In this article, we will tell you what Apple devices it works on, why you need it and how to turn it on by voice and make some personalization settings. Instructions for beginners!

    Thanks to the voice assistant Siri, almost every owner of iPhone (4s and older), iPad (third generation and older, as well as all devices of the iPad mini line), iPod touch 5G and Apple Watch can voice calls, set alarms, write messages and even dictate texts. A more detailed list of useful commands can be found here.

    And if earlier it was required to hold down the Home button to activate the function, now it is enough to say the phrase “Hey Siri!” (the feature appeared on iOS 9 and also works on later firmware versions). True, there are some nuances here.

    Why “Hey Siri!” enabled but not working

    Yes, the whole point is that if the device is in the user’s or is located on a horizontal surface with the display down, then the protection against false positives is activated. We have already written about this in detail on the pages of our website.

    How to call Siri. ways

    Say the phrase “Hello Siri” and give her the required request. For example, so that she turn on the alarm, find information about something on the Internet or open an application.

    Hold down the Home key, if there is one, or the Side key, if the iPhone is not.

    On Air Pods or other Apple devices, for example, on a watch, the assistant is also called by the phrase.

    Hello Siri: how to call, enable and configure

    Hey Siri. this is usually how an iPhone user opens it. But, the voice assistant on a smartphone can be turned on not only with this phrase.

    This is a very convenient tool for managing your phone, and you can turn on Siri from any part of the iPhone menu and at any time.

    From the previous material, you learned how to turn off geolocation on the iPhone. Now we will figure out how to enable Siri on iPhone, configure it and generally manage it. So that she can always answer your questions.

    Useful commands and controls

    Let’s consider what functions you can control using the voice assistant and what you can ask him for.

    • Control the alarm
    • Set up an appointment in the calendar and generally interact with it
    • Set a reminder
    • Turn on timer
    • Convert currencies and other quantities
    • Multiply, add, divide and other math problems
    • Asking what date will be in 17 days
    • Add note
    • Build a route on the map
    • Ask what time it is in Guatemala
    • Dictate the weather
    • Run any installed application
    • Adjust screen brightness
    • Turn on airplane mode
    • And control other iOS functions
    • Read incoming notifications
    • Dictate the text and send it via SMS
    • Call the subscriber by voice or Face Time
    • Check mail
    • Manage social applications networks
    • and many other actions

    Turn on SIRI. setting

    For the Siri function to work at all, you first need to configure and activate it. After that, the voice assistant will be available for use.

    Open your phone settings and go to the Siri & Search section. This menu contains all the parameters.

    • Listen to “Hey Siri”. when you say this phrase, Siri will automatically be activated
    • Call Siri with the Home button. when you press this button for a long time, the voice assistant will be activated
    • Call with the side button. the same as with the Home button, only for iPhones without this button
    • Siri with a lock screen. the assistant can be called in the ways described above, even from a locked screen

    Interesting! When you turn on the function of calling the assistant using the words “Hey Siri”, it will only respond to the voice to which it was configured. If other people say this phrase, nothing will happen. On rare occasions, she reacts to someone else.

    fun! If you turn the phone face down, then Siri will not respond at all to the voice command.

    Activate the items you need, when you turn on voice activation. you will be asked to say some phrases, and the assistant will set up to control your voice.

    • Language
    • Voice. male or female
    • Siri replies. whether to show subtitles, speech when she speaks them
    • Delete request history
    • My Information
    • Set up Siri Suggestions. when it will suggest something to you based on the analysis of your device usage

    In the application block, you can open any and: enable or disable the analysis by the assistant, display on the Home screen and access commands from the locked screen.

    In the same menu, if you wish, you can, on the contrary, turn off Siri if this function bothers you. Each time you turn it on again. you need to do the tuning again with your voice.

    This is really a very handy feature that you can use all the time, and many actions will be obtained even faster than using your fingers from the screen. Yes Siri?