How to Set Up Samsung TV Without Remote

Samsung TV setup

Our company adjusts all parameters and Samsung TV setup all modifications. Adjustment of both modern liquid crystal and plasma, as well as picture tubes TV models is carried out throughout Moscow and in the immediate suburbs. The work is carried out by experienced and qualified craftsmen.
We know how to set up samsung tv. For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

Samsung TV 6 series manual

Antenna connection a terrestrial or cable signal, is made by connecting an antenna cable with a resistance of 75 Ohms to the socket on the Samsung TV ‘Ant.’
HDMI connection. For the best quality digital image, by Samsung TV instructions, It is recommended to connect a Blu-ray player, set-top box of digital satellite or cable television, a game console, and a laptop via a high-speed HDMI cable to one of the HDMI sockets on the TV.

Samsung TV Remote

Samsung TV Remote contains
on the main buttons of the remote control
Braille points for visually impaired people.

The purpose of the remote control buttons for the Samsung TV:
Tv button. turning on and off the TV
STB button. turn on and off the TV set-top box.
Source Button. Selection of input sources.

Button 1,2. 9.0. direct access to channels.
TTX / MIX Button. selection of teletext values.
MUTE Button. Temporary mute.

P button. Switching channels.
/. button. Volume control
SMART HUB Button. Display smart applications.

MENU Button. Opens the on-screen menu.
GUIDE Button. Display of electronic guide.
TOOLS Button. Selection of frequently used functions.

INFO Button. Display information on the screen.
RETURN Button. Returns to the previous menu.
EXIT Button. Exit Samsung TV Menu.

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SEARCH Button. Call the search box.
KEYPAD Button. Virtual keyboard
E-MANUAL Button. Call user manual.

P.SIZE Button– Resize image.
AD / SUBT Button. Sound descriptions \ Subtitles
BACK Button. return to the previous level
Control buttons. viewings, photos, audio recordings

Colored buttons. access to special functions of some menus as indicated on the screen.

On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

First time setup

When you first turn on the screen displays the window: primary Samsung TV setup. Here, using the Samsung TV remote control, you can select the menu language, search for television channels, configure the Internet connection. You can perform this procedure later by pressing the System \ Settings option in the Samsung TV menu.
Samsung TV uses a password for system settings. The default password is 0-0-0-0. If you entered a different password and forgot it, you should Samsung password recovery. To do this, turn off the device with the remote control from the Samsung TV, and in standby mode, press MUTE-8-2-4-POWER. The Samsung TV will be set to a password value of 0-0-0-0.

Samsung CI CARD card adapter what is it

Samsung CI CARD card adapter what is it? This is the connector on the side of the Samsung TV (also called the pcmci card slot), which is used to install the decoding card for a paid digital satellite or cable television. Such a card, installed in the Samsung TV’s CI CARD adapter card, eliminates the need for an additional receiver, which is necessary for watching digital channels on older TVs.

Why do I need an infrared adapter cable for a Samsung TV?

Ir out on samsung tv what is it? Output connector ir out It is used to connect the IR transmitter adapter for controlling external devices included in the TV set.

How to set up your Samsung TV to control external devices connected to it, such as a digital television receiver, disc player, home theater? Why do I need an infrared adapter cable for a Samsung TV?? Thus, you can control with one remote control and a TV and other devices, using it as a universal.
For this, it is necessary to connect the infrared adapter cable included in the kit to the output of the IR OUT TV, position the transmitter within 10 cm from the receiver of the external device. The signals from the television remote control will be processed on the Samsung TV, converted and sent via cable to the transmitter, which will work as an infrared remote control of an external device.
Turn on the external device and the TV. Use the TV remote control to select SOURCE \ Universal Remote Control Setup at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions on the TV screen, the process of setting up the universal remote control will be completed.

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How to set up Samsung smart tv on digital tv

How to set up Samsung smart tv on digital tv:
Setting up digital television on a Samsung Smart TV is made by sequentially selecting Settings in the Menu. Broadcast Additional settings. Manual setup. Setting up digital channels.
Select Create Search to start the automatic search for digital TV channels and save them to the TV.

Answers to questions on Samsung TV. Setting up digital TV on Samsung UE32F5020AKRU

How to set up digital broadcasting? 12/18/2018, Moscow

The setting of digital TV channels is available only if “Source” is set to “TV”.
In the SETUP MENU section, you need to select the DVB-T parameter for setting up digital terrestrial television, or the DVB-C parameter for setting from a cable provider. In auto-tuning mode, all digital television channels available on the network will be found.

On the bottom third of the screen, the backlight does not work fully Samsung UE32F6330AK

The problem is this: on the lower third of the UE32F6330AK TV screen, the backlight either does not work or does not work fully. She wonders if repair is advisable, because Google did not help anyone in finding such problems. 10.21.2018, Solnechnogorsk.

You probably have a broken backlight line. Need to change to a new one, or try to repair. The question of the feasibility of repair is decided in each case. It is best to contact an experienced craftsman who has “with disassembly” necessary spare part, and which has experience in repairing LCD panels.

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Check Samsung UE32J5100AK cable connections

The TV was turned off. Then a sign appeared: “Check the cable connections and source settings. Press the SOURCE button on the remote control to select the connected sources. Having done all this, nothing changes. 09/10/2018, St. Petersburg.

This situation is possible if the signal to the Samsung UE32J5100AK is lost from the television antenna. You need to contact your cable provider or check your own receiving antenna if you are watching terrestrial television.

Image format not available “Full screen” Samsung UE49NU7100

TV function not available image format “full screen”, 3 format change functions are available, the rest are not. The TV shows the image in the center, around a dark frame of 10-15 cm. 08/15/2018, Sevastopol.

Changing the image format is changed by entering the menu: Settings / Image / Image size settings / Image size
The image size on the TV screen can be changed to: Standard 16: 9, Custom, 4: 3. You should be aware that the supported image formats differ depending on the input source.
The Samsung UE49NU7100 TV has an automatic image resizing feature. To enable it, go to Settings / Image / Image size settings / Wide auto
Enable mode “Fit to screen” set in Settings / Image / Image size settings / Fit to screen
When watching TV in Fit to screen mode, the image size can be selected according to the region. The supported image sizes may vary depending on the country, and this function in this case makes it easy to choose the format. For some types of broadcast signal, this function may not be supported.
Adjusting the size and / or position of the image: Settings / Image / Image size settings / Scale and position
This function is available only if the Image size is set to Custom. To change the position of an image broadcast by analog channels, you must first enlarge it

How to Set Up Samsung TV Without Remote