How to Set Up Samsung Smart TV Over Wi-Fi

Smart TV over Wi-Fi

What progress has reached. now, in order to watch videos on YouTube or search for the necessary information on the Internet, you do not need to run for a laptop or grab a smartphone. Anything you want can be done through the TV. The only prerequisite is the Smart TV function. Electronic stores offer a fairly wide selection of TVs from different manufacturers with Smart TV functions, which, by the way, are not cheap.

What you need to know before setting up your Smart TV?

Your dream has come true and you have taken out that very Samsung Smart TV from the box. We identified its place, put it there, and now it’s time to start setting up. What you need to know and be able to in order to seamlessly use the Smart TV function?

Let’s start in order and analyze the order of TV settings via Wi-Fi. Of course, there is an option to connect the TV directly through a wire, but this is not a very convenient option.

Additional cable, wire knots. all these are hassles and inconveniences that are unlikely to please. There will be opponents and connections via Wi-Fi, because many believe that such a connection is not capable of providing an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. But this is not true. The interruption of communication and the lack of its stability is exclusively a problem of the router. If the processor of the router is strong enough and the Internet provider provides fast Internet, then there will be no problems. Otherwise, either change your router or your Internet service provider.

Before proceeding with the Smart TV settings, you need to clarify a few points, namely:

  • Does your Samsung Smart TV come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter? If yes. this is great, if not. then it must be purchased. If you buy an adapter, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is individual for each Smart TV model.
  • Is the router configured and working properly? But, if the router is not new and your smartphone or tablet already has an Internet connection, then this item can be skipped, because all the necessary settings have already been made. Otherwise, setting up a router for Internet access will require specialist intervention.

What you need to do to set up Smart TV over Wi-Fi?

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control.
  • In the TV menu, go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.
  • Next, the possibility of a wired or wireless connection is displayed. Press the button “Configure connection”.
  • Select the desired wireless network from the list. Attention! If there is a need to set your own parameters when connecting, then you must select the “Manual settings” item. For example, this will be needed to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, when using a static IP address, or connect using WPS technology and other possible options.
  • Next, you need to specify a password to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi access point.
  • Click Ok.
  • On the next window, you will see the connection status. The network is connected, the signal is stable. Click the Finish button.
  • If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then select “receive automatically”. You can use the functions of Smart TV technology! If Smart TV mode is activated, then at the top you will see an icon, Internet connection.

After you have successfully connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you will need to go to the “Menu” again and select the “Smart Hub” function in the “Support” tab. She is able to open access to many information resources on the Internet. With its help you can watch videos on YouTube or visit other Internet pages.

What to do if Smart TV connection fails?

It often happens that everything seems to be done correctly and the sequence is followed, and the Samsung Smart TV stubbornly refuses to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

In this case, you need to understand the reason for this behavior and eliminate it. Among the most common are incorrect router settings. Check connectivity on other devices in your home. phones, laptops, tablets. If they also do not see the network, then of course move towards fixing the problem in the router. If the Samsung Smart TV refuses to connect, then your next action will be to fix the error in setting up Smart TV.

The most common mistake when setting up Smart TV is the incorrectly selected Wi-Fi network. In this case, go back to “Menu”. “Network settings” and choose your router more carefully. The second error may be the incorrectly entered Wi-Fi password. In this case, follow the same path to the menu, and in the password field enter its correct version.

Another error can be either a software glitch or an error in the TV itself. In this case, you will need to update the firmware. Also, sometimes when an unsuccessful attempt to connect to the network via Wi-Fi, an elementary reboot of the TV or router can help. Just turn off the devices for a few minutes and then resume work.

It happens that the Samsung Smart TV cannot see the router because the distance between them is too large. If, for example, more than one wall separates the TV and router, the connection may be interrupted. In this case, you need to place them closer, thus improving the quality of the connection.

No special skills or abilities are required to set up Smart TV. Everything is very simple and accessible. Carefully follow each step of the instructions step by step and enjoy the unlimited possibilities of your Samsung Smart TV.

Entering the MAC address

In addition to manually setting television parameters, it is recommended to refer to the settings of the router and enter an individual MAC address not only for the TV, but also for other devices connected to the router.

If the TV does not connect to the Internet?

The factors that block the connection and prevent you from turning on Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV are in most cases related to your router settings. This reason is obvious if other devices connected to the router cannot access the Internet.

If the devices used in the wireless network function properly, and the TV cannot access Wi-Fi, then the obstacles are recommended to be removed as follows.

Checking the connection

If a previously established connection was interrupted for any reason, it is necessary to determine the factors of failure in each direction of device interaction. The solution to the problem should be found in the “Network” section. It is recommended to pay attention to the access channel and IP address in the “Status” field.

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There are usually two reasons that prevent a stable connection:

  • Errors in the chain: Smart TV. router.
  • Chain failures: router. internet.

How to connect a Samsung TV to a router in case of problems and check the connection, consider each example.

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Samsung TV: setting up Smart-TV

The ability to connect the TV to the Internet significantly expands the functionality of a conventional device for watching TV programs using an antenna. This option of accessing the World Wide Web provides access to any media content online. A TV used as a device for connecting to the Internet can replace a computer, since it allows it to perform the same functions as a PC.

Eliminate interference that affects signal quality

Obstacles in the form of many concrete partitions and furniture negatively affect the quality of the connection. In order to maintain a stable transmission rate and to avoid intermittent disconnections when working on the network, it is recommended to reduce the distance between devices.

Connection speed control

Data rate drops can be caused by:

  • insufficient functional potential of the router (you will need to replace the router);
  • heavy load of the transmission channel (several devices are involved);
  • the terms of the provider’s tariff plan (it is recommended to switch to a faster one).

Router. Internet

Here, the reason for the lack of connection is the router. It is recommended to resume data transfer by:

  • reboot the device (you may need to perform a full reset);
  • elimination of interference in the signal transmission sector (it is proposed to reduce the distance between the TV and the router);
  • contacting the provider for information on the period of repair measures on the line;
  • disconnect the external Wi-Fi device (when using it). It is recommended to remove the module from the USB port and reinstall it after a few seconds.

Set Smart TV settings manually

Before you start setting the parameters in the TV system, go to the router settings and deactivate the DHCP (Dynamic Configuration Protocol) function. In the TV menu “Network settings” set the parameters of the IP address and IP gateway (the gateway IP corresponds to the address in the router settings.

  • IP address: (you can enter any local address: or, for TRENDnet.;
  • subnet mask:;
  • gateway:;
  • DNS server:

Manual entry of settings usually solves the problem of lack of wireless connection.

TV. router

Here you need to re-configure the Smart-TV:

  • we activate the “IP” button, select the manual input of parameters and indicate the properties of the router (the information is reflected on the device case);
  • keep the Ethernet connection;
  • testing the created connection.

Connecting using WPS

Connecting devices via the WPS function is widely used. In order to implement such a connection, you need to do the following:

  • go to the “Network Settings” section;
  • select the “WPS” item;
  • press the corresponding button with the WPS label on the router and hold it for about 2 minutes;
  • at this time the TV will receive all the necessary settings and enter them in the appropriate fields.

Thus, one button sends all the information to the TV and realizes the automatic configuration of the wireless network. When the setup is complete, the network check screen appears. This means that the connection was made.

Wired LAN

This method is to directly connect the TV to an external modem. For this, a standard Ethernet cable is used. Most often, this method is used for 5 series TVs that do not use wireless modules.

Connection can be made not only through a modem, but also directly through a network outlet. It is better to know in advance about the possibility of such a connection, since it depends on the specific TV settings.

Depending on whether your home network is dynamic or static, the connection is done slightly differently. For a dynamic network, modems and routers with the support of appropriate technologies are used. Often they automatically set all the necessary parameters.

To implement a dynamic network connection, you need to do the following:

    go to the “Network settings” section;

select the line “Cable”;

  • see the verification process.
  • After completing the test, the network will be configured. This approach is implemented in devices with DHCP support.

    How to connect

    Setting up your Samsung Smart TV is not possible without an internet connection. This is the only way to use all the functions of the TV. Buying a device is impractical without the Internet. Consider the methods of connecting TVs of different series to the network.

    With Plug Access technology

    If your modem or router supports Plug Access, you can use it to set up your wireless connection. This requires:

    • insert the storage device into the USB port on the router (if the light is blinking, then there is access to the network);
    • the device is now removed from the router and inserted into the TV;
    • immediately after that, the device will begin to transmit the necessary information and establish a connection automatically.

    When the network check screen appears, the setup was successful.

    If in the process of using the devices the settings of the router are changed, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure to update the data.

    Wi-Fi wireless connection

    To implement a wireless connection, you need a device that supports this data transfer. 7 series TVs are almost all equipped with the necessary equipment. But sometimes you may additionally need an external Wi-Fi adapter that connects directly to the TV. This is necessary for those models in which this component is not built.

    The TV needs to be connected to a wireless IP device (modem or router). If there is DHCP support, then you can use this protocol and automatically configure the connection.

    It is important to select a free channel for the TV, since the use of the same channel by two devices will lead to interruptions and interference.

    If you need to connect a Wi-Fi adapter, it is recommended to turn off the TV first. After connecting the device, it can be turned on. In this case, you can observe some distortion of the image, which can be removed after detailed connection settings. You can also use an extension cord to help place the adapter in a noise-free location.

    Rectangular USB adapters are widely used, which makes it easy to organize an access point. This adapter connects one end to the Samsung Wireless LAN port and the other to the USB port.

    You can also use an extension cable. It connects to the USB port and Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. In this case, the adapter itself can be fixed on the back of the TV.

    After all the manipulations, you will need to proceed with the direct TV setup. An important place in this case is allocated to the system of protection of accounts and the network as a whole. For protection, a security code is used, which should be as complex as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to protect the network from intrusion.

    A combination of letters and numbers is used as a password.

    It is recommended to use different case letters. The password is entered during the initial wireless setup, and then each new connected device must use the network with this password.

    It is worth noting. That if the connection speed is lower than 10 Mbps, then there may be problems with automatic configuration. In this case, manual input of parameters may be required.

    After that, the connection will be configured and you can start using the functionality of the device.

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    Registration and account creation

    Before using the full functionality of Smart TV, you need to create a Samsung account. This is a fairly simple procedure that does not take much time. To create, you need a stable Internet connection at a speed of at least 20 Mb / s. Otherwise, data transfer may be delayed or not at all.

    • turn on the TV and press the “SMART” button on the remote control;
    • in the list of applications, select the item “SMART HUB”;
    • in the application, select the item “Create an account”;

    after accepting the Terms of Service Agreement, the account creation window will appear;

    in the corresponding field, you will need to enter your login and password using the virtual keyboard;

  • now you need to click the “OK” button;
  • Now you can use the created account. The TV will enter and allow you to use the full range of functions.

    How to install apps

    Smart TV allows you to use a huge number of different applications that significantly expand the functionality of your TV. But before you can use them, you must first find and install them.

    Application installation order:

    • using the button on the remote control, go to the menu;
    • find Samsung Apps among the list of programs and select;
  • among the programs we find the necessary one and select it;
  • a window will appear with the “Install” button, which must be pressed;
  • the application will start installing.
  • Installation is usually done in a matter of seconds. Immediately after that, the required program will appear in the list and will be available for use.

    Samsung Smart TV features and specifications

    Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV, but an advanced multifunctional platform. It includes advanced features for viewing various content. Much more this system resembles a traditional computer or smartphone.

    Here you can easily use social networks, watch videos and install various applications. These are the features that make Smart technologies so popular.

    The main functions of Smart TV include:

    • the implementation of the display of digital television;
    • the ability to play content from external sources;
    • implementation of Internet search;
    • installation of various programs and applications;
    • watching YouTube;
    • video calls via Skype or other systems.

    How to set up TV on Smart TV Samsung: expand the capabilities of the TV

    Modern televisions greatly expand the possibilities for viewing programs. Now these are not just TV signal receivers, but real multimedia centers. Samsung Smart TVs are in the lead in this area. But if you mess with the device for too long and cannot properly set up the TV on the Samsung Smart TV, then after studying this article, all difficulties will be left behind.

    Setting up a Smart TV connection on a Panasonic TV

    To set up a network connection, follow the instructions:

    • Enter the menu item “Network” and the sub-item “Network connection”.
    • Choose quick setup and wait for network connection.
    • The TV will display a list of available networks.
    • Next, you need to enter the password for your Wi-Fi network.
    • When connecting via a network cable, do steps 1 and 2, after which the TV will automatically connect to the Internet.

    An example of installing channels via DVB-C:

    • Press the “Menu” key on the remote.
    • We go to the “Settings”.
    • Select the item “DVB-C setup menu”.
    • Click on “Auto-tuning”.
    • Set “Search mode” to “All channels”.
    • “Scan mode” set “Full”.
    • “Frequency”. “Auto”.
    • “Symbol rate”. 6875.
    • “Network ID”. 1.
    • Click “Start Scan”.
    • We are waiting for the full scan of the channels.
    How to Set Up Samsung Smart TV Over Wi-Fi

    How to reset network settings on a TV

    In some cases, only a full reset of the network settings on the Smart TV can help to cope with the trouble. Using a Samsung TV as an example, follow the algorithm below:

    • Turn off the TV without disconnecting it from the mains.
    • Use the InfoMenuMutePower keyboard shortcut (the order and names may differ on different models) to launch the service menu.
    • When the black menu appears on the screen, select Option by pressing the remote control.
    • In the new menu, call the Factory Reset parameter, which, in fact, allows you to make a full reset.
    • During the subsequent procedure, the Smart TV connection to the mains must be maintained. When the operation is complete, turn off the TV.
    • Now turn it on again. and check if you managed to solve the problem as described.

    Unfortunately, even such a rather long reset path sometimes turns out to be ineffective. In such a situation, you need to perform a simple Smart TV setup in manual mode. Follow the given guide:

    • For the DNS parameter, specify one of the standard, perfectly safe values: 8.8.8 and, as a fallback,
    • In some cases, it is important to disable the DHCP option in the router settings before further settings.
    • Using the built-in Mute Time option, set a new period for automatic transition from channel to channel. We recommend that you set a value less than the default: within 100-200 milliseconds.

    The configuration is traditionally completed with a check: you again need to see if it was possible to restore the connection to the global network.

    Connect Smart Box

    It happens that your TV simply does not support the functionality necessary for communication with the Global Network. In this case, instructions on how to connect a Smart TV set-top box to a TV will help. By purchasing special equipment, usually small-sized and easily connected, similar to a mini-tablet, you can easily solve the problem. In general, to set up SmartTV you will need:

    • TV with at least one HDMI connector.
    • The prefix itself, purchased in advance.
    • In the absence of a remote control, any manipulator for setting up the connection: mouse, keyboard, touchpad.

    When everything is ready, you can start the process:

    • Insert the cable that comes with the set-top box into the corresponding socket on the TV case. If necessary, you can use a special extension cord.
    • Provide power to the set-top box using the second cable supplied by the manufacturer. usually USB.
    • In addition, you can connect an additional control device to the console: mouse, touchpad, and so on.
    • Referring to the TV settings, select the HDMI port as the new signal source. the one you used to connect.
    • When the synchronization is successfully completed, open the settings of the set-top box (Settings) and, having found the Wi-Fi item, connect to the global network. You can continue connecting Smart TV to the Internet with additional settings: date, time, and so on.
    • On the home page, select which online data you would like to view on a wide diagonal.

    To return to your regular TV channels, remember to switch to the previous signal source after the session.

    Chapter # 1: Connect your TV to a network or set-top box

    Now that there is no doubt about the stability of the Internet connection, you can proceed to the main phase of the settings. The first step to be taken is to connect the TV to the Global Network.

    Below you will find instructions on how to connect Smart TV to the Internet, for different cases. Note that in the most general case you have to choose one of two communication options:

    • Using a wireless connection. In order to use all the features of Smart TV, you will use a Wi-Fi signal. distributed by your router or any other available.
    • By means of a cable, the output contact of which is connected to the TV, and the input to the router. It happens that for the connection they use directly the cable brought into the house by the provider.

    Ideally, the choice should be made while choosing a TV. This way, you can choose the model that best meets your expectations, and you are guaranteed not to experience difficulties with the connection. On the other hand, technologies do not stand still: perhaps after a while you will decide to use Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection.

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    Therefore, whichever choice you make, we advise you to make sure that the wireless option is still supported. The main advantage of this method is the complete absence of the need to lay wires throughout the apartment. It should be noted that the data transfer rate in this case may be lower.

    What to do if the TV does not connect to a Wi-Fi network

    • First of all, carefully make sure that you entered the network access code correctly:
    • Check if you entered uppercase and lowercase letters correctly.
    • Make sure to use the Latin alphabet: passwords with Cyrillic characters are not accepted by the system in the vast majority of cases.
    • Finally, look at the number of characters entered: usually there should be at least eight.
    • Try unplugging the router and then plugging it back in and try again.
    • Try to connect SmartTV to any other available network. for example, distributed from the phone.
    • If the previous step brought a positive result, find out from the provider the reason for the inoperative state of the Internet channel.
    • You can do a full factory reset on your TV and then try again. If, in this case, the instructions on how to connect Smart TV did not bring the desired effect, contact the service center.

    Now let’s take a look at some of the most common viewing errors. All of them cannot be predicted and prevented. but here is a simple step-by-step general troubleshooting guide:

    • Go to the submenu “Network settings”. It is located in the main TV settings menu, in the “Network” section.
    • Choose to fix problems automatically. If it doesn’t help, open the next submenu, “Network Status”: usually this is the second line in the list.
    • Referring to the “IP Setting” item, try to get your Smart TV address automatically for a start.
    • Nothing changed? Select the “Manual” parameter in the pop-up menu and go to fine-tuning!

    To find out the parameters that the system asks for, you can go the simplest way: call the provider and ask. In addition, the necessary data can be found by accessing the “View network properties” window on the computer. You will need four stats highlighted in red. If the IP is distributed by a router, try to register in the network settings of the TV an IPv4 address manually belonging to your network. For example, these can usually be 192.168.0 addresses. or 192.168.1., where is a number from 2 to 254.

    It goes without saying that each of these parameters must be entered in the corresponding SmartTV box.

    Note that the Smart TV setting on models from different manufacturers will differ slightly. at least in the names of items and sections. There is nothing wrong with that. the menu of modern TVs is intuitive, and you definitely won’t get lost.

    To check if you finally managed to get your Internet connection back, you can try to launch any application on your TV that requires access to the Global Network, or open an online broadcast. Happened? Great, you’ve solved the problem. No? Try to go through the instructions given in this section again.

    Setting up Smart TV connection on LG TV

    To turn on Smart TV on your LG TV, you need to connect to the Internet. Establishing an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, using the example of the first setup of an LG TV.

    • Select the type of network connection.
    • Choose your Wi-Fi network.
    • Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network.

    If you missed this setup item, find the Connection menu option for network setup and follow these steps:

    • Enter the menu item “Connect to Wi-Fi network”.
    • And connect to your Wi-Fi network by setting a password.

    Solving typical connection problems

    Let’s take a look at a few typical problems associated with trying to figure out how to connect channels to Smart TV:

    • Web pages take a very long time to load.

    If you use Wi-Fi to connect, try moving the router closer to the TV.

    • No connection at all.

    Reboot all devices in use, including the router, and if this does not help, reset the settings.

    • The system reports incorrect adapter settings.

    Reconfigure the parameters manually. In addition, you can use the previously mentioned WPS option to connect Smart TV, which allows you to save a lot of time and nerves.

    • Fuzzy display of video data on the screen.

    Perhaps the point is insufficient channel bandwidth. Try using a wired connection method, reconfiguring or replacing the router with a new one.

    • TV or SmartTV set-top box automatically turns off and / or turns on.

    Try to correct basic hardware settings. If it does not help, make sure that the plug is securely fixed in the outlet. and if that is not the case, flip the TV.

    • Smart device is running out of free memory.

    The easiest option is to delete the files that have become unnecessary, and then clear the cache data.

    Unfortunately, all the instructions and advice on how to set up channels on Smart TV may not bear any fruit at all. In this case, it remains to contact the service center. and, possibly, to replace the TV with a new one. It is quite possible that the cause of the problem lies in a failed controller or deep failures of the operating system; to solve this problem at home will not work. We will recommend a proven telemaster. Will advise and help to solve the problem with the TV at a reasonable price.

    Among other things, we remind you: on a TV that you bought or donated to you, you should perform a full reset from the very beginning, and then connect to the global network using any of the above quick guides.

    Setting up connection to Smart TV on Xiaomi TV

    • We search for channels.
    • We go to Live TV, where channels will be available.

    Connection using Plug Access or WPS technology

    Modern technology that greatly simplifies the process of connecting TV to the Internet. so much so that the connection is as easy as using the wired method. A prerequisite, without which it will be impossible to connect Smart TV on a TV, is the presence of such an option both in the router (through it, communication will be carried out), and in TV.

    Connecting devices via WPS is performed in three simple steps:

    • You go to the general settings of the TV, find and open the WPS item. If it is nowhere to be found, you can safely skip this method and move on to the next.
    • Press the button with the exact same name on the router.
    • The connection should be established within the next few seconds. If successful, you will see a corresponding notification on the TV screen on which you connect Smart TV.

    PlugAccess technology, similar to that described above, allows you to connect Smart-TV to the global network in a slightly different sequence:

    • You insert any flash media into a working router.
    • When the light indicator placed on the case blinks, take out the USB flash drive.
    • Insert it into any free port on the TV case.
    • Within the next few seconds, the device should be recognized. and the embedded OS will automatically start the configuration process.

    When this stage is passed, you can take out the drive. the connection between the router and TV is established.