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Parental control on iPhone and iPad. the best in 2022

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I tested more than 30 parental control programs and was surprised to find how few of them are really suitable for iPhone and iPad.

Most often, problems in the work are related to iOS rules, although sometimes they were caused exclusively by software. The most common problems:

  • Lack of web filter for Safari,
  • Bad time management tools,
  • Inability to block applications,
  • Constant flights,
  • Slow down iPhone or iPad.

I managed to find only a few good parental control applications for iOS. Below are 5 best of them, which showed excellent results in tests. If you have no time to read the article, Qustodio was the best application based on the results of my test. He has a comprehensive web filter, screen control tools and location determination. You can even get a 30-day test version-you do not need to enter a credit card.

general information. List of the best parental control applications for iOS for 2022

    : The best application for parental control on iOS with a powerful web filter and screen management functions. : Great for monitoring social networks, but does not allow to track the location in real time. : Several screen settings, comprehensive filter and applications blocking. : Customizable web filter and restriction of screen time, but not the best function of monitoring social networks. : Great Internet filter, but YouTube monitoring function does not work very well.

the best parental control applications for iPhone and iPad for 2022

The Qustodio application was able to effectively monitor my child’s iPhone, although most other monitoring applications failed. Firstly, its web filter supports Safari (and Chrome). In addition, I can configure the sensitivity of the filter depending on the age of the child, and not use the default filter for the whole family.

I liked the tools control tools by Qustodio, with which you can set the daily time limit and the daily calendar of locking devices. The only problem is that the schedule uses only time intervals that begin every hour, which does not coincide with the schedule of my family.

2 IOS lock options are available:

  • Blocking the device. All applications with age rating 4 and higher in the App Store are not available.
  • View blocking. Internet access for Safari and Chrome is prohibited. I liked the lock screen, which is indicated when the Internet access is restored. Children did not have to constantly ask me about it.

Qustodio works on several platforms, so I was able to access the parental toolbar from my Android and PC phone to manage all the iPhone and iPad in the house. The control panel is convenient to use and allows you to quickly view all actions and warnings.

Qustodio has 3 subscription planes that include all functions and provide a 30-day guarantee of a refund of money. I checked it and was able to return all funds, although I used the application for almost a month. On this page of hidden shares there are offers at an excellent price, for example, Small Plan, which works on 5 devices.

Cocospy. application for parental control and tracking a child’s smartphone

Cocospy is the most advanced and popular iPhone parental control application. It uses a unique technology that competitors do not have. All other solutions require the firmware to break, and Cocospy does not.

He has millions of users in 190 countries. This is a professional application for observing a smartphone, which can also be used to cloning the phone.

An important and unique moment. you do not need to rack your head over how to use special programs to ruin (get the ability to edit all system capabilities) smartphone to use the application.

For use, also does not need a hacking of a phone firmware that resumes its guarantee. You can familiarize yourself with the application and its functions in a separate article on this topic.

Cocospy capabilities

  • Tracking by GPS (without jailbreak): Get in real time update about where your child is located.
  • Geographical border (without jailbreak): Install the geographical boundary on your child’s iPhone. When crossing this border, you will receive a warning on your phone.
  • View multimedia files (without jailbreak): Follow the photos and videos on your child’s phone.
  • Social networks monitoring (without jailbreak). Get access to all their accounts on social networks, such as VK, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and T.D. This will give you access to their personal correspondence.
  • Tracking keystrokes (without jailbreak): get access to the magazine of all the keys that your child presses. You can decipher passwords, and then gain access to accounts on social networks.

Famisafe. application for parental control and tracking a child’s smartphone

Famisafe is another powerful and reliable iPhone application with parental control. It was developed by Wondershare technological giants, so you can trust it.

With Famisafe you will get access to the following functions:

  • Famisafe allows you to receive reports on the location of your children in real time.
  • The geozone allows you to set the border for which the child cannot go out, and receive notifications when the ban is violated.
  • You can block certain applications and games, temporarily or forever
  • There is the possibility of limiting the time that your children spend online.
  • Famisafe has a number of necessary functions. There are not as many of them as quistodio or MSPY. Famisafe does not allow you to control accounts on social networks

Watching video from YouTube in Imessage chats or other messengers permitted by parents

Another smart child thought of sending a YouTube Video through Imessage. Even when access to YouTube itself is blocked for him, he can still watch videos through IMessage. If your child also uses this method, is it time to think about limiting access to Imessage?

Changing the date and time in iOS settings

One of the desperate parents even turned to Apple’s support with the question of how to outwit the baby who learned to bypass the restrictions, changing time and date on the phone. Judging by the answers at the support forum, it will be difficult to cope with this problem.

In such a game in “cat mouse”, parents have little chance of winning. Whatever new restriction they establish, children will still learn to bypass them, this is only a matter of time. The only thing that works is to take away the phone from the child.

Below we will give the words of one of the parents who described the problem as well as possible:

“I have been working in the field of information security and I can say that over all these years I have seen children, including my own, who did such that the governments of advanced countries and professional“ white ”hackers did not dream of. Just humble yourself.

There is no such application in the world, the operating system, proxy, scanner, inter.sequences or settings that can protect from the complete determination of the child. In addition, children act together and in search of new khakov are able to coordinate their actions better adult opponents. This is a race of weapons that is not easy to win. You find the settings, and they find a way to bypass it. Apple is updated, and they find a new vulnerability.

Take the phones from them. Put in a box. Slow down on top and don’t take your eyes off. Buy a bag of Faradei or something else like. Watch how they cry and complain that because of you they will become social outcasts, and friends will make fun of them. Or listen to their lamentations that they need a phone for a school to check the page. where the teacher published a list of tasks. Pretend to be deaf. Remember that you do this for the sake of their own good, like parents who make their offspring have vegetables (which, by the way, are very tasty, thanks, mothers) “.

How to include restrictions in iOS 12

Now the restrictions are part of the new section screen time in iOS 12 settings.

All previous settings remained available in iOS 12.

1) go to the iPhone or iPad settings with iOS 12.

2) Select the screen time.

3) If you have already set a function earlier, go to step 4. Otherwise, click on the screen time, then continue this IPhone of my child.

Follow the instructions on the screen and create a password for restrictions to start using all available functions, such as: at rest, program limits, etc.

4) Select content and confidentiality.

To enable restrictions, click on the switch next to content and confidentiality.

In this section you will find all previous parental control options, as well as several new.

Here’s what parents can do using screen time:

  • Report.bacticability: Parents can view detailed reports on the activity of their children’s devices. Information about the time spent in each application, statistics by categories, the number of notifications, as well as the election of the device are available here.
  • In peace: you can configure the schedule for your child and decide how long can he use the device. The child will be able to receive calls and messages, as well as use some applications you have chosen. To get more time, the child must get the permission of the parent.
  • Limit programs: set daily limits to use applications. For example, you can limit the time in games up to 45 minutes a day.
  • Always allowed: you can choose the exclusion applications that the child can always use. For example, phone and messages.
  • Content and confidentiality: all parental control options are available here.

It is necessary to set the screen time password so that the child does not be able to change the settings himself.

To prohibit the child with access to some applications, always go to permitted and click on the switches next to them.

The screen time is an excellent function for those who want to better monitor their habits, as well as for parents. Parents can not only view their reports and children’s reports on their devices, but also remotely prohibit their children with access to any applications.

The data of the screen time is synchronized on all devices via iCloud, since the function is tied to the account.

How to include restrictions in iOS 11

1) Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 and older.

2) go to the main.

3) Select restrictions.

You will be invited to create a password that will need to be entered every time you want to change any settings.

Do not confuse this password with a password from the device itself, which must be entered to unlock. They are not connected with each other.

Prohibit the use of applications

You have the opportunity to limit the use of most applications. for example, prohibit the opening of the Safari browser, photograph with the help of a “camera” or listen to podcasts in the application of the same name. The latter has enough conversations on adult topics that are not suitable for the child.

How to do this: open “settings”, go to the “screen time” section, expand the “content and confidentiality” menu, select the “allowed applications” item. determine the necessary software.

Prevent access to non.normative content

You have the opportunity to limit not only the entire applications, but also the content that the child consumes using them. This applies to music, films, podcasts, books and so on. For example, there is an opportunity to disable compositions from Apple Music, which uses non.normative vocabulary.

How to do this: open “settings”, go to the “screen time” section, expand the “content and confidentiality” menu, select the “Content restrictions” item, determine the necessary parameters for the menu section “Resolved Content of the store”.

Forbid adult applications

Go to the “Settings” “Screen Time” “Content and Privacy”. Make sure the function is enabled.

Now select “Content restrictions”, and then “Applications”.

Select rating 17 to prohibit access to adult applications.

Forbid to make changes to the settings

If you want to control the functions of confidentiality on your child’s smartphone, you can prohibit him to independently make changes to the settings.

Go to the “Settings” “Expand Time” “Content and Privacy. Make sure the function is enabled.

Using Screen Time and Parental Controls In macOS

In the “Privacy” section, configure the following options: geolocation services, contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, share a geojections, Bluetooth access, microphone, speech recognition, advertising from Apple, Media and Apple Music.

What threats are the Internet

Let’s start with what dangers await children on the Internet, and from what exactly the parental control will protect children.

  • Loss of money-through phishing, fraud, malicious programs and online games with built-in purchases. Fishing is called passwords for passwords from social networks and various services, especially Steam game accounts are valued scammers. Stolen accounts are resold for a lot of money in the black market. Ordinary fraud, when they promise to provide goods or a service, and then deceive, is also common. But the greatest damage can be inflicted paid games and applications.
  • Addiction. Most of all parents are afraid that children will have a game dependence, and these fears are not without reason.
  • Strangers with poor intentions. Normal adults do not strive to communicate with adolescents, so that those who are added to friends with a child should initially be distrustful. It is especially scary if the acquaintance goes beyond the virtual network.
  • Unwanted content is the most real threat of the Internet. Cruel scenes of violence, pornography, materials about drugs and much more. even if the child did not look for this information, she can overtake him under sejo on the Internet. Undesive information is applied by the Suicide of TV, and the parents of the girls should monitor the interest in anorexia, because the desire for harmony often leads to irreparable consequences.

To one degree or another, special programs can be protected from all these dangers if parents set themselves the goal of protecting children. According to statistics, about 80% of parents worry about 80% of the Internet dangers, but only 20% have made elementary actions to protect children.

Parental control for iOS

The means of the iOS operating system, which can be used both on a smartphone and on the tablet, depending on which gadget, the child spends more time, is perfectly suitable for limiting the unwanted content.

To set up restrictions, you need to go along the setting path. screen time. content and confidentiality. In this section, you can configure the following categories.

Block purchases in iTunes and App Store. It is enough to install the “Do not allow” flag, and you can worry about the family budget a little less. Also make sure that your bank card is not attached to game services.

Cancel access to applications and functions. When these applications are turned off, they will not be removed, but will temporarily disappear from the application screen. Go along the way of settings. content and confidentiality. screen time. permitted applications, then select those that you want to allow. So you can limit access to Safari, Facetime and other default applications.

Prevent access to non.normative vocabulary. In the section “Resolution of the Store”, you can limit access to the following types of content if they contain obscene vocabulary (mat): music, podcasts and news, musical video clips, films.

Limit access to content 18. To do this, follow the path of settings. content and confidentiality. screen time. restrictions on content. Here you can configure that the child cannot watch films and television shows from category 18, as well as filter a web content with the setting “without adult sites”. You can also specify a specific list of permitted sites. Available to the exclusion of books and applications with a certain age price.

Blocked content from the Internet. iPhone can automatically filter the contents of websites, you can also add certain resources to the list of permitted or blocked. This is a function for hard control, when a child is prohibited from visiting any sites except, for example, educational.

Limit actions in the Game Center application. In this section, you can exclude the opportunity to play multiplayer games, add friends to Game Center and share a list of friends with games.

These are only the main functions to limit unwanted content on the iPhone. If you should properly delve into content and confidentiality, you can quite strictly limit the incoming information and make the child’s phone safer.

Parental control on the iPhone also allows us to solve the problem of dependence by limiting the time that the child can conduct in a particular application. For example, during the performance of lessons, you can turn off all social networks or set a limit on YouTube no more than an hour a day, all these opportunities are hidden in the screen settings section.

How to set up parental control on iPhone

Parental control on the child’s iPhone is the recommended action immediately after buying a brand new smartphone for your child. The task is slightly complicated by the need to download a special software. Another thing is that this is in the App Store, and both paid and free.

Why it is worth installing parental control on the child’s phone

The very function of parental control does not mean prohibitions for the sake of prohibitions, but ways to protect the child from shocking, potentially dangerous, age.related or simply unpleasant content. Everyone remembers the notorious game “Blue Kit” and other similar “entertainment” that ended tragically.

In addition, various challenges are constantly held on social networks, which are not always safe.

Therefore, the issue of parental control can be considered closed. it is necessary. You can discuss the degree of intervention, but we will leave it to our readers.

Now let’s talk about what means of control are. Strictly speaking, they can be divided into two groups:

First, we will analyze how you can turn on this function remotely.

How to enable the iPhone function from your phone step by step

In this section, we will talk about how to set up parental control remotely and steps. To begin with, consider the version of parental control using the Family Access function. This option involves the use of group settings for several children.

Setting the “screen time” within the framework of “family access” can be as follows:

  • Open the “Settings” [Your name] “Family access” “Rate Time”.
  • Choose the name of the child in the family group, and then the item “Turn on the screen time”.
  • We follow the instructions on the screen.

But this is how you can configure the “request for purchase” function to approve or block random purchases, which children often sin:

  • Open “Settings” [Your name] “Family Access”.
  • Choosing the item “request for purchase”.
  • If the child’s account has not yet been added, then click “Add the child” or “Create a children’s recording”, after which you will need to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If the account is already added, then you need to select it and enable the “request for purchase” item “.

If “family access” is not used, then you need to configure restrictions directly on the child’s iPhone. For this:

  • Open “settings” and select “screen time”.
  • Click “Turn on the screen time” and select who owns the device. you or the child.
  • Scroll the section down and select “Use the code-paralle”.
  • Enter the code that only you know. After that, parental control will be automatically activated.

And then you can limit the game time, block certain applications, limit certain contacts. You can also establish restrictions on the purchase of applications in the App Store, turn off the advertisement and so on.

In addition, a schedule is set up in the “screen time”, which allows you to block a smartphone or tablet at night.

All this is in the section “Content and Privacy”. There you can also find systems for accessing the access to geolocation services, microphone or contact list.

Applications with which you can configure parental control on 6, 7, 11 and other versions of iPhone

In addition to the standard iOS functions to limit, there are many systems that are installed separately and allow you to track the activity of your child in the network.

    The application “Where are my children” was developed in allowing to track the movement of young users. You can set the permitted boundaries, at the intersection of which a notification comes.

The system also works with Smart hours, giving the opportunity to listen to what is happening around.

It is also suitable for electric scooter or scooter, for managing which rights are not needed. There is also the function “Pigging of time”.

Parental control on iPhone. IOS means

Let’s start with the functions of the iOS system itself, which allow you to put the necessary restrictions and other parameters on the smartphone of your child.

Family access setting up

So that everything works as it should, it is necessary to create a family group. To do this, open the smartphone settings and click in your name. On the next screen go to the “Family Access” section.

Here, click on “Add family member” and indicate your child’s smartphone. Now, having tuned the screen time and the locator application, you can set the necessary restrictions and watch where your children are currently at this time. It will also be possible to share your purchases / subscriptions between family members.

What gives family access:

  • Setting up from your smartphone of restriction functions that we will consider below
  • Remote viewing of data on visits visited
  • Information about what programs and games the child uses and how much time spends on them
  • View location
  • Access to purchases and subscriptions in iTunes
  • When installing the limits on the application of applications, the child will have the opportunity to remotely request a permit to increase the available time
  • He will also be able to send you a request to resolve the installation or purchase of something on the App Store and iTunes

We set restrictions

Open the smartphone settings and go to the “screen time” section. Activate the function and indicate that this is your child’s iPhone. If you decide to configure remotely. from your smartphone, then indicate that your smartphone is yours, and on the next screen, click on the “set the screen time for the family” and specify the Apple ID of the child.

Enter the code-paralle, which is necessarily different from the one that is installed to unlock the smartphone so that only you know it.

All kinds of restrictions will be established in this section. Description of functions that can be configured:

At rest. a period of time is set here, when all the smartphone applications are blocked. you can only call and send SMS. Even the camera will not open. To open a program, you will need to enter a password or wait for the set period of time passes.

Application limits. here you can set a limit for the time of work for any program or game installed on a smartphone. For example, put a limit on some game at 1 hour, after this time it will be blocked and will not open until the password is entered or the next day comes.

Restrictions on communication. allows you to configure with whom the child can communicate, both during the permitted screen time and during rest. In the second case, the contacts can be selected manually. Additionally, here you can draw a ban on editing contacts.

Always allowed. the selection of applications that in any case will remain available for launch, even in rest mode.

Content and confidentiality. here you can establish prohibitions on:

  • Purchases on iTunes Store and App Store. block the possibility of installing and deleting applications, and their purchase
  • Establish a ban on the application built into the system, type of camera, Wallet, Facetime and others
  • Put restrictions on content. age.related qualification, age limit for films, television shows, music, books. Disconnect web content for adults so that sites 18 do not open. Put restrictions for Siri and in Game Center
  • And other confidentiality parameters

Set the necessary settings, they will immediately come in.

We look remotely where the child is

Now it is necessary to turn on the geolocation on the child’s iPhone so that you can always know where it is currently located. In the phone settings, click on your profile and open the “locator” section. Turn on the function “Find iPhone” and “Share a geopolite”.

Next, open the “locator” application and go to the “people” tab. Here, click on the link “Share a geopolization” and add yourself as a contact. Indicate. share indefinitely.

Now, at any time from your iPhone you can go to the Locator and see where your child is currently located.

Parental control for iPhone

Consider several of the most popular solutions to configure the function of parental control on the iPhone. Only the best solutions that can be found in the App Store.

Google Family Link

One of the best IPhone solutions for parental control over your child. There are all the necessary functions to ensure the safety of your child from the negative impact of the network. The program works quickly and stably, all functions are implemented as efficiently as possible.

It will show you information about how the child spends his time, what programs most often use and how much time spent in them. Allows you to block certain applications, prohibit purchases in iTunes and establish other restrictions.

  • Free and in Russian
  • Reports on the use of the device and applications
  • Application management
  • Installation of restrictions
  • Tracking the location by geolocation
  • Daily screen limit
  • Blocking the device

Kidslox Parental Control

High.quality software for parental control on iOS with many positive reviews in the App Store. Includes more important and necessary functions that work as stable and efficiently as possible. The program integration is easy to master and management.

There is an undoubtedly convenient function of remote tracking of the device by geolocation, so that you always know where your children are located. Many settings for installing restrictions on various applications, games and other smartphone content.

  • In Russian
  • Application blocking
  • Installation of a daily limit
  • Schedule function
  • Three operating modes
  • Limiting access to sites 18
  • Internet access
  • Tracking the location

Parental Control. Kroha

An application that has many different tools to control your children. Is very popular due to simplicity in management and stable work. Really high.quality software for solving our problem.

Will show you how much time your child spends behind your device, what programs or games it launches and how long does it spend in them. Will prohibit the launch of almost everything that is on the smartphone, turn off the launch of all adult content and set the daily screen time limit.

  • In Russian
  • Blocking programs and games
  • Daily limit
  • Search for location
  • The ban on content 18
  • The ban on certain sites
  • Messenger monitoring
  • Function of the smartphone on schedule
  • Remote viewing of the latest photos
  • Device charge control
  • and many other useful functions and tools

Where are my children: GPS tracker

Another high.quality application that can be useful to any parent. In fact, this is a functional GPS tracker with excellent possibilities. So, you will always know where your child is, listen to the sound from its smartphone, it will get through to it even if the smartphone is on soundless mode.

The program tracks which applications and games are launched, how much time is spent in them. So you can control what your child is doing at school. There is a function of an alarming button. You can set a safe perimeter, if you cross it. information will come about it right about it.

  • In Russian
  • Installation of a safe perimeter
  • The function of the alarming button, when you immediately receive a notification that something happened
  • Low.charge notification
  • Awards for completing tasks

On iOS, you can use both funds into the system and solutions. Choose a method convenient for you and always remain calm for the condition of your children.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPhone or iPad