How To Set Up NFC On Xiaomi Mi

How to set up mi band 4: important information for users

  • After purchase, it is imperative to put the gadget on charge. If it runs out of power during an update or configuration, the consequences may not be the most pleasant.
  • If the phone cannot see the mi band for a long time, it may be necessary to check if Bluetooth and geo-location on the smartphone are turned on. Xiaomi produces only high-quality gadgets. All functions must certainly work. Also, the phone must be connected to the Internet. It may take a while for the smartphone and bracelet to connect. After connection, the bracelet will begin to renew itself and at this time it is important not to touch it. Updates take 20 to 30 minutes depending on connection.
  • Before connecting the mi band to the Mi Fit application on a smartphone, we recommend that you understand the application itself well and enter all the necessary data for your profile. Height, weight, age, the hand on which the mi band 4 will be located and other information. This will help you optimize the use of your device and get the right recommendations from it. Also, using the application, you can set goals (for example, walk 8000 steps a day), set up notifications that “it’s time to get up and move” every hour and various reminders (events).
  • For each alarm clock in mi band 4, you can adjust the vibration intensity. Alarms on the watch can be activated or deactivated, but they can be changed or deleted only in the Mi Fit program. There is no smart alarm clock by default in mi band 4, but it can be made as such using third-party applications, for example Notify and Fitness.
  • When downloading watch faces, remember that any non-original (custom) watch faces increase the power consumption of the gadget.
  • Mi band 4 can display the weather not only in the city to which the smartphone is connected. To do this, you must uncheck the geo-location definition checkbox and select the city yourself. Also, the weather display can be turned off altogether if the user does not need this function.
  • Besides the application from the manufacturer, mi band 4 can be connected to other useful programs. The most popular among users are MyWatchFace, Mi Band 2 Func Button, Mi Band Smart Alarm and others.

How to set up notifications in Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Fitness tracker Xiaomi mi band 4 can show smartphone application notifications, SMS messages and calls. To do this, go to the Mi Fit app, go to the “Profile” section, select your tracker and click “Notifications”. In this menu, you can select those applications, the notifications of which will come to mi band 4, by clicking the checkmark next to each application. You can also customize the display of notifications only when the screen is off. In the same way, you can configure the display of SMS messages and incoming calls.

How to set up mi band 4: additional gadget settings

In the previous article, we reviewed the basic settings for mi band 4, which must be done immediately after purchase. In this material, we will talk about additional, but no less important settings for the bracelet, and also draw the attention of users to important points of using and setting up the gadget.

How to adjust screen brightness in mi band 4?

In the latest version of the popular Xiaomi tracker mi band 4, it is possible to change the brightness of the display at night. This helps to optimize the perception of information in poor lighting conditions, and additionally makes it possible to extend the battery charge. The good news is that you can adjust the display brightness in mi band 4 directly on the tracker itself. So, in order to configure the night mode of mi band 4, you need to go to “Settings”, then select “Brightness” and there make the necessary changes.

Is there an NFC function in mi band 4 and how to set it up?

Xiaomi released the tracker in two versions. With and without NFC function. Outwardly, they differ only in the shape of the button. However, it is worth noting that NFC currently works only in China, so it makes no sense to configure this function, as well as to purchase mi band 4 at a higher cost in the hope of contactless payment using a bracelet.

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Is there a device search function in mi band 4 and how to use it?

When developing mi bend 4, the manufacturer provided for a situation when the user lost his fitness tracker. The Mi Fit app can help you find your device. To do this, you need to go to the application on your smartphone and select the “Find Mi Band” function. After that, the mi band bracelet will vibrate and light up. Of course, finding your bracelet in a noisy city with this function is unlikely to work, but finding a lost gadget at home or in the gym is quite.

How to control music on your phone using mi band 4?

In order to be able to control music with mi band 4, you do not need to install additional software. Everything is provided in the bracelet itself. To do this, select the “Music” function in the bracelet menu. Here you can switch tracks, increase or decrease the volume, pause the track being played and start it again when needed. The buttons are small, but they allow you to quickly control music on the Mi Band 4.

How can I turn off buttons

All actions with the Xiaomi redmi note 5 phone will need to be performed with the “Settings” section. In order to remove the keys from the screen and to save work space, you will need to do certain procedures, some of them are:

Go to the Xiaomi redmi device menu, where the basic settings are presented. Choose from the menu that opens “System and Devices”, and then “Settings”. Then you must select “Buttons and gestures”.

After the above procedures are completed, in order to disable the keys located on the screen of Xiaomi redmi note 5, you should change the value to “Hide”. After that, in order to use the keys on the phone screen, you will need to use the “Minimize” buttons, as well as the “Back” and the “Menu” key. For many owners of the presented device, it is more convenient to use the touch assistant, which is very convenient and practical to use. It allows you to use dedicated navigation keys when required.

How to customize touch buttons on Xiaomi.

When the well-known manufacturer Xiaomi showed its new line of smartphones. Having an 18: 9 screen, these devices quickly gained high popularity. The new Xiaomi redmi model uses on-screen buttons for comfortable navigation. It is possible to clean it easily enough to save working space. Which is very convenient and practical for many users of these modern devices.

Features of enabling on-screen buttons

If you needed to turn on the on-screen buttons, then you will need to perform the above actions, only in reverse order and click on the “Enable” slider, instead of “Hide”. If you have purchased the presented model of the device and you are not comfortable using this option for the location of the buttons. Then you need to understand that this is a matter of practice and soon you will be comfortable using them.

Microcracks in the screen are fraught with a break in the power circuit. If this happens, then you will have to change the screen. Fortunately, in China, they cost several times cheaper.

It happens, and the malfunction lies in the incorrect installation of the SIM card or flash drive. Try to take them out and check what will happen.

A map with problems can be repaired by restoring broken clusters using a PC.

If shaken, a poorly positioned plug from the display may fall out. What will entail the disconnection of the image transmission module, or partial disconnection.

Remove the cover of the device, and plug the ribbon cable into the socket. If it is inserted, take it out and insert it. In this case, do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery.

When the quality of the pixels is determined, and among them it was possible to find “burnt out”, you can start looking for applications that will correct the situation:

  • Jscreenfix is ​​easy to use, you need to use the Fix Stuck Pixels button to get started. The developer promises 30 minutes to complete this operation, but the service center masters recommend leaving the devices. Not less than 10-12 hours for a more complete check;
  • Pixel Fixer: Another program SIMilar to JScreenFix. To restore pixels, you also need to click on the green button;
  • Dead Pixel Treatment: The platform does more than test a mobile phone for dead pixels. And then “heals” them, but at the same time reveals other defects in the display.

Configure touch buttons on Xiaomi. Settings

It’s impossible to set up touch buttons on Xiaomi. I want to swap them for better control. I’ve used Samsung before, and it has a different button layout.

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How to reassign buttons on Xiaomi, or disable them, since they are duplicated on the screen. Help solve the problem.

I press the menu all the time when I play the Hiaomi. Is it fashionable to reconfigure them for later triggering?

I want to change the touch button, as part of the screen does not work, and this button. How can you do it?

Actions how to proceed in such a situation

Changing graphics to low resolution will help. You want to limit the power consumption mode. Do not continue to play when the phone charger is on. Remove the phone from the case, allow general ventilation of the case. Disconnect phone, remove battery.

If the smartphone has been in a damp room or has been exposed to moisture. This is especially true for the USB input, and leakage into the smartphone. Oxides can lead to current leakage and this can heat up the machine. To fix, you need to clean the USB. Take a thin stick and wrap a cotton swab around it. Dip it in white spirit or alcohol, and wipe the contacts at the entrance.

If water gets inside, then you need to disassemble Meizu. And, carry out the same operation with the contacts that are attached to the board. But before doing this, disconnect the battery cable to avoid shorting.

If the microphone does not work for Meizu M8, for this you need to do the following.

Open the security settings, look for root access and press accept, restart the device. Open the “phone” and enter this combination ### or ###. Scroll to the right and find “Hardware Testing”. Audio. Audio Playback set the Heaset PGA value to 160. Exit the menu and reboot the phone.

Also, programmatic methods can be applied. But, they can only help if there are no faults in the device itself. This method is one of the SIMplest, we open the settings on the mobile phone. And, select the command “reset settings”. Keep in mind that this means deleting all data from your smartphone.

To avoid disturbing the stripes on the Meizu M8 screen, you need:

  • Make sure the integrity and reconnect the display module loop;
  • Replace the screen completely if there is real damage;
  • Update Flyme firmware and shell.

In the first situation, contact could SIMply be broken. The connection came loose due to a shock, the contacts are clogged, or the display was not fully connected at the factory.

In the second case, it is recommended to contact a warranty specialist or an independent workshop. The third option indicates that you bought the phone with an outdated software version. Which has flaws fixed in updates.

To carry out this procedure you need:

  • Enter the device settings;
  • Select the item “about phone”;
  • In the submenu, you will need to select the check for updates. When you turn on Wi-Fi, everything will start downloading;
  • The device will reboot.

The appearance of stripes during use can be eliminated immediately after purchase by updating. This does not void your warranty. Unlike a full flashing or self-repair during the same period.

A banal method, it’s just to log into your account on the device.
Click below on the item “Delete mi account”.

In this case, the account will be disconnected from the mobile phone. There will no longer be a message when the device boots up.

If Xiaomi has lost sound, you should first check the audio settings. If there is an active mode (with sound), then we continue to look for the problem.

Needed. Clean the headphone jack.

If the headset icon is lit on the screen of the xiaomi smartphone, and the headphones are not connected, then the contacts have shorted. Therefore, the sound is transmitted to the headphones, even though they are not physically connected.

After cleaning, restart your phone.

If during a call the interlocutor does not hear you well, then this function may be disabled. Go to the settings “sound and vibration” and move the slider “noise reduction” to the value “on”.

If it is activated, and crackling and noise during a conversation are present, then try turning off the function.

The built-in mobile assistant can also interfere with normal microphone operation. Go to the “settings” menu, search for “Google”. Next, turn off the “voice recognizer”.
Reboot xiaomi phone.

Account reset can be done using Xiaomi support.

To do this, you must have documents on your phone. To confirm that it is not stolen.

How to talk to Xiaomi tech support.

Go to your type mail service and log in.

Click create message. In the first line, we write this address: Or this one: In the subject you can write (Unlocking my account). You must write in English. Use online translator.

Next, we write what is required. I want to reset mi account on Xiaomi redmi 6a. This procedure is long and can take 2. 3 weeks.

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We choose English and any country;

We make an Internet connection using Wi-Fi or cellular data;

Go to “Privacy Policy” and select any piece of text. On the right, click on the three dots, “Web Search” and “Google App”. Next, we can go to the settings by clicking on the “Settings” entry. We are looking for the item “About Phone” and click on it.

After entering, click on the “Software version (Miui version)”, which you need to quickly click several (about 5) times until a notification about the granting of “Developer rights” appears. We return and go to “Second Space”, and then “Turn on second space”.

A second space is created here and the device is already quite ready for use. Nevertheless, after the reboot, everything will be reset and you will have to do everything again, so we continue. Go to the settings, then “About Phone”, “Additional Settings” and “Developer menu”. Move the toggle USB Debugging to the enable position.

We connect to the computer using USB and launch Switch. Download Minimal Adb and Fastboot and turn it on. We go to the first desktop, and on the computer we type “adb devices”. Here we enter the following command: adb (input command) shell pm uninstall (parameters) –k –user 0 (values) com.Xiaomi.Finddevice (connection with the server);

Delete “Find my phone”.

Nuances after such a decoupling.

After that, the gadget is ready for full use: you can go online, use various programs, etc.

However, it should be noted that it will not be possible to use Xiaomi services. Which is due to the lack of the account itself. On the Xiaomi account, there are many complaints from users, due to poorly executed software, and it is quite logical that it is deleted.

Password for SMS in Xiaomi

You can set a pattern on certain contacts so that no one but you can see your messages. Go to messages and slide your finger from top to bottom until you see the lock in the background. Then the smartphone will offer to create a pattern and add which contacts to hide.

How To Set Up NFC On Xiaomi Mi

Blocking SMS Xiaomi

Go to “Settings”. “System applications”. “Security”. “Blacklist”

You can configure blocking of incoming calls, SMS, also blocking SMS by keywords.

Large letters when reading SMS on Xiaomi

This function will be useful for people with low vision or for reading large messages.

Open SMS and double-click on the required message

To exit the mode, click once on the message.

Xiaomi does not send SMS

If your Xiaomi smartphone has stopped sending SMS, you need to check if the numbers of SMS centers are correct.

To check, go to “Settings”. “System applications”. “Messages”. “Advanced”.

Russian mobile operators have the following SMS center numbers:

  • Tele2. 79043490000
  • Beeline. 79037011111
  • Megaphone. 79202909090
  • MTS. 79168999100

One of the problems of sending and receiving SMS may be in the SIM card: for example, you have changed the SIM card, and you need to wait exactly one day for sending and receiving SMS messages to work, this is a feature of mobile operators.

SMS settings in Xiaomi. Instructions and troubleshooting

Xiaomi, like any smartphone on Android or MIUI, can be customized in detail for yourself. Let’s analyze the settings and useful functions of SMS in Xiaomi, as well as find out why SMS is not sent.

How to pin a dialogue to the SMS menu

With frequent communication via SMS, an important contact can go down the list: in order not to search for a correspondence, it can be fixed. This is done as follows: go to messages, press and hold the required dialog, after that a menu appears below. Select “Fix”

Unpin the dialogue in reverse.

Timer SMS sending

A useful function that will help you not to miss an important event, and if you missed it, for example, it will congratulate you, notify you for you.

We go into messages and select the subscriber, next to the field for entering text there is “”, click on it and select “Timer”.

Some additional features when you press “”:

  • Quick replies (templates). Swipe right;
  • Send contact (someone else’s vCard), attach multimedia (like MMS);
  • Add nickname as appeal.

What to do if messages won’t open

  • Try restarting your smartphone.
  • If you previously changed the font size, then try returning the previous font. Sometimes it helps.
  • Change the language to in the “Language and input” settings.
  • SMS can SIMply be disabled in the settings; to activate them, go to the System applications Messages and activate the switches.
  • If all else fails, try resetting your phone to factory settings.

All these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.