How To Set Up Nfc On Huawei P30 Lite

Today you can connect to the Internet in one of many ways. For example, you can use a USB modem, an optical cable, and even a satellite dish. But through a cable and a router, the Internet is most conveniently connected. In particular, one of its advantages is a stable high-speed signal transmission. And the price of a modem is relatively low.

The Chinese company Huawei along with smartphones launches other useful mobile gadgets. In particular, we are talking about modems. Today we propose to talk in detail about the model of the Huawei HG8245h modem. a modern tool for high-speed data transfer. Through this router, you can connect any multimedia gadgets, including a desktop computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Also, through a router, you can connect to IPTV to watch your favorite shows in excellent quality.


Externally, the Huawei hg8245 router looks very stylish and modern. Compared to previous generations, it is thinner and longer. Therefore, on a table or other work surface, it takes up a minimum of space. It can even be mounted on the wall. Specially for this task, there are special connectors for fasteners at the bottom of the router.

Connection to the router occurs through two wires. One of them is optical, and the second is for the LAN connector. At the first connection, you need to activate the power of the router through the button on the back of the gadget.

Web Login

Turning on the 4g router, to activate the device you will need to complete the Huawei setup. The most important steps to follow immediately after initial power-up:

  1. Make sure that the connecting cable is connected and the button that indicates the presence of power (POWER) is lit.
  2. We launch the browser on the computer and drive into the address bar an uncomplicated set of numbers:, following this link.
  3. You will see a page on which you must enter a username and password. The default login here is Root, and the password is Admin. This data needs to be specified.
  4. After entering all this, click on the Login button and go to the router’s page on the Internet.

Internet and connection types

On the page you are on, you will need to set all the ports that will be active. Right after that we do the following:

  1. On the WAN tab we find the column “Modifications” and in it. the Route subsection. There is a servicelist item, in front of it we indicate INTERNET.
  2. Choose the type of connection. To do this, find the IP Acquisition mode field and select PPPoE there.
  3. When completing the configuration of Huawei, we confirm that the previously indicated LAN ports will be active for connecting over the Internet and that you need to save this data (click on the Apply button).

We set up Wi-fi router Huawei for Rostelecom

Most of the latest operating systems, provided that the modem is configured correctly, automatically provide a high-speed connection. If this does not happen, then you can try to additionally log in through the control panel.

  1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center. Here you need to select the option of a new high-speed connection.
  2. Specify username and password. If you have a contract with a Rostelecom provider, then there is relevant information in it.
  3. Specify the WLAN ID. To obtain this data, you must contact the provider. Support usually helps. After receiving the data, you can turn on the Rostelecom router by setting up Wi-Fi.
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The same algorithm of actions is also suitable for Kazakhtelecom.

Huawei router settings for Wi-Fi

To properly configure Wi-Fi on the router, you need:

How to Set Up Nfc On Huawei P30 Lite
  1. By disconnecting the Optical cable, log in to the router settings (the well-known web interface will help in this). About how to go into the settings of the router, we wrote above.
  2. Select the WLAN tab and check the box next to the item that implies activation.
  3. The system will ask you to enter the SSID name, that is, the network name. Which text or digital option to choose is up to you. Here, the maximum permissible number of simultaneously connected people is set.
  4. On an already configured router, you need to select the wireless password. It should include uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, as well as numbers. In the classic version, this parameter is configured with a code of 10 characters or more.
  5. After specifying the address of the router, we set the network security key.
  6. Save the data and open the browser. Wi-Fi should already be active.

How to set up IPTV

Very many people are interested in the question of how to provide IPTV entry through a router. This is done quite simply, and if you perform the simplest settings, you will get the opportunity to watch digital channels in chic quality. Even if you have not previously configured the modem and had no idea what and where to insert it into the router, the recommendations below will help you.

  1. We go in the browser at the same address indicated above and already familiar to us from the description in the previous paragraphs. Enter the same username and password.
  2. Select the “Network Settings” tab. Here we activate group data transfer by ticking Enable IGMP. Upon completion, save the data.
  3. Go to the WAN settings and create a new configuration. Connecting to a router in this case is of the type IpoE.

After completing all the data entry and indicating that you want to connect the Multicast VLAN ID, do not forget to save them.


If there is a need to reset all the settings of the router to the factory settings, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Press the Reset button when the router is in the on state.
  2. Hold it for a few seconds and let go.

The system has been reset to factory settings, and now you can configure it again.

Change factory password

The factory password set to the modem by default is recommended to be changed immediately during initial setup. You already know how to open the desired page in the browser. it is located at the numerical address that was repeatedly mentioned in the article.

Next, go to the Security tab. The system will ask for a start to indicate the old password and login, after which it will prompt you to enter new ones and confirm your actions. Specify a suitable combination and save it.

Firmware update

If interruptions are noticed in the operation of the router, then, quite possibly, you should update its firmware. This is done like this:

  1. Download the archive with the desired firmware version to the computer. To do this, it is very important to know the exact name of the router model that is in your hands. Finding the right firmware is easy on the Internet.
  2. We enter the familiar address in the browser in the settings menu.
  3. We go into the system settings and agree to the update, indicating the path where the new firmware was saved.
  4. When the process is completed, the settings will automatically be reset to factory defaults, and you will have to re-configure the router configurations.
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I can not go into the settings of the router not on the cord, not on wi-fi. model (huawei secospace usg2000). I tried to enter the log-admin pair-admin, the log-root pair-admin. I also sorted through the variations with numbers 1234,0000,1111, etc. I also tried to change browsers, reset it several times through reset? and it gives the same messages. 1) message Authorization required Browser not authentication-capable or authentication failed 2) message Login failed, this type of error may be because of follow reasons: 1.username or password is wrong! 2.User has no popedom to login! 3.The number of login users have reached maximum

Not enough Wi-Fi coverage. The antenna can be exchanged for a more powerful (or street) router HG8245H
Native antennas as if fixed

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