How To Set Up Mms On Samsung

Now users are wondering how to open MMS on a Samsung phone? Many messengers have appeared for a long time, allowing you to share messages and media files, however, the MMS-message function is still relevant.

Are MMCs relevant in 2020?

Users are still actively sending MMS messages to each other. The presence of messengers only slightly reduced the number of pictures sent via cellular communication. After all, not everyone has a mobile Internet connection or a good cellular phone. At times like this, MMS is ideal for sharing information.

MMS on Android OS

Often, the MMS function is supported by an Android smartphone with standard settings. However, some models require additional action. To change the configuration, you need to get the files through a call to the operator, use the manual change or through the office. operator’s site.

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How to set up MMS on the phone

There are several ways to configure the MMS function. The easiest is to visit the operator’s office, where employees will install the MMS function themselves. However, the user can independently connect.

Auto tuning

This option is most convenient because the system is automatically configured. The user does not need to download files or contact the operator. It also eliminates the ability to reset the phone to its default settings. However, the use of this method is available only once when a SIM card is installed. How to download MMS on Samsung:

  1. Insert the SIM card into the smartphone connector.
  2. Reboot the phone or wait for the installation.
  3. Receive files in SMS message.
  4. Open files and wait for the operation to complete.

After completing these actions, the function of viewing and sending images will become available.

Manual setting

To configure the MMS function, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” on the main screen of the phone.
  2. Select the “Networks” section.
  3. Click on “Mobile Networks”.
  4. Go to “Access Points” and activate “Mobile Data”.
  5. On the page that opens, select “New access point.”
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Further actions depend on the selected operator. The points “type of access point”. mms and “MMS port” are similar for Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele 2, Motiva. 8080. For MTS and additional for Tele2. 9201. How does the process of manual configuration and filling of data take place:

  1. Username.
  2. Access point.
  3. Password and login.
  4. Leave the remaining lines blank.
  5. Save data.
  6. Reboot the device.

Information for the strings needs to be clarified on the operator’s website.

How to open MMS

MMS opens just like SMS. Just click on the message and wait for the image to load. If the message does not open, you should check the additional settings for the MMS functionality.

How to send MMS from the phone

The media file is sent as well as a text message. How to send MMS from Samsung:

  1. Go to the “Messages”.
  2. Select a dialogue with the desired user.
  3. Click the “Add”, “” or “” button.
  4. Select the desired media file.
  5. Click “Submit”.
How to Set Up MMS on Samsung