How to set up Mi Band 4 to your phone

Is there a device search function in mi band 4 and how to use it?

When developing mi band 4, the manufacturer provided for a situation when the user lost his fitness tracker. The Mi Fit app can help you find your device. To do this, you need to go to the application on your smartphone and select the “Find Mi Band” function. After that, the mi band bracelet will vibrate and light up. Of course, finding your bracelet in a noisy city with this function is unlikely to work, but finding a lost gadget at home or in the gym is quite.

How to set up notifications in Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Fitness tracker Xiaomi mi band 4 can show smartphone application notifications, SMS messages and calls. To do this, you need to go to the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” section, select your tracker and click “Notifications”. In this menu, you can select those applications, the notifications of which will be sent to mi band 4, by clicking the checkbox next to each application. You can also customize the display of notifications only when the screen is off. In the same way, you can configure the display of SMS messages and incoming calls.

How to set up mi band 4: important information for users

Is there an NFC function in mi band 4 and how to set it up?

Xiaomi released the tracker in two versions. with and without NFC. Outwardly, they differ only in the shape of the button. However, it is worth noting that NFC currently works only in China, so it makes no sense to configure this function, as well as to purchase mi band 4 at a higher cost in the hope of contactless payment using a bracelet.

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How to set up mi band 4: additional gadget settings

In the previous article, we reviewed the basic settings for mi band 4, which must be done immediately after purchase. In this material, we will talk about additional, but no less important settings for the bracelet, and also draw the attention of users to important points of using and setting up the gadget.

How To Sync Google Maps with Mi Band 4

How to adjust screen brightness in mi band 4?

In the latest version of the popular Xiaomi tracker mi band 4, it is possible to change the brightness of the display at night. This helps to optimize the perception of information in poor lighting conditions, and additionally makes it possible to extend the battery charge. The good news is that you can adjust the display brightness in mi band 4 directly on the tracker itself. So, in order to configure the night mode of mi band 4, you need to go to “Settings”, then select “Brightness” and make the necessary changes there.

How to control music on your phone using mi band 4?

In order to be able to control music with mi band 4, you do not need to install additional software. everything is provided in the bracelet itself. To do this, select the “Music” function in the bracelet menu. Here you can switch tracks, increase or decrease the volume, pause the track being played and start it again when needed. The buttons are small, but they allow you to quickly control the music on the mi band 4.

Date, time and language

Basic settings on mi band 4, such as the current date, time and interface language, are connected automatically after synchronizing the bracelet with a smartphone. The display of data on the main screen depends on the dial, which in mi bend 4 can be changed at your discretion at any time.

How to set up mi band 4: basic gadget settings

Monitoring user activity mi band 4

All the main functions of the fitness tracker are displayed on the mi band 4 in separate menu items, but all data is only for the current time. In order to view statistics for a week, month or any other required period, you will need to log into your Mi Fit account on your smartphone. The app also stores all data about the user’s heart rate measurement, workouts performed and sleep quality.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: basic tracker settings

How to change the dial in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch?

It should be noted that by default in the settings of the mi band trackers there are 3 dials. you can choose any of them by going to the “Display” clock menu. However, using the Mi Fit app, many other watch faces can be installed on the bracelet quickly and easily. To do this, you need to select the “Associated device” menu in the program settings, then. “Dial settings”, then select the dials you like and press the “Synchronize” button.

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How to connect mi band 4 to a smartphone via Mi Fit app?

  • The first step is to install Mi Fit on your smartphone by downloading it through the Google Play service. Please note that older phone OS versions may not support this tracker app. By the way, Xiaomi smartphones can always be updated to the required version, since the manufacturer supports updates for all its gadgets.
  • Next, you need to create an account or log into an existing Mi Fit account.
  • Allow the necessary settings and activate the Bluetooth function on the phone.
  • Upon completion of registration, it is necessary in the program settings to find in the “Profile” tab the opportunity to add a new device, select “Bracelet”. After that, the phone will search for tracker mi band 4 and to confirm the creation of a connection between the phone and mi band, you will need to press “ok” directly on the tracker.

Charging Mi Bend 4

To charge the mi band 4 bracelets, it is necessary to remove the watch capsule from the strap every time. The easiest way to do this is by pulling the strap and prying the mi band up. Next, the capsule must be placed in the charger by connecting it to a power source. Please note that the contacts of the tracker and the charger should fit snugly together. Every time you start charging, we recommend that you make sure that the charging process has been successfully activated. sometimes it will be necessary to wipe the contact area from invisible dust particles that can interfere with charging. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the mi band 4, and you can connect the device to a laptop / computer or to a power outlet. The rechargeable battery holds a charge of the tracker for approximately 20 days.

Selecting the current workout

Using mi band 4, you can select the type of the current workout and, using the tracker, monitor your condition and physical activity while performing it. To do this, before each training session, select the currently relevant sport in the Training menu.

In this article, we reviewed the main settings for mi band 4, which must be done immediately after purchasing the tracker. We will tell you how to control music, view notifications and change the brightness of the display on Xiaomi mi band 4 in the next article.

Find a bracelet

By design, it is a very convenient function if you suddenly lost your smartwatch. When you click on this item, the bracelet will vibrate. However, there is no dynamics in it, and the vibration force is so small that it will be heard only when you are in the immediate vicinity of it. So the practicality of its application is questionable.

Goal notification. steps on Mi Band 4

In the Mi Fit app, we can set a daily goal for physical activity. steps, distance, etc. In this section, a notification is activated that the set goal has been achieved.

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Warm-up reminder

It is known that working at a computer for a long time has a negative effect on health. This section includes a reminder to get up and warm up. It is possible to set the time for its operation, or vice versa, shutdown.

Flashing the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet through the application from the phone

Immediately after that, the software update of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker will begin, and speaking in Russian, the firmware. At the same time, the file download icon will appear on the bracelet display.

At this moment, in no case should you turn off Bluetooth on the phone or in any other way cut off the connection between it and the tracker.

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After downloading the software, Cyrillic fonts will start downloading

Then. “resource update”. I do not know what is meant here, but the text on the bracelet screen is already displayed in Russian

After the process is complete, the main screen of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with menu texts in Russian will appear in front of us

Now you can go to the process of setting up the bracelet and even change its dial to a more interesting one.

But it doesn’t matter. The main thing we need is the Mi Fit application installed on your smartphone. I talked in detail about its installation and operation in the article about Mi Band 2. The only thing I want to note here is that when registering or logging into an account, you had to select the region “Russia” in it. And accordingly, the entire application interface must be in Russian.

If you did not do this initially, then you need to completely uninstall the application, reinstall it and log into your account with the choice of the Russian language

Next, turn on the Bluetooth module on the smartphone and from the main screen of the application click on the link “Add device”

Here the phone will start searching for a smart bracelet. As soon as one sees each other, a vibration response will be triggered on the tracker, and a request will appear on the screen to confirm the connection. still in Chinese, of course. We click on the check mark on the screen.

Next, we return to the Mi Fit application and allow the bracelet access to our location

Weather settings

From the menu of the bracelet itself, we can only see information about the weather forecast for the next 4 days.