How to set up Mi band 3 watch


In earlier versions of Mi Band, the user had the opportunity to independently set the hour format. However, in the updated models, the manufacturers decided to remove this useful option and replace it with a set of other functions. Because of this, you can only change the set parameters on a synchronized smartphone.


Setting up a watch on Xiaomi Mi Band 3 comes down to performing the same operation on a smartphone tied to the device. To avoid any difficulties when performing this work, it is recommended to adhere to the standard sequence of actions.

  • A special Mi Fit application is downloaded and installed on a smartphone.
  • Register an account and link a phone number to it.
  • Open the program and go to the “Profile” section.
  • In the item “Add device” choose the name of the fitness bracelet.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and wait for the automatic device search procedure to complete.
  • Confirm the binding by pressing the corresponding button on the tracker.
  • After that, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will copy the date and time data from the phone.

Xiaomi Mi band 3. how to set up your watch

To set up the watch on Xiaomi Mi Band 3, you need to set the date and time correctly. This is easy to do, so the work does not take a lot of effort and time from the user. If you follow the instructions, then Mi Band 3 will work well and provide reliable data.


Before setting the time on Mi Band 3, you need to study the instruction manual. In it you can find the entire algorithm of actions that allows you to achieve the desired result.

Automatic translation

Fitness tracker Mi Band 3 is popular in many countries around the world. Because of this, manufacturers have added to the latest software versions the ability to set automatic clock conversion for winter or summer time.

Configure this option as follows:

  • On a smartphone that is synchronized with a fitness bracelet, open the “Settings” item.
  • They look for the section “Setting the date and time”.
  • Going into it, they find the item “Automatic transition to daylight saving time”.
  • Activate this function by moving the slider from one extreme position to another.
  • After that, restart the tracker.
  • As soon as the device boots up, it will automatically copy all the changes made from the smartphone.

If you wish, you can change the time manually, without automatic translation. In this case, you will have to go into the settings every six months and set the clock yourself. In those regions where there is no difference between winter and summer rates, this option should be disabled.

Setting the time and date in the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet is a user’s priority. Without it, it will be impossible to use all the functions of the device and monitor your health.

Automatic translation

In some time zones, there is a translation for winter and summer time. If the automatic switching function is activated on the phone, then you need to synchronize with the bracelet, otherwise the watch will lag behind / rush. You can correct data manually and opt out of automatic changes.


It is very easy to set and set the time on Xiaomi Mi Band 3. You don’t need any additional software for this. If you just bought a bracelet, installed Russian through Gadgetbridge or Mi band Master, then the time should be automatically pulled from the phone. The tracker has no time zones or display format. it just copies information from the smartphone.

Just sync your phone and bracelet via Mi Fit or another app to set the correct watch.


To change the look of the watch, you will have to reflash the font and replace the dial.

Be very careful, the fonts must be compatible with the current firmware version. If you put the wrong ones, then numbers and letters can blur on the display and interfere with the normal display of information.


In the third generation of Xiaomi fitness trackers, the manufacturer decided to remove the “Time format” option from the proprietary application. In the previous version of the device, using this item, it was possible to change the display of the date / clock.

Incorrect data

Incorrect data can be shown for several reasons. Check each item and if after following the recommendations Mi band 3 still shows the wrong time, then go to the next.

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Time in Xiaomi Mi band 3

Time on fitness trackers of the Mi band line is one of the main widgets. It is as important as counting steps, distance and calories. The user buys a device in order to completely cover the need for data acquisition and it is unlikely that he will wear a bracelet on one hand, and a mechanical / electronic watch on the other.

Not shown

The clock is the only widget that is pinned by default and cannot be hidden (at least in Mi Fit). Although it is still worth making sure that everything is configured correctly, it is possible that bad custom firmware is installed and therefore there is no clock on the display.

  • Select a bracelet in the “Profile” tab.
    band, watch
  • Scroll to the item “Display settings”.
  • Check for the presence of the “Watch face” in the list of active objects.

This information is confirmed by the unofficial software Notify Fitness. Among all the options there is an item on setting the elements on the device display and in all cases there is a “Status”, which includes a clock widget.

basic settings

Before setting up Mi Band 3, you need to unpack the equipment and charge the battery using a standard device. Then the equipment is paired with the smartphone (using the Mi Fit utility or third-party software). To activate the display of notifications on the screen, you need to enter the profile settings in the Mi Fit program. There is a notification section in the adjustment window, you need to move the regulator to the “Enabled” position.

An additional application management menu allows you to customize the bracelet. In the dialog box that opens, you need to select a list of applications that transmit information via a wireless channel to the display of the wrist device. If the equipment malfunctions (not caused by unstable operation of the Bluetooth channel), then you need to find the tab marked “Other permissions” in the Mi Fit utility. Inside the section, the function of launching applications in the background is activated; in the activity control section the restriction on the operation of applications is removed.

Additional adjustments

The Mi Band 3 bracelet supports the following settings:

  • Choosing the location of the bracelet (on the left or right hand).
  • Settings for information displayed on the scoreboard. For example, the user can display calories burned or steps taken.
  • Disable or enable touchscreen lock on wrist equipment by swiping your finger from the bottom up.
  • Turn on the screen by raising your hand up; circular switching of widgets is provided by turning the hand and wrist. The manufacturer does not recommend using the function in continuous mode due to the increased load on the battery.
  • Turning on the sensor for measuring the heart rate. Information is needed when monitoring sleep and turning on the alarm clock in phases. It should be borne in mind that the sensor additionally loads the battery, reducing the battery life of the wristband.
  • Dial type for displaying hours and date; the standard delivery provides 3 display options, differing in fonts. When using upgraded firmware, the number of versions increases.
  • Adjustment of display of climatic conditions; for the correct display of information, the owner’s city of residence is indicated. Temperature units are additionally corrected. If the paired smartphone is connected to the Internet, then the location information is received automatically (via the GPS channel).
  • There is a section for additional information that allows you to check the version of the installed firmware or the address of the bracelet in the Bluetooth network.

It is impossible to adjust the date and time on the bracelet manually. Information is transmitted via Bluetooth from a smartphone, the user can change the time on the phone. If time synchronization is enabled via GSM channel, then manual adjustment is not supported. There is an additional option in the settings menu that allows you to untie the wrist equipment from the smartphone and Mi Fit account. The procedure is used when selling a bracelet or when you need to pair the device with a new smartphone.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi wristbands are equipped with a liquid crystal display, which displays the watch and additional information. Setting up Mi Band 3 allows you to show a weather widget or information about incoming phone calls on the screen. It should be borne in mind that the equipment does not fully support the Cyrillic alphabet; in case of errors in the display of symbols, you will need to install an upgraded firmware.

Reset setting

To return the settings to their original values, you need to unlink the device from the existing account and try to pair with the new account. The hardware reports an error and then resets the settings. Additionally, the cache in the phone is cleared; after re-binding, the bracelet is configured. The method is used on Android smartphones; Apple hardware resets when you try to sync your phone and wrist device. Low battery does not allow resetting.

How to change the watch face on Mi Band 3?

Users of the new generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets have noticed that the setting of some functions is different. For example, if you knew how to change the watch on Mi Band 2, then changing the watch face on a new gadget has become easier. After reading the instructions, you will learn how to set up your Mi Band 3 watch.

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You no longer need to use only the Mi Fit app to customize your watch. You can change the dial in the settings of the bracelet itself.

How to change the watch face on Mi Band 3

Objective: to change the design of the main dial of the watch. The manufacturer has provided three different variations of the location of time, date and steps on the main menu of the bracelet, which are easy to change without interacting with the phone.

1) Go to the Mi Band 3 menu and scroll through its settings to the item “Details”.

2) Scroll to the “Screen” section and hold the button located at the bottom of the watch display.

3) Our attention is offered 3 different topics, which can be viewed by scrolling to the top.

4) After you have decided on the design, click on the theme you like, it will be automatically installed on the bracelet screen.

Ready! Now that you know how to set up your Mi Band 3 watch.

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Incoming call

In this section, you can set up notifications about incoming calls. For example, you can specify a notification delay so that the call information on Xiaomi Mi band 3 does not appear immediately, but after a few seconds.


Let us immediately draw your attention to the fact that if an alarm clock is set in the smartphone, then it will not work automatically on the bracelet. Therefore, in order for the alarm to work exactly on the Mi Band, you need to set it up through the Mi Fit app.

To turn your bracelet into a “smart alarm clock” that will wake you up in a certain phase of sleep, you need to additionally install the Mi Band Smart Alarm application. Unfortunately for iPhone owners, it’s only available on Android.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to a smartphone?

When you turn on the bracelet for the first time, you may see a message that it must be connected to your smartphone.

To do this, you need to install on the phone the official application from Xiaomi, which is called Mi Fit. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

Of course, you can use the bracelet without pairing with a smartphone, but in this case, its functionality will be minimal.


In this section, you can set up notifications in Xiaomi Mi band 3 that will come from various applications. Accordingly, they can either be turned on or off.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 — обзор фитнес-браслета

Inactivity notifications

If you activate this function, then when you are in one place for a long time, for example, at a computer, the bracelet will remind you of the need to warm up.

Search for Xiaomi Mi Band 3

If you put the bracelet somewhere and cannot find it, then when you select this function in Mi Fit, the bracelet will vibrate and you can find it.

Time setting

In order to set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, you just need to connect to your smartphone via the Mi Fit app. It will be installed automatically after synchronizing the bracelet with your phone.

After the devices are successfully connected, let’s move on to the functionality settings. For this:

  • In the Mi Fit app, go to the “Profile” tab
  • In the list “My devices” select Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (or Mi Band 4)

You will be able to configure the following parameters:

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Band?

How to switch music?

Owners of previous versions of the gadget used third-party applications to control the music of the smartphone. Mi Smart Band 4 supports this feature out of the box. Of course, it’s not very convenient to press tiny buttons, but, nevertheless, it is possible to switch tracks, stop and start playback, and even adjust the volume.

The function of controlling music by swiping to the right across the screen or through the bracelet menu is called: “Additional” and then “Music”.

What is the communication radius of Mi Band 4 with a smartphone?

In the absence of various obstacles in the form of walls, partitions, etc. (in the field) our fitness bracelet lost connection with a smartphone at a distance of 30 meters.

Firmware Updates

It happens automatically, the user does not need to participate in the process. When you sync a new tracker for the first time, the latest firmware will be loaded.

It was noticed that the version of the algorithm depends on what language is installed on the phone. If you turn on simplified Chinese, and then go to Mi Fit and untie-bind the gadget, the firmware will be updated to a version that is not available in Russian.

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How to change the vibration of an alarm?

Judging by the messages on the forums, many users are not satisfied with the duration of the alarm clock. The manufacturer allows you to set your own vibration profile. To do this, in the application, go to the bracelet settings, select “Alarm”, click “Vibration” (in the lower right corner), then “Add”. Then we touch the smartphone screen, creating a “pattern” of vibration (duration and interval).

The vibration of notifications about calls and messages changes in the same way.

How to set up personal data on Mi Band M3

To do this, enter the appropriate menu item. Then in M3 you need to configure the following parameters:

  • Age;
  • floor;
  • Weight.

You will also need to correct other information on your M3 fitness watch. The more information, the more accurate the device will give results. For a person who weighs 120 kg, jogging will be more efficient at burning calories than for someone who weighs 55 kg. Gender and age are also taken into account.

How to set up notifications?

Notifications are configured in the app. To enable call notifications, select the “Incoming call” item. Here you can turn on / off notifications, set the vibration delay time and set the vibration “pattern”, like an alarm clock.

To enable application notifications, select “Notifications”, in the next window, click “manage applications” (at the bottom of the screen) and mark the applications from which you want to receive notifications.

SMS notifications are enabled differently. To do this, select the “” item in the next window “Incoming SMS”. Warm-up reminders and events are included on the same tab.

Software settings

The fitness tracker is fully serviced and customizable with a single app. Mi Fit. No other software is required to work. The settings of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are written above, now we will consider the points related directly to Mi Fit.

  • Friends. add friends who use the same Xiaomi device. Viewing statistics and achievements is available. You can add a friend by scanning his QR code, which is generated by the application.
  • Add accounts. the only interesting thing here is the ability to link Mi Fit and Google Fit. Synchronization with the Google app allows you to use the bracelet sensor data in many other fitness apps.
  • Activity notifications. the app will send an alert in the evenings with a brief summary of the day’s activity.
  • Sleep information. the same, only sent in the morning and contains the statistics of the last night’s sleep.
  • Behavior labels are a very strange feature, the purpose is not fully understood. Perhaps the tags allow you to “teach” the gadget to recognize different types of activity. In practice, no difference was found. It is unclear if it makes sense to use labels.
  • Help. read the help.
  • Settings. there is a choice of units of measurement (metric, imperial or Chinese system) and the inclusion of the Mi Fit notification constantly hanging in the curtain. The item “About the application” contains information about the version of the firmware, algorithm and program.

Another group of settings is available on the “Activity” tab by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner. These options relate to workout tracking. running, cycling and walking.

  • Auto pause. when you stop while running or riding, the workout is also disabled to ignore downtime.
  • Voice assistant. informs about the pace of the run, speed and distance covered. Provides heart rate information and the need to run faster or slower.
  • Keep the screen on. the display stays on during exercise.
  • Display information on the lock screen.
  • Select a map. select a geolocation provider.
  • High Heart Rate Alert. The bracelet will vibrate when your heart rate rises above a preset level. The value is set by the slider on the scale.
  • Pace Notification. Only works for outdoor running, the bracelet will vibrate if you run too slow. The tempo is also set using the slider.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Setup Guide!

How to enable M3 and set it up correctly

Make sure the battery is charged before switching on. Often it is almost completely discharged with newer models. While charging, an icon will appear on the screen to indicate how charged the battery is.

After that, you need to follow these steps to install the M3 fitness bracelet:

  • Download the official app to your smartphone and install it.
  • Specify all the necessary data in such a way that the parameters to be determined are as accurate as possible.
  • Switch on by pressing the touch button for a few seconds.
  • Synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

After installing the app, you will be prompted to enter the model name and click the sync button.

After that, you need to install a smart bracelet. Time is set automatically after syncing with smartphone.