How to set up IPTV on a sony TV

How to disable Hotel Mode Sony?

  • Turn on TV
  • Turn off the TV with a standard (IR) remote control
  • Press the i / Display button (depending on the remote)
  • Press the Mute button.
  • Press the volume down button Vol 6.

How to install the app on a Sony Bravia TV?

Installing Apps on Sony SmartTVs with Android-TV OS

  • on the remote control you need to press the Home button;
  • in the menu that opens, select the “Settings” section;
  • then you will need to open the “Network” menu;
  • then you need to select the item “Update Internet content” and run the update program.

How to tune free channels on Sony Bravia?

Tuning digital channels on Sony TVs

  • Enter the main menu by pressing the [Home] button on the remote control.
  • Select “Digital Configuration”.
  • Select “Digital Setting”
  • Select Autosearch Digits.
  • Select the type of connection “Cable”.
  • Enter channel search parameters:…
  • If everything is done correctly, then the TV should find about 58 TV channels.

How to set up SS IPTV on Sony?

Automatic launch of SS IPTV application from a flash drive

  • In the settings of the advanced TV mode, switch the application to hotel mode: Hotel mode = on.
  • Download the archive of the application itself from this link
  • Extract all contents to the root of the USB stick.
  • Insert the flash drive into the TV and turn it on.

How to install a new browser on a Sony TV?

Press the HOME or MENU button. Select Apps or Applications. NOTE: If the Internet browser is not displayed, select All Apps or All Applications, then select Internet Browser. Select Internet Browser.

How to connect a Sony Bravia TV to a router?

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Network in the Network & Accessories category.
  • Select Network Setting.
  • Select Simple.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Select a connection method.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

How to set up Smart TV on Sony?

How to set up Smart TV on a Sony TV.

  • Select “Settings”. “Network” (sorry for the photo quality).
  • After that “Setting up a network connection”.
  • In the network setup methods, select “Simple”.
  • Next, select the method of connecting to the network, in this case Wi-Fi.

How to install Play Market on Sony Bravia TV?

Extra options

Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector. Select the signal source “Antenna”. Disable additional devices. TV is now ready to search for TV channels.

How to connect a TV to a router? This option is available only to owners of TVs with support for Smart TV. Synchronization is carried out via a Wi-Fi router or by connecting a cable to the LAN connector.

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Sony TV set-up tips

Correctly set up the TV is within the power of each user. Just follow the advice from the professionals. Setting the sound (volume, volume) is easier. Go to the corresponding tab of the main menu and select the optimal parameters.

It will take more time to adjust the image. In order for a clear and rich picture to appear on the screen, you need to adjust a lot of parameters. Now let’s look at the basic subtleties of setting up a Sony TV.

Color palette saturation

Colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.


Increased sharpness is the cause of unnatural images. To avoid this, adjust the sharpness. There should be no light outline along the intersecting lines in the calibration chart. Reduce the sharpness until the outline is completely lost.

Setting up Sony Bravia TVs: step by step instructions

How to set up a Sony TV? Adjust the picture and sound settings first. Then go to find and store TV channels. Users are offered two modes. automatic and manual.

Modern TV models from a well-known Japanese brand support all digital signal standards. The search for TV channels is carried out through the built-in receiver. You don’t have to buy an additional receiver and connect it to the TV.

Especially for users who have not previously used Sony TV equipment, step-by-step instructions for setting up channels have been developed. We will also consider the features of setting the image, sound and other important parameters.

Automatic channel search

There are two ways to tune TV channels, let’s start with automatic search. Take your remote control and open the main menu. Select the “Automatic Channel Search” command. In a few minutes TV will independently find and save available TV channels.

While searching, the Sony TV screen will constantly change. Interference will periodically begin to appear. After finishing the setup, the device will start working in standard mode.

To tune all the channels on your Sony Bravia TV or find new ones, use the manual search function. It is also included through the main menu.


Find the lightest part of the diagram. Adjust the contrast until the right side of the screen is as bright as possible. The difference between the left and right side of the diagram should be tangible.


Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.

Check if your Sony TV supports digital TV

Before you connect your digital TV and start setting up, you need to check if your TV can receive it at all. This can be done on the website of the manufacturer or official distributors of Sony products, but the easiest way is to use this online service. To do this, enter the model number in the “Search” line:

Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
KDL-22EX553 22
KDL-24W605A 24
KDL-26EX553 26
KDL-32EX653 32
KDL-32EX343 32
KDL-32HX753 32
KDL-32R423A 32
KDL-32R424A 32
KDL-32W503A 32
KDL-32W603A 32
KDL-32W653 32
KDL-32W653A 32
KDL-32W654 32
KDL-32R303B 32
KDL-32R435B 32
KDL-32R433B 32
KDL-32W706B 32
KDL-32W705B 32
KDL-40EX653 40
KDL-40HX753 40
KDL-40HX853 40
KDL-40R353A 40
KDL-40R453A 40
KDL-40R473A 40
KDL-40R474A 40
KDL-40R483B 40
KDL-42EX443 42
KDL-40W905 40
KDL-42W653A 42
KDL-42W654 42
KDL-42W654A 42
KDL-42W807A 42
KDL-42W808A 42
KDL-42W805 42
KDL-42W828B 42
KDL-42W817B 42
KDL-42W705B 42
KDL-42W706B 42
KDL-46EX653 46
KDL-46HX753 46
KDL-46HX853 46
KDL-46R473A 46
KDL-46W905 46
KDL-47W805 47
KDL-47W807A 47
KDL-47W808A 47
KDL-48R483B 48
KDL-49X8505B 49
KDL-49W8505B 49
KDL-50W705B fifty
KDL-50W706B fifty
KDL-50W685A fifty
KDL-50W817B fifty
KDL-55HX753 55
KDL-55HX853 55
KDL-55W805 55
KDL-55W807A 55
KDL-55W808A 55
KDL-55W817B 55
KDL-55W828B 55
KDL-55W8505B 55
KDL-55W905 55
KD-55X9005A 55
KD-55X9005B 55
KD-55X8505A 55
KD-55X8505B 55
KDL-55W955B 55
KDL-65W855A 65
KDL-65S995A 65
KD-65X8505A 65
KD-65X8505B 65
KDL-65HX953 65
KD-65X9005A 65
KD-65X9005B 65
KD-65X950B 65
KD-65X9505B 65
KDL-65W955B 65
KDL-70X8505B 70
KDL-79X9005B 79
KDL-84X9005 84
KDL-85X9505 85

If your TV does not support digital TV

If it turns out that the existing TV receiver cannot independently receive a digital TV signal, the user has two options:

  • Buy a new TV. Given that television technology is constantly evolving, this is the most reasonable, but also expensive option. Some digital TV functions may not be available on older models (e.g. HD picture playback).
  • Install a digital set-top box (aka receiver, decoder, tuner). This option is good if the TV is relatively new and of high quality, but simply does not have a built-in digital tuner.

After the set-top box is connected, it also needs to be configured to receive.

Manual Channel Tuning

It is usually required to switch the TV to manual channel tuning mode if there are any problems with autosearch, or if another digital multiplex is broadcasting in the vicinity, and you do not want to knock down the existing settings.

Step-by-step instructions for manual configuration are described in a separate article. In general, its aLGorithm looks like this:

  • In the TV menu, the item “Manual tuning” is selected.
  • The frequency from which the search will be conducted is indicated.
  • TCE number is established.
  • The detected channels are recorded in the TV memory.

You can find out all the necessary data in 2 minutes from the article about the frequencies of digital channels.

Auto search for digital channels on Sony

The easiest way to tune channels is with auto search. The exact procedure differs depending on the model and the specific interface variant, but the general aLGorithm is as follows:

  • The TV menu opens (as a rule, using the corresponding button on the remote control labeled “Menu” or “Home”).
  • In the menu, the “Settings” tab is first selected, and then “Settings”.
  • In the settings you need to select the item “Digital configuration”.
  • In the menu that opens, you need to activate the item “Automatic search for digital stations”.
  • The TV prompts you to select a signal source. Here it is necessary to indicate where exactly the digital TV signal comes from. from the terrestrial antenna or cable.
  • The TV itself will start scanning the range and memorize all the detected TV channels.
  • After the scan is finished, a message indicating the completion of the process will appear. After that, you can start viewing the found programs.

Update or Install Smart IPTV on a Sony Android TV

Important: some TV models (for example, the Sony Bravia line) have two types of scanning. fast and full. The second one looks deeper, looking through the entire available range, but it also takes much more time, up to an hour.

How to install SmartIPTV App on Sony Smart TV Android

Setting up digital channels yourself on a Sony TV

Digital television allows the viewer to watch programs and films in a quality that is not available for the analog version. However, in order to take full advantage of the “number”, you must first follow a series of simple steps. Let’s see how to set up a Sony TV to receive digital TV.

How to determine your TV model

Over the years, Sony has produced a huge number of TVs of different models. Not all of them support digital reproduction, and among those that can do this, not all work with the European broadcasting standard DVB-T2. And first you need to define the model.

Frequent problems and solutions