How to Set Up Internet On a Bq Phone

Welcome to Want to connect 3G internet to the BQS-3500 Princeton, but don’t know how to do it? Then our instructions are exactly what you need. In it, we will tell you how to configure and enable mobile 3G Internet. In this article, you will learn how to enable, connect, and configure 3G Internet on your BQ BQS-3500 Princeton phone. Of course, for an experienced user of an Android gadget, connecting a mobile Internet to a smartphone will not be difficult. But if a person first tries to access 3G Internet, then a number of questions and difficulties may arise.

Mobile 3G / 4G Internet is a great opportunity to be always online. The mobility of 3G Internet allows you to go online wherever you are. Of course, far from everything is going smoothly with the service of providing services at eminent telecom operators. Sometimes 3G slows down, freezes or does not work at all. Meanwhile, this technology has long gained popularity and a huge number of people enjoy it. Along with popularity, for mobile 3G traffic are also declining, which of course cannot but rejoice. Let’s find out how to enable and configure mobile 3G on the BQ BQS-3500 Princeton.

Configuring and connecting mobile 3G Internet on a BQ BQS-3500 Princeton phone

On modern tablets and smartphones, you can connect two versions of modern technologies that are designed to access the Internet. These are Wi-Fi and 3G technologies. Smartphones also support GPRS, but this standard is already outdated and will not be discussed in our article. GPRS is used in the absence of 3G and WiFi technologies. And you need to configure it similarly to mobile 3G Internet. As for WiFi, this technology will be useful at home if you need to organize a wireless network. Unlike 3G, such a home Wi-Fi network does not require a fee for mobile traffic. everything works through a router and you need to pay the provider for a dedicated channel. Regarding the Wi-Fi setup, we wrote a complete instruction on how to properly configure Wi-Fi on Android.

Let’s move on to setting up the 3G Internet. What does it take to turn on 3G internet on the Princeton BQ BQS-3500? To install 3G Internet on the BQ BQS-3500 Princeton smartphone, you need to enable the option either ‘Mobile networks’ or ‘Mobile Internet’ in the settings (the name of this menu item depends on the firmware installed on the phone).

How to Set Up Internet On a Bq Phone

You probably know that in Russia there are several large mobile operators that offer Internet access via 3G technology: Beeline, BegaFile (Megafon), MTS (MTS) and Skylink. In Ukraine, the most popular operators are Kyivstar, Kyiv, Djuice, and again MTS. The quality of their services may be different and depends on the coverage map specifically of their 3G network. Therefore, we advise you to look at the site of your chosen operator and see this map. To configure 3G Internet on the BQ BQS-3500 Princeton you need to find out the parameters for connecting to the website of the operator whose SIM card is installed on your phone. To connect and configure 3G yourself, you need to find out the type of network (since it may be different for your region) and find out the connection parameters, namely APN (Access Point Names). APNs are access point data needed to connect to a 3G network. Once again we repeat that all the data can be found on the website of the mobile operator from which you decided to receive the mobile Internet service.

The Android operating system supports automatic search for APN access points, but since all mobile operators on their sites provide specific settings for connecting, we will also consider how to manually configure the settings for enabling 3G Internet, creating an access point yourself. We go into ‘Settings’, in the settings you need to find the menu ‘Wireless Networks’ or ‘Wireless Communication’, where there will be an item ‘Mobile Network’. ‘APN Access Points’ will already be available here. As we already said, often the point itself is determined, but if for some reason this did not happen, then you need to specify the APN parameters yourself. To do this, go to ‘APN Access Points’ and click ‘Create APN’. Next, enter the 3G connection settings that can be found on your operator’s website.

For clarity, we demonstrate the parameters from MTS:

To connect to 3G, you must specify the APN, network name, username and password. After entering the settings, do not forget to enable the slider / checkmark opposite the ‘Mobile network’ in the BQ BQS-3500 Princeton settings or enable data transfer if necessary.

Sometimes with some devices one difficulty may arise. the value of the field ‘Authentication type’ can take the status ‘Not installed’. However, network connection will be impossible. If you have such a problem, then just set this parameter to ‘No’. Finally, we want to give an informative tablet on the APN settings for the three main mobile operators:

With this, our instructions for turning on, setting up and connecting 3G Internet on the BQ BQS-3500 Princeton phone are finished, we hope the article turned out to be useful and you connected mobile Internet on your smartphone.