How to Set up Google Okay on Android

Google has updated voice search on mobile. Ok Google. How to set up a search in Okay Google, enable the application on the phone, can I install voice Google on a computer? Read our review. here you will find the answers.

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What is voice search

Keyboard input is not always convenient. over, there are a number of situations where entering a command is easier and faster by voice, through a microphone.

Voice Search. one of the innovations that allows you to accelerate interaction with the search engine. Google was one of the first to teach its search engine to respond to voice commands received from a computer or mobile device.

Convenient voice control is available in the Android OS through the OK Google app. We will talk about installing and configuring the application later.

OK Google Voice Assistant Features

Using the applicationOk Google“, The phone user can

  • set a wide range of voice commands to the Android system
  • search the web and google search engine
  • receive accurate answers to requests in audio format
  • manage applications and services on a mobile device

It is important to know that the service fully works in Russian, that is, it recognizes speech. Therefore, the Russian-speaking user will not have difficulties in mastering the search tool.

How to enable and configure voice application “Ok Google” on the phone

In most mobile phones and tablets on Android, the search bar from Google Search is already available and is located on the main screen. Therefore, for the Okay Google function to work on the device, it was enough to update the system at least once in the last three months.

In order for all the requests mentioned above, as well as some other additional commands to work more correctly (that is, with a voice response or more accurate information), you need an android assistant called Google Now (aka Okey Google), which can be downloaded from us.

If the Google application is already present on your device (but disabled), enable OK Google

  • go to the “Google Settings” menu, then “Search and Tips”,
  • in the Google Now section, turn the switch on.

How to set up voice search in Google app? If you use a mobile application called “Google” on your phone, then to enable the voice search functions, you need to do the following:

  • in the upper left corner, click the menu icon (three horizontal stripes)
  • Settings Voice Search. Recognition “Ok ok”.

Enabling Okay Google on your mobile device

Launch OK Google:

  1. Depending on the version of Android, click on the Google search bar or microphone near it
  2. say one of the available commands into the microphone

This is how the inclusion of OK Google is made.

For the most part, Ok Google requests are simply driven into the search bar after pronouncing into the microphone. In some cases, a response to a voice command may be spoken in a synthesized voice. For example, to the question “Where was Pushkin born?”, The robot will answer you in Russian: “Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was born.” In this case, information about the mentioned city will be displayed on the phone screen (in the Google search results). If you say “what it looks like.” before the phrase or command, then, as a result of a voice search, the Google search results will display the result of a search for photographs of the subject mentioned in the request.

How to Set up Google Okay on Android

Ok Google app and voice search in action. Team response

Installing OK Google on a computer. Unlike mobile devices, no additional software is required to install the OK Google Voice Add-in on your computer. The only condition. installed browser on your PC and a microphone connected to the PC. For voice control, it is desirable to use the Google Chrome browser: the search option is best implemented in it.

Until 2015, there was a corresponding option in the settings section of the Chrome browser settings “Search”. However, she is not here now. Therefore, to use Okay Google (i.e., voice search function), just go to the Google page and click the button to the right of the search bar to pronounce the command.

Turn on Google Voice in Chrome

Voice commands Okay Google and application functions on Android

The traditional way to communicate with the Internet search engine. entering text queries. In the application “Ok Google” you access the Android OS directly, the applications installed on the phone, control them through the microphone. A wide range of functions are available. voice commands for organizer, calls and messages.

  • Turning to the organizer with the phrase “wake me up tomorrow at 6.30 in the morning”, you will open the alarm in okey google, where the time and date will already be indicated.
  • To set a reminder, just say in the microphone “remind me. (do something).”
  • The voice-activated function for creating meetings and events works as well. “make an appointment. (somewhere, with someone at the specified time)”.
  • To check the available events, you can say the command-question “what is planned for tomorrow?”.
  • To create a note, say “Note:.”.
  • Ok Google on Android can work with contacts. To call, you must specify the command “call (name from contacts)”
  • The request for sending SMS sounds similarly. “SMS (name from contacts) (actually the message).”

In fact, the list of voice commands is huge. For example, we will give only a few of them:

  • “Work time (of any institution)”
  • “How much are shares (enterprises)”
  • “who it …”
  • “What height (for example, the Empire State Building)”
  • “How to get to (destination)”
  • “where is…”
  • “Where is the nearest.”

. as well as many other voice commands. We emphasize once again: the Google app perceives the Russian language perfectly. at least, no difficulties with speech perception were noticed.

Thus, all the voice search functions in OK Google are worthy of application. Using Google’s voice input is very convenient for managing services and applications on your device.

OK Google app interface on Android

Voice Launch Android Applications

Other application features “Ok Google” refers to the close work with the Android OS. To open a program through okey google, use the “open (application name)” command to start playing music in the player. by the request “listen.” or “play (song name).” You can use commands to open the most popular applications on a mobile device (for example, a command “turn on the flashlight” will open the corresponding widget). OK Google application options. a great many, it all depends on your desire to use the potential of the OK Google application in conjunction with Android.

Summary. Voice search technology is quite young and recently introduced by Google. But the usefulness of the auxiliary application is felt from the very first minutes of testing on Android. For a short period of existence, an impressive series of recognizable voice commands in Russian has been developed for the Google service. Their number is growing every month.

If you are connected to the Internet and do not have time to enter queries into the search engine in text form for a long time, set reminders or write notes. Okey Google app for Android will simplify your life. Turning on OK Google and then setting up the application on the phone is not at all complicated. Voice Google quickly responds to user commands of a mobile device, and instantly. This is another reason to download Okay Google on an Android phone or computer.

Answers to readers’ questions

Please ask any questions related to the use of the OK, Google service and voice search in general (through the contact form in the sidebar of the site).

I have a Philips Xenium V387. At first, the Google OK application worked. Then I accidentally clicked “Delete Voice Sample” and now I can’t record it again. OK Google says “say.” I pronounce this command. and nothing. Voice search only works when you click on the microphone. How do I set up Google OK for voice search to work correctly? OS Version. Android 4.4.2. The main language is English (US), the additional language is Russian.

Answer. About how to configure okay google on Android, we wrote above in the text. In your case, if all else fails, try the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the application (downloading Okay Google is easiest from Google Play). Or update the current version of the application.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Go to Settings. Voice Search. Recognition “Ok Google”.
  4. Record your sample voice for recognition with a microphone.

OK Google does not work. When you click on the microphone, it works, but without pressing it does not respond to the voice. In the settings, everything is turned on and configured. Phone Meizu m3 max. Android 6.0 Tell me what to do, how to enable OK Google?

Answer. In order to voice search “Ok google” worked from any Android screen, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install Google Search App
  2. Turn on Google Audio History in your phone’s settings.
  3. The primary language for voice search should be English.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 of 2017, the Google OK voice function of the sleeping display does not work, the settings turn off automatically. How to turn on okay google from standby? What startup programs can I use?

Answer. Indeed, you cannot turn on the voice assistant ok google from sleep mode. This is easily explained by the fact that otherwise the phone will run out quickly.

In the Android settings, you can increase the interval to go to sleep. To do this, go to Settings. Screen. Sleep mode and specify the desired interval. This will increase the interval for opening the Google Assistant. There is also a Stay Alive app! Keep screen awake, which disables hibernation.

In Samsung Galaxy, Okay Google was in the form of a tape on the main screen. I deleted it by mistake. Now voice search only works as an icon with a microphone. Can you tell me how to return the search feed and turn on ok google?

Answer. To return the Google search widget to your home screen, select Display from the menu. widgets. Google search. If you have a non-standard Launcher (shell) installed, the way to enable OK Google may be different, but the principle is the same.