How to Set Up Face Id On Iphone Xr

Function Face id. This is a new level of iPhone security, first introduced in the iPhone X. Subsequent models. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. They were also equipped with face recognition technology that works even faster. Face ID recognition works clearly and provides the highest level of data security. However, over time, some users may experience what they have on their phone. Face ID does not work, either does not work correctly. We will understand the problem in more detail.

Why does Face ID not work?

If on your iPhone Face ID does not work, the reasons for this may be different and it is by no means always necessary to address them to a service center to solve them. Consider the main reasons why Face ID may not work, and how to fix the problem yourself.

How to Set Up Face Id On Iphone Xr
  1. If the iPhone does not recognize the face, check for dirt on the top of the device. where the TrueDepth camera and infrared sensors are located, which are responsible for scanning the face. Clean the glass surface thoroughly and check if Face ID works after that.
  2. Try disable function “Attention recognition”. The essence of her work is that the phone will not be unlocked if you do not look at it accentuated directly. You can disable the function in your phone’s settings (Settings. Basic. Universal access. Attention recognition). It is worth noting that disabling this feature can reduce the security of Face ID, as to unlock the phone it will be enough to bring it to your face (even, for example, when you sleep).
  3. Reset Face ID. You can also do this via the phone’s menu (Settings. Face ID and password. Reset Face ID). After the reset, you will need to re-scan the face and step by step to configure Face ID.
  4. Perform a hard reboot iPhone. You can read about how to do this on devices without a physical Home button in an article “What to do if iPhone X freezes and doesn’t react to anything”.

In everyday use of the iPhone, there are times when the Face ID does not work, because he should not work. On the official Apple website, there are several options in which this can happen.

  • The device has just been turned on or rebooted.
  • than 48 hours have passed since the last device unlock.
  • Six and a half days have passed since the last unlock of the device with a password and 4 hours since the last use of Face ID.
  • The device received a command to block from a remote user.
  • Five unsuccessful attempts were made to recognize a face.
  • The process of turning off the device / starting the function “Emergency Call. SOS” was started (holding one of the volume buttons and the side button simultaneously for 2 seconds).
  • If the battery charge is below 10%.

In such cases, to unlock the phone, you may need to enter the password code installed on the device or unlock the iPhone using the Apple ID.

What to do if Face ID doesn’t work?

If the Face ID does not work, and the iPhone displays a system message about the detection of a problem with the Face ID, it is most likely that the reasons for this lie in the hardware malfunction of the TrueDepth camera or sensors that are responsible for recognizing the user’s face.

The causes of a hardware malfunction, in turn, may be due to damage to the sensors or camera during a fall or other mechanical impact, or due to moisture entering the phone.

Solutions to the problem if Face ID does not work

If your phone is under warranty, you should apply for service as part of Apple’s warranty policy. If the phone warranty is not valid, or the iPhone has mechanical damage, our service center can offer a service replace iPhone with a new one. As a rule, replacement is carried out within a period of up to 10 days (on average, 3-5 days). As a result, you get a completely new phone with an official guarantee from Apple.

Also, depending on the status of your device and the possibilities of its maintenance, we can also offer an exchange of an iPhone for a new one at a special price. 23 500 rubles, similar to sharing a broken glass device. How to do it? Read in our article: “How to change iPhone X to a new one at the price of a screen replacement”.

If your Face ID doesn’t work and you still have questions after reading the article, we invite you to comment on this article, where service center employees will be able to respond promptly. Write, call or come to visit. we will be happy to help in solving problems with your iPhone.