How to set up digital channels on your sharp TV

Sharp TV. How to set up digital channels

Regardless of the make and model of your TV, you need to do the following: Go to the settings menu (Broadcast / Channel Installation / Antenna (cable) channels. Select Auto Search. If your TV has a step-by-step setup, follow the instructions on the screen. Adjust the search settings in the cable search options menu to match the new settings:

Start Auto Tuning. Wait for automatic channel search to complete (3-7 minutes). Close the setup menu.

Press the MENU button on the remote control.

Select channel item (channel, channels) and press OK on the remote control.

Select Auto Tuning and press OK on the remote control.

Look for Autotune (5 points) (auto-tune, auto-adjust) and press OK on the remote control.

How to search and arrange TV channel for Sharp TV.

Wait until the TV completes (~ 10 minutes).

Detaching the stand, Before attaching/detaching the stand, Mounting the TV on the wall

Disconnect the AC cord from the AC outlet before removing (or attaching) the stand.

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Do not remove the stand from the TV until you purchase the wall mounting bracket separately

Make sure the TV is turned off before you do the work.

Before you do the work, spread out a bedding on which to place the TV. This will prevent it from being damaged.

To attach the stand, follow the above steps in reverse order.

Installing a color LCD TV requires special skills and should be done

By qualified service personnel only. Customers should not attempt to do the work themselves. SHARP is not responsible for improper installation or installation that results in damage

You may consult qualified service personnel regarding the use of an optional bracket

AN-37AG2 to mount the TV on the wall.

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Setting up old models

For older models, there is automatic and manual tuning. With auto search, the setting looks like this:

  • On the front panel, find the “Settings” key and use it to access the channel setup.
  • Press the volume up key.
  • The TV will automatically search for channels.
  • When the process is complete, the first channel will appear on the TV and start broadcasting.

To configure the programs you need to do the following steps:

  • Press the setup key;
  • Determine the right range;
  • Specify the channel to which you want to put the program;
  • When the user presses the volume keys with them, the TV will search for programs.

To return to the normal menu, you need to press the setup key again.

Possible problems and solutions

If something went wrong, figure out what it was. And how to deal with it.

TV can’t find channels

If the channels are not found automatically, try the manual search first. If this doesn’t help either, check the following:

  • Which country is installed. Possible choices: Sweden, Germany, Finland, Russia. Replace everything else with one of these four. Try changing if it doesn’t work.
  • What is the broadcast standard. For terrestrial TV (which most of this article is about) it’s DVB-T2, but if you use cable or satellite, check with your provider to see what standard they broadcast in. For cable it’s DVB-C or DVB-C2, but for satellite it can be DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X.
  • Check the connection: how tightly the cable from the antenna or set top box is fitting, without kinks or other damage. Replace the cords if necessary.
  • If you are using an antenna, make sure it is properly installed. Digital channels are very sensitive to the position and direction of the antenna. For correct work it must be placed as high as possible and “look” in the direction of the signal source, ie the nearest repeater. Even a slight angle can make a big difference.

Channels were there, but they are gone

Sometimes it happens that a stable and smooth operation of TV or other equipment is disturbed: the channels simply disappear, although they worked fine before.

  • As in the previous point, make sure the settings are correct, there are no problems with the connection (wires might be damaged), the antenna is properly positioned.
  • Sometimes the problem is not on your end, but on the side of the tower, where there might have been a breakdown or maintenance work. Check this information on the Internet or via a hotline.
  • Another reason of temporary interruptions is climatic: precipitation, strong wind, extreme temperature changes can interfere with correct work of the equipment. If there is nothing wrong with your antenna just wait until the weather returns to normal.

Only some of the channels are found

Yes, this is another problem different from the previous two. Usually you get either all channels, or none at all. But it also happens that only some channels are lost.

  • Check the operating mode of the channels: they are not all 24 hours a day. When you sign a contract, you can find out when individual programs stop working. At this time you won’t see them anyway.
  • Make sure that the channel you are trying to find has not stopped broadcasting: sometimes they just close down.
  • If you “lost” ten channels (the standard set is twenty), most likely your region broadcasts only one multiplex. Nothing to do.

If you didn’t find your problem in this article and you think the problem is in the digital set-top box, try looking for a solution in this article: Instructions for repairing dvb t2 set-top boxes with your hands.

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How to add analog channels and sort them

You can add analogue channels to digital channels as well:

How to scan channels on sharp aquos tv

  • Expand “Menu” and open the “TV” section.
  • In the list, find “Analog Configuration” or something similar in name.
  • Activate “Auto Search” by pressing “OK”.

On some Akvos Sharp devices, digital channels along with analog channels cannot be in the same list, so they must be switched through the remote.

You can do channel sorting in two ways:

  • On newer TVs, go to “Menu”. “TV”. “Setup”. “Sorting”. “Edit Channels”. Give each program in the list its own number.
  • On older Sharp devices there may be no sorting. So everything has to be set manually. Switching up and down the list is done by adjusting the volume. You can install it by pressing “OK”.

For which models you need to buy a digital set-top box and antenna?

If the manual to the model in the technical specifications does not indicate the presence of a built-in tuner, you will have to buy a digital set-top box. It is sold in stores of household appliances, electrical goods, as well as in Russian post offices. Most often, these are models that were released before 2012.

For older models, there are automatic and manual settings. In the case of autosearch, the setting looks like this:

  • On the front panel, find the “Settings” button and use it to access the installation of channels.
  • Press the volume up button.
  • Your TV will automatically search for channels.
  • After the process is finished, the first channel will appear on the TV and will start broadcasting.

To configure the programs, you need to do the following steps:

  • Press the setup button;
  • Determine the desired range;
  • Specify the channel you want to set the program to;
  • When the user presses the volume keys with them, the TV will search for programs.

To return to the normal menu, press the setup key again.

How to translate modern brands?

There are two instructions that explain how to configure digital channels for Sharpe TVs of newer models:

    The algorithm for the first method is as follows
  • If there is no DTV MENU tab on the screen or remote control, select one of the countries: Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Then DTV.
  • After that, select DTV MENU.
  • Go to installation and select auto-installation.

After that the search will start and it will take about 10 minutes. Second algorithm:

  • Find and press Menu on the remote control.
  • Select TV tab and press “OK” button on the remote.
  • Switch to tuner mode and find the tab “Cable” and the country “Russia”.
  • A window with channel search will pop up. Press “ОК” again.
  • Select the line ATV and DTV, which prompts you to search for analog and digital channels.

At the end press “ОК” again and then save all found channels. In a short time, the TV will find all available channels, both digital and analog.

How to install DTV broadcasting on Sharp Aquos (Aquas) through the antenna?

Sharp Aquos. TV set with an LCD. Very popular with modern users. To tune digital channels on it is not difficult. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV and connect the antenna to it.
  • Carry out the initial installation with setting the language, country, location. When selecting some countries may change the menu items and their setting. For example, if you select the country “Italy” or “France”, then you can’t skip the option to set the pin code.
  • As the PIN code should be set any four-digit number except 0000, if omitted, the default pin code is set.
  • Then use the up and down buttons on the remote control to select “search for digital channels” in the menu.

After automatic channel search, you need to save the channels and you can enjoy watching.

Deleting and sorting channels

You can sort the channels in two ways :

  • On new models. By entering the main menu, selecting “TV”, then “Setup” and “Sorting” or “Edit channels” section. In this case, you can assign a different number to each program;
  • On older models there is no sorting function. In this case you will need to do manual tuning. To do this, use the button to go to the channel to be tuned and use the and. (volume control) buttons to scroll through until the program you want appears.

Deletion of channels is made with the same editing function. Necessary :