How to Set Up Bluetooth Headphones On Windows 7

Recently, the computer is more and more used for communication not only through text, but also using sound and, but still not all users know how to set up headphones on a windows 7 computer. The choice of windows 7 as an operating system is not accidental , because at the moment it is the most common operating system.

How to Set Up Bluetooth Headphones On Windows 7

To get started, let’s see how to connect and configure headphones to a computer.

Connecting headphones to a computer

In modern computers, the headphone jack is displayed on the front wall of the system unit. It is marked in green. If there is no such connector, look for it on the back of the computer. there it is definitely there.

Let’s move on to the headphones themselves, more precisely, to their plug, which is a metal rod with a diameter of 3.5 mm and is called “jack”. pay attention to “jack”. he must have two or three black rings. To connect headphones to a computer, you need “jack” with two rings (three pins). If “jack” has three rings, then this is a headset (headphones and microphone) that connects to the universal connector, which is usually used on laptops. Such a jack is marked with a headphone icon with a microphone.

Setting up the headphones on the computer

Most often, headphones with a microphone are used for communication via Skype or in online games. Let’s see how to set up headphones with a microphone on the computer.

First, connect the headphones and the computer (headphones in the green connector, microphone in red). Next, by clicking the right mouse button on the speaker in the lower right corner of the screen, open the menu and select “Playback devices”.

Here we will answer the question of how to adjust the sound on the computer through the headphones. In the window “Sound” select item “Speakers” and press the button “Tune”. In the next window, select “Stereo” and check how the headphones sound by clicking on the picture of the left or right speakers. If everything is in order. click “Further”. On the next tab, do not change anything, click “Further” and “Done”. In the same window “Sound” check the setting, for which we right-click on the icon “Speakers” and choose “Verify”. Listen to the sound. That’s it, the headphone setup on the computer is complete.

Consider how to adjust the headphone volume on a computer. To do this, click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen with the mouse and move the appeared slider up, increasing the volume, or down, decreasing it. This is the most convenient way to adjust the sound in the headphones on the computer.

Let’s see how to set up the microphone in the headphones on the computer. Right-click on the speaker icon and select “Recorders”. A window with a microphone will open. We click on it with the right mouse button and select “The properties”. Change the settings on the tab “Levels”: Add the volume to the microphone with the slider and set the gain level. Click “To apply”. Tab “Improvement” put daws “Noise reduction”, “Echo cancellation“. Click OK. Now you know how to set up a headset on a Windows 7 computer.

The normal microphone gain level is a value of no more than 20 dB. Increasing this value may cause unpleasant noise and background noise.

Setting up headphones on a laptop

A laptop can use one jack for connecting a microphone and headphones. The headset is used with four pin connectors (three black rings). The answer to the question of how to adjust the sound in the headphones on a laptop, you already know if you carefully read the article. This is done the same way as on a computer. through a window “Sound”. You can open it in another way: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Browse: Large Icons”. Sound. Next, select “Speakers” and click “Tune”.

Also on laptops can be used the classic circuit for connecting a headset. two inputs: a microphone and, in fact, headphones. Let’s stop and explain in a nutshell how to set up a headset on a laptop.

  1. Checking sound reproduction in headphones;
  2. Sound volume adjustment;
  3. Microphone setup

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Connecting Wireless Headphones

It is time to learn how to set up wireless headphones for your computer. They work on Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth). To get started, read the instructions. Usually, a bluetooth adapter is included with the headphones. It must be inserted into the USB port of the computer and installed drivers on it. If everything went fine, then on the taskbar we will see the bluetooth icon.

Open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the item “Add device”. On the headphones, you will need to hold down the power button for a few seconds. This is usually described in the headphone manual. Then the computer within two or three minutes will find a wireless headset and ask you to enter the password, which is recorded in the instructions. Everything, the headset is connected.

Now let’s see how to set up headphones on a Windows 7 computer. You can also find headphones by right-clicking on the speaker, selecting “Playback devices” and in the window that opens “Sound” on the tab “Play” by tapping “Tune” near the headphones we found. Further sound adjustment on the windows 7 computer in the headphones occurs according to the scheme described above.

On a laptop, setting up wireless headphones is the same. But there is one nuance in how to configure headphones on a windows 7 laptop. If the laptop is already equipped with a built-in bluetooth adapter, then there is no point in putting another one. use the built-in.

Sound card manufacturers are trying to bring all the settings together. For example, the Realtek HD manager is suitable as a program for setting up headphones on a computer. It contains all the settings for speakers, headphones and microphones. It can also be applied to various sound effects. Find this program is easy. it is located in “Control panels”. With Realtek HD Manager, it’s easy to figure out how to set up the headphone input on your laptop.

In fact, there are several ways of how to set up the headphones on the windows 7 computer. You just have to choose the most convenient way for you. Fix your knowledge of the on how to set up the headphones on the computer.