How to set up auto -canine in iPhone. What is it

How to turn off the auto.replacement on the iPhone? Easily!

In this article, we explain in detail how to disable the auto.replacement on the iPhone. Also in the first part of the article we tell what this function, where came from and how it works. for all inquisitive. Go!

The automatic replacement function has “grown” from the T9 function. Millennials remember what it was and why, and we will explain to the Zumers now! Then let’s move on to the instructions on how to remove the auto.canine on the iPhone.

T9 simplified the life of the owners of the button phones. These devices had only 9 buttons, hence the name T9. “Text on 9 Keys”. Just imagine: to put some letter, it was necessary to press several times on a certain button!

In order not to spend their lives on pressing the buttons, they came up with T9. With her it was possible to press the keys one time! The system based on its dictionary guessed what word you wanted to write and substituted it. Thus, the function of the function consisted of two components. guessing and auto.replacement.

With the dying of the T9 button phones, it broke up into several independent options, which can now be found in smartphones. One of them is just autolon. She corrects the word with an error for the right. Convenient function! Why then look for how to turn off the automestus of words on the iPhone?

Why turn off

The vocabulary of the smartphone is limited. Sometimes it seems to him that the word is written with an error, although in fact it is true. This is especially often happening when writing rarely used or conversational words, as well as its own. The user either corrects the word back, or does not notice the substitution.

It turns out quite awkward when automatic replacement errors give the message additional meaning. In the working chat, you turn to the colleague “Nadia”, and “viper” sets off! If you are an iPhone user and also often become a victim of a function, read how to remove auto.replacement on iPhone!

Why are users complain about “auto.correction”?

The program automatically analyzes the text that the user prints. If she sees that now you are mistaken, then offers its own option, displaying it just above the text gained. Depending on the IOS version, it can be either above the text or below it.

If you do not want to correct the word that you type, you need to press on a “cross”, otherwise the system will automatically replace the word. Since we print quickly, then we forget about the “cross”, so the program sets up the replacement, and we have to delete it, and then re.gain the text. Such a problem is usually inherent in the Russian language, because we have a lot of words, word forms and jargonisms, and developers simply do not have time to update them so that the module works correctly. In this regard, you have to disable auto.correction.

How to disable T9 (auto.correction) on iPhone

Now the T9 option is disabled on your smartphone and when typing the text, both in Apple programs and in other applications, there will be no correction and you can type the text as you want as you want.

Text replacement, or how to type large volumes of text on iPhone or iPad in a second

The use of the “text replacement” function, which is essentially shorts for the mobile operating system, greatly increases the speed of work when using the most popular phrases, expressions, postal or electronic addresses, passport data, bank details and so on. In this material we will tell you how to use this function.

Text replacement, or how to quickly gain large volumes of text on iPhone or iPad

In order to start working with the “text replacement” function, open the settings application on the iPhone or iPad and follow the main → keyboard along the way and select the same name.

In the upper right corner, click on a plus, thanks to which you can add a new reduction.

Write in the “phrase” line, for example, your name, and in the “reduction” field, for example, letters ”MF “ (means my last name) then click the “Save” button. From now on, after entering the reduction “MF” and pressing the gap button into the text will instantly insert a prepared phrase.

  • Phrase: name of your e-mail address; Reduction: “me” (my e-mail);
  • Phrase: your phone number; Reduction: “MT” (my phone);
  • Phrase: ; Reduction: “Aap”;
  • Phrase: pzhp; Reduction: “¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯”.

As a phrase, you can use long or most frequently used messages, addresses, bank details or other information.

The replacement process can occur in two ways:

1 method. If you have activated the function of a predictive set of text, then when a reduction in the superstructure above the keyboard, a complete phrase will be displayed. To activate the function, go into settings → Basic → keyboard and activate the switch opposite the menu “Prective set”;

2 method. If you introduce a reduction and press the gap, then the reduction will automatically be replaced by a full phrase.

To edit the entered information in the “text replacement” functions, click on the necessary entry.

To delete the recording, click on the “edit” button in the lower left corner of the display or just make the swipe from right to left.

How to set up and use the text replacement with iPhone

Perhaps you just bought an iPhone or simply do not know about the existence of such a function as replacing the text.

The replacement of the text helps to get rid of grammatical errors, as well as gain messages faster. You can configure the reductions that, when entering, will automatically be replaced by a complete word, phrase or even sentence.

This function is useful if you often send similar messages or emails. Below we will tell you how to configure it.

How to configure text replacement

First go to the settings application.

auto, canine, iphone

1) Select the main keyboard.

2) Click the text replacement.

3) click on the plus icon in the upper right corner. This screen shows already configured abbreviations if there are such.

4) enter the phrase for which you want to add reduction. For example, you can enter your email address, phone number or a phrase that you often use.

5) enter the reduction for the phrase. For example, “Moipch” for the mail, “8978” for the phone number or “pool” for the phrase.

6) click save.

After that, you will return to the screen with stored abbreviations and you will see on it just added.

If you want to change the reduction, just click on it, and then save.

Auto Correction is a function that checks the text you enter and automatically corrects it in accordance with the IOS (iPados) dictionary in accordance. It is gradually replenished with words that are absent in it, but are present in your vocabulary. this process is usually called “training”. Despite the fact that this function is often very useful, it loses all meaning if you actively use slang and other expressions that are not in the dictionary. In this case, you have two ways: either tolerate while the dictionary is filled with all the necessary “words”, or disconnect this opportunity.

“Prective set” is a similar opportunity that predicts what kind of word or a whole phrase you want to introduce at a given time, and offers suitable options. It is convenient to use it if you type the text very slowly. This feature can also be disabled.

What other intellectual functions of the keyboard can be disabled

“Replacing text”. A special opportunity that allows you to use their own abbreviations. they will turn into words or whole phrases set through the corresponding menu. This, in particular, applies to emoji, which you can add to the text input of several convenient characters to yourself.

“Keyboard for one hand”. This is the ability to move the buttons on the keyboard to the left or right side to simplify the input of the text without the help of the second hand. This chip can be activated after long.term retaining the button to switch the keyboard languages.

“Auto.copy”. With the help of this function, the activity of which is installed using the same menu, you can automatically enter the capital letters into the text based on the basic rules. The phrase begins with a large one, it is used through a gap after a point.

“Spelling”. Do not confuse this opportunity with automatic correction. Instead of changing words without your consent, it will only emphasize those that are absent in the system dictionary. It is this function that I personally advise you not to turn off in any case.

“Gl. Caps Lock “. Yes, there is also an opportunity on the iPhone that activates the continuous entry of capital letters using double pressing the Shift key. In ordinary correspondence, such a communication manner is better not to use, but highlighting the headlines can be very convenient.

“Smart-Puncture”. This function is designed to automatically replace ordinary punctuation marks with typographic. For example, it changes two hyphen “” to a full.fledged shooting range “.”. the same applies to quotes and some other symbols.

“View Symbols”. After touching the keyboard, this function first shows the icon, which will be introduced, but adds it to the text only when you tear off the finger from the screen. This is especially useful when the display is too small and the fingers are quite large.

“Fast key”.””. With the help of this possibility, you can significantly accelerate the input of the text. She automatically adds points at the end of the sentence when doubled by clicking on the gap button. At first, this approach seems very unusual, but in the long run it is very justified.

“Inclusion of dictation”. Oddly enough, not everyone uses this opportunity, and in vain. Personally, it seems to me that it is much more preferable than voice messages that are increasingly used in all kinds of instant messengers. Yes, dictation is convenient while driving and on the go.

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“Conduct for a set”. It’s about the Sweyp keyboard, which, alas and ah, is currently available only in English. Many people really like this set of text, and it would be very good if it was available, including in Russian. We wait.

⚠️ If the instruction has stopped working or you have problems at some step-please inform about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will definitely study the problem and update the article.

Add abbreviations

Going to the settings menu. General. Keyboard. Text replacement, you can add abbreviations. They will work as follows. as soon as you introduce a reduction and click a gap, instead of a reduced option, a complete.

The most remarkable thing is that there are a great many abbreviations, for a variety of situations. You can reduce and in the future use welcome messages, congratulations, notifications about being late and much more.

They come to a new level of reduction when you connect fantasy and, for example, assign the Nomkar number of your credit card for subsequent fast sending if necessary.

In addition, in the settings menu. General. Keyboard. Text replacement you can simply add words without indicating the abbreviations for them. In this case, words will be automatically added to the vocabulary of your device, which again will positively affect the process of typing text.

Write the words that you want to add to the dictionary in Safari

Back in 2009, it was discovered that the iOS keyboard dictionary remembers the words that you enter into the Safari browser search window. Oddly enough, this solution works in iOS 6. The words introduced in the search for Safari, then in the text will still be emphasized as wrong, although the dictionary will offer them as an alternative to the incorrectly recruited word. This method, of course, is not very practical, because to add a word to the dictionary you need to perform quite a lot of actions.

This method of improving auto-correction is suitable only for particularly patient people, as well as those who will not worry a variety of notes in the contact list. To add words to the iOS auto correction dictionary, just create new contact and enter all the necessary words in the “Name” field.

Adding new words to the dictionary through settings

To add new words to the dictionary, open the settings. Basic. Keyboard and scroll down the menu to the reduction point.

Choose the item add a new reduction, and enter the required word in the phrase field.

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The words added in this way will be synchronized through iCloud.

We set up the function of auto.cancer in iOS and Android

If you are annoyed by auto.cancer function in iOS and Android, then several simple tips can help you.

Automobile configuration in iPhone

To turn off the option completely, enter the iPhone in the “Settings” menu and in the “Basic” section, go to the “keyboard” item. In it you can turn off the auto.canine or automatic spelling of words with a capital letter.

In Android smartphones, open the “Settings” menu and click on “Language and Entering”. Select the keyboard at the moment and turn off the “Auto Correction” item.

If you do not want to completely abandon this function, manually enter all the words that the iPhone should not correct. To do this, go to “Settings | Basic | Keyboard | Text replacement “, and add the necessary words using the plus icon. Through the “phrase” and “reduction” fields, you can indicate how your iPhone should adjust the introduced text. So you will be able, for example, to establish the task of automatically decryption of all abbreviations.

Setting up Automobiles in Android

For Android users, everything is much easier. dictionaries automatically retain those concepts that you often use. And you don’t need to worry about anything at all. If you have mastered the function of auto.cancer, then by means of the SWYPE keyboard it will be possible to significantly speed up the set of text.

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At the same time, you just slide your fingers on separate letters on the touch screen, and autolos, understanding your movements, prints the words completely. In Android, such a smart keyboard is already built by default. To activate it, go “Settings” menu, then to the “Language and Entering” section.

IOS devices on the basis will have to additionally install such a keyboard. To do this, download the SWYPE application, then activate the keyboard in the “Settings” application in the “Main | Keyboard”.

How to disable T9?

If the function is ineffective, it is wiser to turn it off. You can remove T9 on the iPhone in just a few steps:

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Go to “Settings” and select the “Main” section.

Stick down and find the “keyboard” subsection.

Switch the “Auto Correction” toleous position.

The time has come for a lightweight exhalation. T9 will no longer interfere in the SMS writing process, as well as messages in Viber and What’s App messengers.

In the “Keyboard” section, you can not only turn off the T9, but also fulfill a lot of other settings, which most iPhone owners do not know about. for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and other languages, configure the auto.replacement of abbreviations (ITP by ITP on “etc”).

How to enable T9?

It is logical that “auto.correction” turns on in the same way as it turns off. just a slider must be moved to an active position. The main question is another: is it worth it to include this function and, if so, then why?

In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, because it can learn. If you configure, for example, the reduction of those bulky terms that you are forced to constantly use on duty, this will help to save time on correspondence significantly.

You can teach “auto.correction” to new words as follows:

In the “Keyboard” subsection, find the “Reductions” block and click on the “new abbreviation”.

In the fields “phrase” and “reduction”, write down accordingly the full bulky phrase and its trimmed variation (for example, abbreviation).

Try to write SMS-ku-bring a reduction to the body of the message.

Auto.correction” offers to use the detailed version of the phrase. Click the “gap”, and the reduction will be immediately replaced by the full phrase.

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