How to Set Up Apple Pay On Iphone

Purchasing an Apple Watch allows you to try a new platform, but before that you need to set them up, as well as correctly check the gadget before buying.

13 key points: how to set up your Apple Watch manually

Correct setup of iWatch smart watches includes the following steps:

  • Charging. for full debugging, the device’s battery must be fully charged.
  • Connecting Apple Watch with iPhone. you need to select a language, and then run the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. On the iPhone, you need to find Bluetooth in the Settings, then turn it on. The phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Next, turn on the watch and bring it to the phone. You must wait until the devices find each other. Next, following the prompts, a pair is created.
  • The choice of the working hand on which the watch will be worn. that is, the hand on which iWatch will be fixed.
  • Selecting security and application settings. at this stage, you must choose whether the watch will be available all the time or only simultaneously with the activity of the smartphone. This can be done in the “Settings” menu in the “Security” section. Next, you will be prompted to install applications in one package or install them one at a time.
  • Setting the dial. now you should start working with Force Touch. To do this, you must drive on the dial until you choose the one that you like. You can customize the theme on the iPhone in the “My Watch”. “Dials” section.
  • Exploring the device. the device has a large number of settings that are available both on the watch and on the phone. In SOS and Activity applications, there are tips with which you can configure the necessary conditions.
  • Apple Pay setup. activation is carried out by double-clicking the main button. If the phone-watch pair breaks, the information on the devices is blocked.
  • Regulation of device activity trackers. Apple has developed several health monitoring systems, but in this case, the Activity App is used. In order to get acquainted with all the monitoring capabilities, you must enter the “Health” and “Training” applications.

Photo: Activity App

  • Adjusting notifications according to your needs. you can make it so that all applications that are designed for iPhone will do this through the Apple Watch. Each item from the application has its own settings that can be adjusted. Debugging can be done on the clock.
  • Music configuration. the ability to listen to music is one of those functions that the clock can perform on its own. However, for this you need to synchronize the playlists in iTunes or in the application on the iPhone.
  • Setting up Glances (which is a small information screen). this is necessary so that unnecessary and unnecessary information does not appear on the screen. Settings can be made on the phone in the “My Clock” program in the “Cards” section. Here you can not only set up geolocation, but also set a route, choose places to relax or find cultural centers. The manufacturer recommends using the Siri helper program for configuration. Just give the application a voice command.
  • Organization of work. all elements on the screen of Apple Watch are organized in the form of honeycombs. “Main” and “Clock” are located in the center.
  • Setting up contacts (which should be synchronized with the contacts on the smartphone). there should not be any questions with this item. For those who need to study the smartwatch screen settings in more detail, we recommend that you study the step-by-step guide on setting up the iWatch screen.

Charge your Apple Watch before setting it up

Like any new device, before setting it up, you need to put it on charge and do not touch it for several hours to pump the battery, and it held for longer.

When your gadget is full of battery, you can begin to adjust the display. This requires:

  1. Connect a smart watch with an iPhone.
  2. First of all, the gadget will ask you to select a language.
  3. Then it is recommended to wait a minute for it to reconfigure in all programs.
  4. Then go to the Apple Watch app from your phone. Typically, this program is installed automatically when updating.
  5. To set up the iWatch touchscreen (touch screen), you need to choose one of two options for pairing these two devices:
    • scan a QR code;
    • manually enter the password.

    Some useful Apple Watch settings features

    • Answer the calls. True, this is not entirely convenient. If you wish, you can transfer the conversation to the phone.
    • Reply to messages. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch does not have a keyboard, the gadget has the “Microphone” function, which allows you to convert voices (speech) to text.
    • We take a screenshot by holding the wheel and the side button simultaneously.
    • Use the built-in flashlight. It can be normal, red and blinking.
    • Find your phone. For example, you turned off the sound on it and cannot find it. Open the “Control Center” and click on the phone icon, thereby turning on the sound on the phone.
    • Control the camera through the Camera app. Thus, you can take a picture on the phone after hours.
    • Change the sound volume by scrolling the side wheel.
    • Check the time unnoticed. Suppose you’re in a movie and don’t want the Apple Watch screen to light up brightly. To do this, slowly turn the wheel, and the screen will gradually light up. To turn off the screen, scroll the wheel back.
    • Measure your heart rate with the built-in heart rate monitor.

    General conclusions

    The points that are mandatory for setting up your smart watch Apple Watch, but I think even enough of them to understand the general how the gadget works. In the future, it is planned to consider in more detail each of the items.