How to set up an access point on an Android phone

What is an APN access point in the settings of your Android phone: definition, value, setting

Hello! Today we are going to find out what APN is. APN (Access Point Name) is a mobile network identifier that allows subscribers using GPRS, 3G or LTE to access data services provided by the operator. WAP, Internet, MMS. Without a correctly configured APN the network capabilities of smartphones or tablets are severely limited. And that’s why right after getting a SIM-card it’s important to understand what APN settings are needed, where to look for the right ones and where to add them.

  • Name. Specified either arbitrarily (no additional validity check of the input on the receiving server is performed) or according to the information obtained on the official website of the provider. As an option. Beeline Internet.
  • APN. Exact identifier. Is similar to a URL in most cases, such as internet.Beeline.Ru.
  • Port, server and proxy. No need to fill in the text fields.
  • Username and password. Parameters are given by provider or operator. Mainly contains letters, but in rare cases also numbers.
  • Authentication type. PAP or CHAP. PAP is preferred, this is how modern mobile operators use it, but there are some exceptions. Contact support for more details.
  • Typeapn. APN access point type, regardless of operator, contains combination of default, supl, mms. It is important to keep the writing order (without spaces between words and punctuation marks, as well as case), otherwise the selected settings will not work, as you need.

The listed settings are rarely categorized by mobile operators: along with the wireless protocol WAP automatically comes into force and dedicated packet radio, Internet and multimedia messages MMS.

How to set up the access point on Android smartphone with standard interface

If you have an Android smartphone with a standard interface, without any shells from the manufacturer, then setting up the access point will be even easier. All you need to do in this case is to open Android settings and go to the “” section.

Next, you need to go to the section “Modem mode”.

And activate the function “Wi-Fi Access Point” (put a checkmark in front of this function).

After that, the access point will work. If necessary, you can configure it. To do this, open the section “Setting up the Wi-Fi access point”.

After that, a pop-up menu will appear, in which you will be able to configure the access point on your Android smartphone.

Here you can enter the name of access point (network name), password, and select the method of traffic encryption. After entering the settings of access point, it is necessary to save them by pressing the appropriate button.

Bluetooth sharing in Android

It is also possible to transfer data with a Bluetooth module. This connection has a very low speed and a small signal reception radius. However, this method can also come in handy, so it is also worth paying attention to it:

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Hotspot.
  • Enable the switch next to “Bluetooth modem”.
  • Activate phone visibility for wireless devices.

How to create a access point For Android

This connection has low battery consumption, compared to WLAN-HotSpot.

How to set up Android as a mobile hotspot

Let’s dwell on the settings. To begin, how to turn on the access point in pictures.

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Quickly turn on the mobile hotspot can be by means of the quick menu. With two fingers drag down from the top edge of the screen.

Did you know this secret?? If you pull the top Android menu with two fingers, it opens completely. Usually you do this with one finger and it opens a menu with the most popular items.

Go to settings. Click on the vertical three dots (on Android this means the drop-down additional menu at the open screen/application).

Directly in the item “Settings” you set the name of your q Wi-Fi point (as in a router) and the password. The name will find you other devices, and a password. So that no one “left” does not start using your Internet.

In the timeout settings, set the time after which your mobile hotspot will disconnect if no one is connected to it. This is to avoid wasting your battery when no one else is using your internet and you forgot to turn off the Wi-Fi.

In “Allowed devices” you can manually set those who can connect to you without a password. Here you need to know their MAC-address (about this below).

About how to find out the MAC-address of the device:

access, point, android, phone

    On your Android gadget, it is listed under Wi-Fi.

That’s all. Now you can easily distribute the Internet from your smartphone or tablet under Android, turning it into a mobile hotspot. At the same time you know how to make settings so that no one else will use your traffic.

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Samsyng Galaxy J2 Core phone. Can’t set up a mobile hotspot. Writes Android AP_5003 network name, security is open, if the security is WPA 2 PSK, then requires a password, and there is no place to enter the password.

Specify the model of the device and what its symptoms of failure. Try to describe in detail what, where. Under what conditions does not work or stopped working.Then we can help you.

Situations when the smartphone is convenient as a Wi-Fi access point

To date, the majority of modern mobile devices at the production level are equipped with support for such a function as high-speed mobile Internet via 3G. Given the fact that services are constantly getting cheaper, and almost everyone has a smartphone, using a cell phone as a modem is a rational and practical solution.

If you use a cell phone as an access point, then there is no need to use a 3G modem, which is usually flashed for a specific mobile operator, that is, if you do not unlock the modem, then use a different SIM card in it will not work.

This method allows you to save money if the connection to other networks is paid: at the airport, train station, hotel, hotel.

Using the phone as an access point is relevant when there are any restrictions on connecting to other networks: insufficient protection, slow speed.

How to set up the APN access point on Android

Before instruction beginning it is necessary to notice, that the principle of APN setting depends on the version of Android and firmware of the device. Therefore names of some items and sections can be different. Pay attention to this when following this guide:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “SIM cards and mobile networks” tab.
  • Press the name of the SIM-card you are using.
  • Go to “Access point (APN)” tab.
  • Press the button “New APN”.
  • Pay special attention to “Authentication type” and “APN type”. In the first of them, set the parameter “PAP”, and in the second. “default, supl”.
  • In the “Name” field you can enter any value. For the MTS access point, the standard value is “mts-internet”, for Beeline. “Beeline Internet”, and for Megafon. “Megafon Internet”.
  • In line “APN” we have to indicate unique value. This number is different for each mobile operator and is often available on the official site.
  • Next, think up any password and enter it into the appropriate field. You must also enter code “MCC”. Its standard value is 257.

Now save your settings and restart your smartphone. If you were unable to create an access point manually, you can get help from your cellular service provider:

  • MTS. Send an empty message to the number 1234 or contact a call center representative.
  • Beeline. Call 06503.
  • Megaphone. Send a message with the text “1” to number 5049.
  • Tele2. Call the number 679.

It is possible to choose the other way, having installed Offline SIM Database application from Google Play. The program is completely free and helps to set up the Access Point Name correctly. Launch the utility, then:

  • Click on “Search APN Settings for this SIM.
  • On the next page choose the type of setting you are interested in. In our case it is “MTS Internet”.
  • The program automatically writes the necessary values, which can be copied and pasted into the APN settings. If your smartphone has root access, you do not need to copy anything. Just click on the “Add These Settings” button and all the changes will automatically take effect.

So, APN is a function, which allows to use mobile Internet and send MMS. For its adjustment it is recommended to address to a cellular operator, or to register all parameters manually.

Wireless and mobile communication. What is the difference?

To begin with let’s understand what is a Wi-Fi access point in the phone. Wireless and mobile Internet are different concepts. For connection to wireless network router is used. Network equipment, responsible for connection of some devices to Internet. It distributes IP addresses to laptops, tablets, phones, and distributes the network among them.

How To Setup Apn Access Point Name In Samsung J2

A router is not the same as an access point, although in many ways they are similar. Smartphone access is a stripped-down, simplified version of a router. It doesn’t create a network like a router, but connects devices to an existing one.

The access point in your phone doesn’t give out IP, it doesn’t connect to your ISP, and it doesn’t have a built-in firewall. It connects to the router itself, and then distributes the Internet via Wi-Fi.

But you don’t need to be connected to a router to make your Android phone a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have a connected “Mobile Internet” service, you can also turn on the modem mode on your smartphone and share Wi-Fi with other devices.

How to reset Wi-Fi

At the beginning it should be said that you only change the configuration for the selected connection. So these settings won’t apply to other hotspots. In other words, to reset the Wi-Fi configuration in your smartphone for a particular connection, you will just need to activate the Wi-Fi module and the network you want to remove. In the new window click on “Forget network” or click on “Change configuration”.

In the first case, the configurations for this connection will be deleted and you will have to enter a password. In the second option, you can turn on the DHCP function in the IP settings. This will allow your smartphone to get the right settings automatically.