How To Set Up Alice On Samsung

How to set up sound on a Samsung phone

Wondering how to increase the volume on your Android Samsung? Although the phones of this brand are distinguished by relatively loud speakers, audio or files do not always sound good enough for full playback on them. There are several ways to increase the level of built-in speakers using deep settings or third-party applications.

How to make it quieter

To make the phone quieter, just press the bottom button on the rocker. You can also lower the level on the special scales in the setup menu as described above. Android also has predefined modes that let you automatically adjust the sound. For example, if you want to not just reduce the noise level, but completely remove it, select the “Do not disturb” mode. And if you want, on the contrary, to hear a call or a message signal on the street, select the appropriate item.

How to increase

  1. Sound effects are also customizable via settings. You need to open the phone menu and select “Settings”.
    How To Set Up Alice On Samsung
  2. Then select the “Sound and vibration” tab.
  3. Among the parameters, select the desired one and configure each of them manually.
  4. Save the edited parameters.

Setting up the sound on your Samsung phone

Use the standard volume rocker to debug audio on your device. This is the name of the buttons located on the side of the case, above the power button. By pressing the button down, you can make it quieter, up. Accordingly, louder.

On the latest versions of Android, when you press the sound buttons, not one scale appears, but several. Using the touchscreen, you can separately adjust the speaker volume during conversations, media playback, system and program notifications. Just slide your finger on the desired scale.

How to make the speaker louder

Not all android users know that the speaker volume limits installed in the system are conditional. In fact, its capabilities are much greater, however, in order to avoid unnecessary load and breakdown, the developers lay not the maximum value, but 20-30% less.

You can set the maximum level through the developer menu. To get into it, on most devices, it is enough to type the command ## 3646633 ##, in the list that appears, select the Hardware Testing item, then Audio.

A screen will open with 2 items. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Entering the first one, you will debug the sound through the main speaker, the second section allows you to edit the volume in the headphones.

When you open the section, you will see the Type parameter. Click on it and select Media. In the Level line, set Level 0. In the upper and lower values, set new numbers, the maximum value is 255.

Save your settings and restart your phone. Speaker settings can be changed, not only during music playback, but also during calls, program and system signals.

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Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio shows the horizontal to vertical aspect ratio of the photo. For example, a 16: 9 ratio corresponds to a 1080p wide screen. If you are interested in the 4: 3 ratio (old TV formats) or 1: 1 (square size), then you can also select the specified option in the settings.

Picture size

To set up the camera correctly on your Samsung, you must specify the size of the future photo. Increasing the size will improve its quality, but make the photo file larger. Lowering. Will reduce the potential file size, but also worsen the level of the photo.

How to set up a camera on a Samsung

The cameras of modern phones have made the possession of a soap-dish camera pointless. High resolution quality, automatic stabilization and HDR, flash and slow start, panorama and fast shooting mode. This and much more makes our phone an excellent tool for taking high-quality pictures. The phones of the South Korean company “Samsung” are famous for their pictures, but opening the “Camera” application on their phone, the user may be confused by the variety of available settings. What to do? Below we will analyze how to set up the correct camera on your Samsung.

  • Camera functions on Samsung smartphones
  • Flash. 3 options available
  • Timer
  • Customize your Samsung camera with HDR
  • Effects
  • Picture size
  • Size (size)
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Tracking AF
  • Stabilization
  • Grid lines
  • Voice control
  • Mode Button
  • The way to set up photo shooting on the Samsung Galaxy A-7
  • Camera app on Samsung A50

Mode Button

In the camera settings of your Samsung you can find the “Mode” button, which will give you access to the functionality of the “Pro” button.

The latter will give you access to professional camera settings.

In particular, here you can configure:

  • Brightness;
  • ISO (camera sensitivity to light);
  • White balance;
  • Focal length;
  • Filters and other options to suit digital camera professionals.

Having got acquainted with the basic camera settings, we will figure out how to set up a camera on Samsung using examples of a number of models.

Flash. 3 options available

Flash settings are usually available in three main options. On, off and auto. In the latter case, the system itself will decide when it is necessary to use the flash, which allows you to get higher quality pictures.


How to activate Alice from Yandex on a computer?

If you already have a browser from Yandex, but on the Taskbar you do not see a purple circle with a microphone on the Taskbar next to the Start icon, then Alice is turned off in your settings. To activate it, do the following:

    In the browser from Yandex, we open the official resource of Alice. Just click on the big first key to turn on the assistant.

Click on “Enable Alice”

Wait for the assistant to activate

A purple icon should appear on the right panel

Click the round triangle icon

Select “Settings” from the browser menu

Find the “Search” section in the settings

Activate items concerning Alice

Click on the icon in the new tab to open Alice’s panel

If you don’t have Yandex.Browser, you will first need to download the installer from this official page and install the utility by following the simplest steps in the wizard.

Install the browser with Alice through the official Yandex resource

How to set up a voice assistant

To open the page with the settings of the assistant Alice, you must first bring up her panel on the screen: click on the purple button to the right of “Start”, the icon “View tasks” or “Search”, and then click on the gear-shaped sign in the lower left corner on the very helper panels.

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Click on the gear in the lower left corner

You can open the menu with parameters using the context window. Right-click on the icon with a white microphone and select the very first item with settings.

Select “Settings” in the context menu of Alice‘s icon

The third way to display the page with settings is to click on the icon with three dots located horizontally in the upper right corner of the assistant panel and click on the last line.

In Alice‘s menu, click on “Settings”

Now let’s consider step by step all the parameters available on this page:

    The setting is done by clicking on the switches (the yellow color of the toggle switch means that the option is enabled, and gray. Deactivated). You may also need to open a dropdown menu to select a value. Using the first item, you can turn off or activate the ability to launch Alice‘s panel using your voice and the phrases “Listen / OK, Alice” / “Yandex”. When this option is activated, your PC microphone will respond to this greeting.

Turn on voice activation if you want to quickly call an assistant

Enable, if necessary, voice activation via the context menu of the icon

Turn on notifications if you want to keep abreast of new programming scenarios

Decide on the microphone in the dropdown menu

If the circle below is flashing, then the microphone is working.

Select the appearance of the icon on the “Taskbar”

If you want the panel to have a whole search bar, set full mode

In compact mode, the panel displays two Alice icons

In hidden mode, you can launch Alice’s panel through the icon in a new browser tab

Quick customization of the appearance is available in the context menu

Select your default browser from the list

You can disable Alice using the button at the end of the settings menu.

Ctrl. You can change it to another.

Windows (button with the Windows logo).

Set your hot combination to call the panel

Set the instant file launch or opening a document in the directory through the “Explorer”

Alice from Yandex: what is the use, what devices does it work on

Alice is a new project from Yandex corporation, which was born in October 2017. It can be compared to smart machines like Siri and Google Assistant. Alice is fluent in Russian and understands it. The assistant sounds in the voice of the famous actress Tatyana Shitova.

Alice was voiced by Russian actress Tatyana Shitova

This assistant saves the user time by executing various commands that the user gives in voice or text format. The assistant can do a lot of things:

  • Search for the information itself on the Internet;
  • Talk with the user on various topics and at the same time joke;

Alice knows how to joke and communicate with the user

The assistant can play the game “Guess the song”

Alice shows the weather

Alice is able to include specific songs without even mentioning their name

You can learn more about Alice‘s capabilities on this official Yandex page or on the assistant panel itself in the Help tab (question icon in the upper left corner of the panel).

A complete list of features can be seen in the “Help” section

Assistant Alice is available both on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems, and on computers with Windows (“seven” and higher). The assistant is built into the browser from the same developer, but at the same time it can function regardless of whether the browser itself is running or not.

Alice works on mobile phones and Windows PCs

The assistant has a special section on the panel, which displays the sites you visit most. Sites are located in special cells (tiles) of the type that are in each new tab of any browser. These are called widgets. To customize them, do the following:

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    Open the assistant window and click on the icon that looks like the Windows logo. It’s in the lower-left corner of the panel above the hamburger icon. You will see your visual bookmarks immediately.

Customize the display of your widgets in Alice

You can choose from Yandex services or from recently visited pages

Setting up Alice on a smartphone with “Android”. A clear step-by-step guide

It is desirable to customize any program after installation on a PC or smartphone. What settings are present in the “Alice” service? How to enter them and change parameters if necessary?

Setting in the Yandex search application

First, let’s set up voice activation in the search program from Yandex:

  1. Tap on the icon with three stripes in the upper left corner of the application (on its main page with the search bar).
  2. In the menu on a dark background, click on “Settings”.

Tap on the item for settings

Go to the menu for voice activation

Enable or disable Alice‘s voice activation phrases

Alice from Yandex: her capabilities on a smartphone

Alisa is a domestic voice assistant from Yandex with quite a lot of functionality and a pleasant voice. Actress Tatyana Shitova. Alice is a self-learning artificial intelligence. Its knowledge base is regularly updated with new requests from users. The assistant is able to give impromptu answers to the same questions, taking into account the context of the conversation.

On smartphones, a bot can do the following:

  • Tell the weather for any day in any city;
  • Turn on music;
  • Determine your location;
  • Create a to-do list (the dictated tasks will go to the Yandex cloud service);
  • Guess the song;
  • Get directions;
  • Talk about traffic jams;
  • Run some third-party utilities, for example, Instagram, VKontakte;
  • Tell an anecdote, verse, fairy tale;
  • Joke;
  • Recommend a movie to watch;
  • Calculate using the built-in calculator;

Alice can count simple arithmetic problems with one action

Is it possible to enable Alice in the background?

Alice does not work in the background on smartphones. The option is only available on a PC. On mobile devices, to start the assistant through voice, you must first open the application of which she is a part, and then say “Listen, Alice”.

How to set up voice assistant Alice on your phone

Alice is a component of Yandex Browser, the Yandex search application and, of course, Yandex.Navigator. Let’s look at how to set up an assistant in these three programs.

In Yandex Browser: voice activation, changing the language, adding Alice’s icon to the Desktop

If you use Alice through the developer’s proprietary browser, you can go to the settings and change the assistant’s parameters as follows:

    Scroll the new tab in the browser with visual bookmarks to the recommendations ribbon. Tap on the icon with three dots on the right. In the white menu, select the section with settings.

Open the browser menu through the icon in the form of three dots

Expand the Voice Options menu

Voice activation can be enabled if you have the first option set

After adding, an icon with a microphone inside will immediately appear on the home screen

Select Voice Search and click on “Voice Search Language”

Select the required language from the menu

To disable voice communication with Alice, set the value “Do not use voice”