How to set up a Xiaomi fitness bracelet

How to set up a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the most popular and demanded families of fitness trackers, launched since 2014. Mi Band 3 went on sale on June 5, 2018, and during this time managed to conquer millions of users around the world. The third version of the device is in many ways superior to its predecessor. in terms of functional characteristics, ergonomics and design.

Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the most popular and demanded families of fitness trackers, launched since 2014. Mi Band 3 went on sale on June 5, 2018, and during this time managed to conquer millions of users around the world. The third version of the device is in many ways superior to its predecessor. in terms of functional characteristics, ergonomics and design.

For what and what functionality?

With Mi Band 3 in real time it is possible to:

  • monitor your health;
  • regulate the quality and quantity of workouts depending on the tasks set;
  • increase your physical activity;
  • adjust the time of sleep and rest in accordance with your own biorhythms;
  • always be in touch thanks to notifications of incoming calls, messages on social networks and instant messengers;
  • and much more.

The standard package of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 includes:

  • electronic capsule;
  • Charger;
  • silicone bracelet in black;
  • documentation.

How to turn on the fitness bracelet?

If the fitness bracelet does not turn on, then you need to use the charger: wait until the capsule is fully charged. This process usually takes 1.5-2 hours. After the battery is charged, you can start pairing the device with your phone. The battery lasts for about 11-16 days in intensive use mode and for 30 days with minimal energy consumption.

The standard setting of a fitness bracelet includes the following manipulations:

  • Fully charge Mi Band if necessary
  • Download and install a special Mi Fit program on a smartphone in the App Store / Play Market.
  • Launch Mi Fit: the start window will appear.

There are several options for entering the application. If you have an active third-party account (Mi, Google, WeChat), you can use it to avoid registering a new account. Just click on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the display and enter the required data (email / phone number and password).

  • To create a new Mi Fit account, you must click “Create account” in the start window.
  • Click on “Select a country / region” and indicate your current location, tap on the orange “Next” button. Enter your email address, password and verification code. Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy, tick these items. Click on the “Register” button.
  • The specified email will receive a letter from the sender, indicating the successful registration of the account.
  • A page with a Profile will be displayed on the smartphone screen, which must be filled in: indicate the name, gender, date of birth, your height and weight. In the “Activity goal” section, select the minimum number of steps that the user is going to go through daily. The default is 8000 steps per day. Then click on “Finish”.
  • A window with information will appear, click on “Got it”. A request for application access to the smartphone data will be displayed: for successful pairing, you must click on the “Allow” option.
  • Now you should connect the device by clicking on the orange button at the bottom of the screen. A menu will be displayed: you need to select Bracelet. A notification will appear on the display that the application will collect and process information from the fitness bracelet about activity, heart rate and sleep mode. Click “Agree”.

  • A notification about the application’s access to geolocation services will be displayed. Click on “Got it”. Next, you will be prompted to access location data. “Allow”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and bring the bracelet to the smartphone.
  • Wait until the pairing process is completed. A notification will appear on the screen: put your finger on the touch button, after which the device will be automatically linked to the phone. A four-digit number may also appear on the screen: in this case, you need to enter the bracelet data into the smartphone and click on “Ok”, then repeat the pairing procedure.
  • The “Update” window will appear on the smartphone display: click on the “Allow” option. The update process will start, which will take a few minutes.
  • After the update is complete, a short user manual will be displayed on the smartphone, which you need to familiarize yourself with (you can turn the pages using a swipe left and right), then click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to exit to the main Menu.
  • Note! The last paragraphs of the instructions may vary depending on the software version.

    Mi Fit. Installation and Setup Guide

    After pairing the device with a smartphone, you can proceed to setting up a user profile:

    • Return to Mi Fit app.
    • Go to the “Profile” section (at the bottom of the screen).
    • Click on the name of the bracelet, which is located at the top of the screen in the “Devices” section.
    • Set up the necessary notifications that will be displayed on the fitness tracker (the gadget will vibrate at the same time), such as incoming calls, alarm clock, warm-up reminders, events, notifications, etc.

    So, when the “Incoming calls” option is enabled, the name of the caller will be displayed on the display. The “Alerts” function allows you to select a specific list of applications from which the user will receive notifications on his bracelet, and when SMS notifications are turned on, the gadget will display the contents of all incoming messages.

      Scrolling down a little, in the “Display settings” section, activate the options that will be available on the fitness bracelet, such as time, steps, distance, heart rate, calories, weather, etc., as well as the sequence of their display.

  • In the “Location of the bracelet” section, be sure to indicate on which wrist you plan to wear it. This is necessary for a more accurate determination of the pulse.
  • Optionally, you can set options to track your heart rate during sleep and view information by lifting your wrist.
  • The “Screen Lock” function is very convenient: thanks to it, the smartphone will be automatically unlocked when the Mi Band 3 is brought to it, and the “Inactivity Alert” allows you to increase the level of physical activity of the user due to vibration during his long stay at rest.
  • The “Goal Notification” option helps to track the implementation of the plan for daily steps by vibration and displaying the corresponding flag icon with an asterisk on Mi Band 3.
  • The “Night mode” option allows you to set the time during which notifications will not be displayed on the bracelet.
  • Note! All functions of the “smart” bracelet work only when Bluetooth is on and connected to a smartphone.

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    In addition to the basic ones, the application contains other useful functions, such as:

    • search. when you click on the option, the bracelet starts to vibrate;
    • visibility / detection mode. allows you to track the device using other devices;
    • heart rate measurement. the option was created to set the heart rate check frequency: the minimum frequency of checks is 1 minute, the maximum is 30 minutes;
    • Desired Weight. Helps to set the desired body weight and follow the goal;
    • friends. allows you to add accounts of friends who have a fitness bracelet and track their achievements;
    • behavior labels. to fine tune the application depending on the types of physical activity.

    The “Status” section contains information about the number of steps taken, sleep (phases, duration, etc.) and the results of the last workout: you can at any time find out the average speed of each workout (frequency, length and number of steps, heart rate, pace of each interval workouts, calories burned, lifting in meters, etc.). Unfortunately, the swimming mode is not implemented in Mi Band 3, but other types of training can be analyzed in detail in order to further improve their effectiveness.

    How to set up without a phone?

    If the user does not have the opportunity to quickly go through the procedure for linking the device to a smartphone, you can still start using the bracelet. It is recommended to synchronize the device with a smartphone at least once every 3 days to update the weather forecast. Also, once a month, you should check for software updates, since the developers fix existing errors in new firmware versions. Updating Mi Band 3 without a phone is impossible, since it lacks an Internet access module.


    In the Mi Fit app, there are three buttons at the bottom to navigate through the sections: “Status”, “Activity” and “Profile”. To configure all the parameters of the bracelet, we need the “Profile” section.

    First of all, we enter our goals for the number of steps taken and the desired weight, if necessary. It also includes the visibility and location of the device. on the right or left wrist. This is necessary for a more accurate bracelet operation.

    To go to the section with other settings, you need to click on the name of your device.

    In this section, the battery level is displayed at the top, and below it there is a menu with settings, the set of which varies depending on the model of the bracelet.

    Обзор Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global Version. Самое важное в MiBand 5.

    First, determine how long the bracelet will vibrate about an incoming call (and whether it will be). Selectable interval from 3 to 30 seconds.

    It is also possible to configure the operation of up to three alarms at the same time, select the time and interval of their activation.

    Bracelets older than the second version support message notifications in various messengers and social networks, as well as SMS and email.

    You can also activate the option when the bracelet reminds you that you are too late and it’s time to move (notification of inactivity), and the screen turns on when you turn your wrist (noticeably drains the battery and wakes you up at night). Do not forget about tracking the heart rate during sleep. it helps to better monitor sleep phases, although it also reduces the autonomy of the bracelet.

    The parameters, which will be shown sequentially on the screen when you press the “capsule” button, and the time display format are configured separately.

    Here you can also more accurately measure the load using behavior labels, if you are driving a vehicle, standing, climbing stairs, etc. But they work starting from the second version of Mi Band.

    The application will display all statistics in the “Status” section, and you can start tracking a specific type of activity with constant heart rate measurement at intervals in the “Activity” menu.

    But you can’t continuously track your heart rate using the Mi Fit app. If this is important, it is better to additionally configure other applications for the Xiaomi fitness bracelet that can do this, for example, Mi HR or Notify Fitness for Mi Band.

    Configuring via third-party applications

    Notify Fitness for Mi Band

    The Notify Fitness for Mi Band application works only on Android OS, many consider it to be more visual and functional than the native Mi Fit, but that was how it was when Mi Fit was not updated for a long time. Now users now and then complain that Notify Fitness stops updating and working correctly, and its capabilities are almost equal to the functions of the native application. True, there are still a lot of additional settings left in order to optimize every little thing for yourself. the duration of the vibration during a call, the duration and type of notifications from instant messengers, notifications about missed calls, even a pause between vibrations, etc. These moments are configured in the “Applications”, “Calls” and “Reminders” tabs. which have subparagraphs.

    However, this app has additional features that Mi Fit lacks. First, here you can assign different actions to a button press, and not only switch screens with parameters to it (the “Button” tab). Including the button on the “capsule” you can turn off the ringtone and switch tracks in the player, but these features, alas, for some reason not all work.

    Secondly, the application offers to set a smart alarm clock that will wake you up at the optimal time for the sleep phase. this is sorely lacking in the Mi Fit application. This option is configured in the “Miscellaneous” tab. Here you can also turn on the alarm for a short 20-minute nap in the afternoon, activate the notification about the discharge of the smartphone’s battery, etc.

    And thirdly, the application, unlike Mi Fit, can monitor the user’s heart rate continuously or at a time interval set by the user, and then build a heart rate graph. But it is better to connect constant monitoring only during training, otherwise you will strongly drain the battery.

    Synchronization with health monitoring apps

    The data from the Mi Band can be synchronized with the Google Fit and Apple Health apps (depending on the operating system). To do this, on iOS in the Mi Fit application in the “Profile” section, go to the “Add accounts” menu, select the Health item and follow the instructions. In particular, you will need to finish syncing through the Health app itself. Syncing data with Google Fit is a little easier. you just need to select the appropriate item in the “Profile”.

    Mi Band Smart Alarm

    There is also an application only for connecting to a smart alarm bracelet. Mi Band Smart Alarm (only for Android). The setup here is extremely simple, you just need to enter the MAC address of your Mi Band. you can find it in the “Bluetooth address” item in the Mi Fit application in the “Profile”.

    Next, set either only smart (XSmart), or regular and smart alarms, and the bracelet will wake you up with vibration at the most appropriate time, of course, in the specified interval. It is also proposed to set a pause between vibrations and the number of vibrations. Keeping the app turned on all night is not necessary for the alarm to sound.

    How to set up a Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet

    Setting up any of the generations of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet is quite a simple matter. You will need the bracelet itself, a smartphone and a proprietary Mi Fit application preinstalled on it, which Xiaomi uses to communicate with all its “smart” fitness gadgets. It is through him that it is best to set up the bracelet for the first time so that it works correctly, and after that you can configure third-party applications.


    First, you need to fully charge the bracelet from the supplied charger. for some reason it does not always work “out of the box” and is detected if it is not 100% charged. Also install the Mi Fit application (iOS and Android) on your smartphone and go through the simple registration process, if it has not been completed yet. You will need to enter your phone number, e-mail and login, as well as weight, height and gender.

    Next, you need to perform the first synchronization with the bracelet (do not forget to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone) by clicking “Add device” in the “Profile” tab of the application. To confirm the connection, when the bracelet vibrates, press directly on the capsule itself.

    That’s all, pairing is complete, you can proceed directly to setting up a fitness bracelet.

    Setting up and managing Mi Band 6

    As I said above, this model has lost the touch-back button. This means that now, to go back, you need to swipe from left to right. Not always convenient, but you get used to it quickly.

    On the bracelet itself, the settings are rather limited. But they are also worth going through if you want your Mi Band to work properly.

    For example, if you want activity to be tracked in the background, you need to configure its tracking in the settings on the fitness bracelet. Item “Determine activity”.

    A little about Mi Band 6

    This year, Xiaomi really pleased the fans of the iconic fitness bracelet: the company removed the button, maximized the screen and updated the hardware inside the Mi Band. The device turned out to be really very cool (I’ll tell you more about this in the review), so if you are just thinking about buying, I say from myself, it’s worth taking.

    And if you have already bought Mi Band 6. we will tell you how to connect it to your smartphone and how to set up all the indicators.

    How to connect Mi Band 6 to Android

    The connection of the fitness bracelet to Android is the same as for the iPhone. You just need to download the Mi Fit app and go through all the steps: from registration to pairing the device, described above.

    Setting up Mi Band 6

    Further configuration of the Mi Band 6 is more convenient to carry out from your smartphone through the Mi Fit application.

    Attention: Several Mi Bands can be connected to one iPhone at the same time, but only one will collect data and receive notifications. Consider this.

    All fitness bracelets are displayed on your profile. By clicking on the desired one, you can go to the bracelet menu.

    To set up Mi Band 6, you need to open the Bracelet Settings tab:

    • In the “Language” tab, you can change the bracelet language to another. When you change the language on the bracelet, the language in the application itself does not change. Therefore, if you want to improve your English, you can set up the fitness bracelet in English, and use the Russian iPhone layout yourself.
    • In the “Display settings” you can add additional features: “Timer”, “Find device”, “Stopwatch” or “Take a picture”. Also, there you can delete those items that you do not use. For example, I don’t need World Clock and Alipay, so I removed them from the list.
    • “Customizing shortcuts” is the setting of windows on the Mi Band, which are displayed by swipes. You can also add multiple screens or remove unnecessary ones.
    • “Training parameters”. choose the ones that you will use and remove unnecessary.
    • Wake Up On Raise. Set the display to turn on when you raise your hand, just like on Apple Watch.
    • “Lock”. you can set a password for the fitness bracelet.
    • “Night mode”. automatic dimming at night.
    • “Location of the bracelet”. setting the hand on which you wear the bracelet.

    In the “Notifications” item, you configure the display of notifications, “Vibration”. adding vibration to calls, alarms, SMS and so on.

    Health Monitoring is a required tab to configure. Here you can customize heart rate measurement intervals, add heart rate notifications, monitor stress and breathing quality during sleep, and much more. I advise you not to skip this tab and really calibrate it for yourself, nevertheless, if you use a fitness bracelet, then use it for maximum benefit to your health.

    How to connect and configure Mi Band 6

    Xiaomi has released a new product. Mi Band 6. We were one of the first to get hold of a new fitness bracelet. We will tell you how to connect and configure it.

    Watch faces on Mi Band 6

    Xiaomi said that there are a lot of interesting watch faces on the Mi Band 6. I can argue with this, because in fact all the dials are not very good at all, and for your own customization you are given only 5 options. And then, the maximum that you can do in them is just change the background image and the color of the text.

    All other watch faces can be found in the “Store” section. But, I warn you, there are many anime, animated, some kind of childish options. But for a minimalist lover like me, it’s probably ideal to stay on the original dial. In the “Administrator” section, you can manage the displayed watch faces.

    How to connect Mi Band 6 to iPhone

    I do not have a Global version. Direct from China, no NFC. So to speak, the first batch of brand new fitness bracelets. Nevertheless, there is already a built-in Russian language and after connecting the Mi Band 6 to the iPhone, it is quite possible to use it and not worry about buying the global version.

    To connect, you need either Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0. Fitness bracelet works via Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

    • Download the Mi Fit app (you can scan from the QR code in the instructions).
    • We go through registration. I didn’t have a new account, so I created it through my Apple ID. I also advise you. just a minute, quickly fill in the required fields and you can proceed to the connection.
    • We choose in the new menu “Bracelet”.
    • Then click on the link icon on the bracelet.
    • We are waiting for the devices to connect.
    • We confirm the connection.
    • Choosing what data we will track.
    • We confirm all permissions.
    • We are waiting for the bracelet to receive all the updates.
    • Immediately after syncing, your fitness tracker will be configured for the language your iPhone uses. Sorry, Ukrainian is not available.

    Actually, this is all about setting up Mi Band 6. Then only your preferences and wishes for the bracelet rule. I would also recommend setting realistic walking goals and doing them daily. You should not set high rates if you just bought your first bracelet and constantly sit in the office. Better to put less, but overfulfill your plan.

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    Also, keep an eye on the brightness and do not spare batteries for all useful functions.

    Hope it was helpful. Leave your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!