How To Set Up A Smart Tv On Your Philips Tv

How To Set Up A Smart Tv On Your Philips Tv

Philips is a famous brand. The Dutch company of the same name has existed since 1891 and delivers original technical products to the markets of different countries.

All of them are distinguished by the quality and thoughtfulness of details. SMART TVs do not fall out of this list.

Each model uses its own development and innovative solutions. This applies to image quality, sound, ergonomics, safety and user convenience. The issue of caring for the environment is not bypassing: competent energy consumption, safe disposal, etc.

Most modern Philips smart TVs are powered by the popular Android TV operating system. In early versions (until 2014) and some low-cost current models, the Smart TV platform is used, it includes the MyRemote, SimplyShare, Net TV applications.

Settings depend on the device platform, model. Below we consider the procedure in the light of connection methods.

Ways to install smart TV Philips

Consider the wired and wireless Smart TV setup option on Philips TVs.

The first way: wireless

You can set up smart TV access on your home screen via Wi-Fi. In order for numerous applications to become an integral part of Philips, you must use the help of technical conductors such as:

  • Wi-Fi router
  • wireless adapter (PTA01).

Philips Smart TV Connection Sequence:

  1. Turn on the router.
  2. Find a special USB connector on the side of the television.
  3. Insert the adapter into the USB connector.
  4. To set up a wireless offer, you need to press the WHS button on the router.
  5. Wait about two minutes.
  6. Find the line “Easy Access” in the menu, confirm the selected function with the OK button (if necessary, enter and confirm the pin code upon request. Click Pin code in the menu. OK. insert the proposed pin).
  7. When you request a security key, the sequence is as follows: Set. Custom. OK. dial the key on the TV remote.

This action program will allow the tuned TV to join the home network. If more than one router is found, the network is selected using the Scan buttons. and easy access.

Method 2: wired connection

With this method, to access the smart, you need an Ethnernet FTP cable and a router.

  1. Connect the router to the television and turn on the wire.
  2. Press the button on the remote with the image of the house.
  3. Select Settings. Network Connection.
  4. Follow the menu items and instructions on the screen.
  5. Confirm the request for agreement with the terms for the user.

How to set up IPTV on Philips TV

Setting up IPTV on your Philips TV is done through the ForkSmart Smart TV widget. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to the Philips setup settings.
  2. Click view parameters.
  3. Record the numbers and letters that appear on the screen.
  4. Return to the menu.
  5. Select network settings.
  6. Set the ip address.
  7. Return to the menu and start the setup of the static ip address.
  8. All necessary set parameters must be taken from the records of paragraph 3.
  9. Turn off the TV and turn it on again.
  10. Click on the TV remote control on Smart TV.
  11. Launch the “Megogo” widget, as a result of which foorksmart should start working.