How to Set Up a New Xiaomi Mi 9t

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 sports bracelet is almost identical in appearance to the previous generation product. The abbreviation Smart is added to the name, which means the word smart. The same capsule is oval on a polyurethane strap. However, if you take a closer look, the changes are still visible. The size of the new bracelet model has become somewhat larger, but this can be seen only when directly comparing the two samples.

How to Set Up a New Xiaomi Mi 9t

The front side of the new product is flatter, and on it There is no recess in place of the touch and only buttons. And this is not bad at all, because there is nothing practical in it. A circle or a horseshoe is applied to the recess site, depending on the modification of the fitness bracelet. 2.5D rounded glass display, which has an oleophobic special coating. A finger glides over it easily, but fingerprints from it appear at the same second, even after just washed hands.

Instructions how to charge the Mi band 4 bracelet

Before you begin to configure the gadget, you must charge it using the supplied charging unit. To do this, pull the capsule out of the strap and place it in the charging socket so that the contacts of the bottom side of the product coincide with the contacts of the socket itself, drown the bracelet. At the same time, they will remain slightly protruding from the nest. Connect the charger to the USB port of a PC, battery or other charging device. From the native charge, the watch charges about a couple of hours.

Instructions for connecting the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to a smartphone

To control this gadget, as in its typical versions of the previous generation, Mi Fit software is used. If the phone operates on the basis of the Android OS, you need to go to the Google Play service and type Mi Fit in the search bar, and then the Install and Open buttons in sequence. With iOS, the program will have to be downloaded through the App Store service. As soon as the application is installed, it is launched and an account is created where the data of the mail or phone number is indicated. With an existing account, you can simply log in there.

At the first setup, enter the requested information into the system and give the necessary permissions. In the event that Mi Fit is already available, make sure that this software is the latest version, if not, then the application will have to be updated manually.

To connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, you need to go to the Mi Fit profile and select “Add device”, click the “Band” and “Agree” buttons in sequence. Now click Mi Smart Band 4. this is your bracelet and confirm pairing by clicking on the icon on the display. If necessary, turn off the bluetooth. Depending on the modification of the gadget and the installed version of the application, these actions may differ.

The inclusion of the Russian language on the bracelet

On June 25, the next software update was released with the addition of the Russian language in the system. To update the bracelet, you need to update MiFit on your device, and then the bracelet itself. details in the below.

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