How To Set Up A Microphone On A Computer And Laptop In Windows 10

How To Set Up A Microphone On A Computer And Laptop In Windows 10

In the framework of the proposed article, we will figure out how to configure a microphone on Windows 10. It is not difficult to configure a sound recorder. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the manual and follow the instructions contained in it.

Activate Integrated Recorder

All laptops come with a microphone built into the laptop in the touchpad area, and by default it is inactive. To turn on the device, perform the following steps.

1. Open the search in the Start menu using the keyboard shortcut Win S.

3. We pass to the section “Equipment and Sound”.

4. Click on the link “Manage sound devices.”

If the Control Panel elements were displayed in the form of icons, not categories, we call the Sound applet and go to the Record tab. The result will be similar.

6. From the drop-down list located at the bottom of the “Device Application” form, select “Use this. (on)” to activate the microphone.

Already further, the microphone is configured in Windows 10.

8. Switch to the “Levels” tab.

9. The “Microphone gain” slider is moved to the first position after zero. 10 dB, and the volume is increased to 100%.

10. Activate the settings with the “OK” button.

No microphone detected

When performing step 5 of the previous subsection, it may turn out that there is nothing to enable and configure. In this case, you need to check if the driver is installed. Only if you have software to control the operation of the sound card will it be possible to configure the headphones and the sound recording device built into them.

It may also be that the device is disconnected in the task manager or, in the case of a computer, it was disconnected from the corresponding connector or connected incorrectly (to the adjacent connector).

1. Open the Device Manager via Win → X or the Control Panel.

2. Expand the list with sound, gaming and devices.

3. We find in it our sound card.

If there is. everything is fine, if it does not appear, or is indicated by a yellow icon. a problem with the driver. A separate article is devoted to the topic of how to install it.

4. Expand the subsection with a list of audio inputs and outputs.

5. We find a microphone in it.

If it is indicated by a down arrow icon, it means it is disabled at the software level.

Through the context menu of the icon, activate the equipment.

We figured out the problems, now we’ll look at how to set up a microphone on a computer in Windows 10.

1. Through the context menu of the “Speakers” icon, open a window with a list of recording equipment.

2. We select the necessary device if there are two of them (for example, integrated into a laptop and a better microphone in the headphones) and click “Default”.

3. After the icon of the device appears a green icon.

Everything works but nothing is heard

How to configure a Windows 10 microphone and switch to another device figured out. The turn came to solve the problem with the lack of sound or its low volume. The situation is that after switching to an external recording device, its volume level could be very low or even zero.

1. As before, open the list of recording devices.

2. Open the “Properties” currently used to capture the sound of the device.

3. Set the desired volume level if it is too low, increase the gain if there is not enough power, and check that the speaker icon near the volume is without a red icon.

4. Click on the “Apply” button.

5. To check the volume level, go to “Listen.”

6. We activate the option “Listening from a specific device”.

7. We speak and evaluate the sound quality in real time.

Noise reduction

Crackling and noise during sound recording or conversation that were not previously available may occur for several reasons.

1. In the first case, open the “Properties” of the microphone and remove the gain.

2. In the “Advanced” tab, we experiment with the format of two-channel 12-bit sound.

3. In the sound manager (launched from the Control Panel or the context menu of the “Speakers” icon), we activate the noise reduction and echo cancellation options.