How to Set Up a Lenovo G570 Laptop How to Disassemble

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There are several reasons why it may be necessary to disassemble a Lenovo laptop. Here are the main ones:

  • upgrade;
  • fan cleaning;
  • replacement of failed parts;
  • keyboard replacement;
  • screen replacement.

For whatever purpose this process is not carried out, it requires strict observance of the instructions.

Instructions for disassembling a Lenovo laptop

First of all, you need to arm yourself with a screwdriver. A plastic card will also be used. If you need to clean the cooler, you should use a special brush. It is recommended that you change the thermal grease at the same time so that you do not have to re-invade the Lenovo laptop in the future. How to disassemble? Instructions below.

  1. The battery is removed. To do this, pull the latches to the side. Then you can remove the battery.

How to Set Up a Lenovo G570 Laptop How to Disassemble

  1. Unscrew the bolts and remove the cover.
  1. Next, you need to remove the hard drive. To do this, you need to unscrew another two bolts. Then the hard drive can be pulled out.
  1. After removing the hard drive comes the turn of the cooler. To get it out of the cooling system, you have to unscrew three bolts, then disconnect the cable and pull it out.
  1. In order to remove the drive, it is enough to unscrew the bolt, and then pull on the necessary part.
  1. Next, the WI-FI module is removed, two wires are unscrewed. After that, you can pull out the board by unscrewing another bolt.
  1. Subsequent disassembly consists of removing three loops.
  1. Then you should unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the entire cover.
  1. At the place where the drive was, two bolts are unscrewed.
  1. When these manipulations are made, it is necessary to turn the laptop over and remove the keyboard. To do this, you need to take a plastic card, which was prepared in advance, insert it into the top of the keyboard, prying under it. Then the input device is lifted using this card. It is held along the top of the keyboard, thereby lifting it.
  1. Since the keyboard is held securely with a loop, you must remove it. Only then can it be disconnected.
  1. It is worth paying attention to the place where the keyboard was located. There is a bolt, which also needs to be unscrewed. After that, you can disconnect the cables.
  1. The cover is removable. For convenience, it is recommended to use a plastic card again. It is inserted between the lower and upper cover, held in a circle.
  1. Next came the board’s turn. It must be removed by unscrewing two bolts. Then three loops are removed.
  1. In order to completely remove the cooling system, you will have to unscrew the remaining four bolts.
  1. In the end, it is recommended to replace the thermal paste. To do this, the old is erased, and the new is smeared. Then everything is cleaned of dust.

So, now it has become clear how to disassemble a Lenovo laptop. To assemble the device, it is enough to perform all the above steps in reverse order. It is strongly recommended not to engage in such an operation in the absence of the required experience. Such an initiative can harm a laptop. If you need to replace any part, beginners are advised to contact specialists who will make the necessary repairs in a short time.