How To Set Up A Honor Band 3 Bracelet

How To Set Up A Honor Band 3 Bracelet

Fitness bracelets in 2018 have not lost their prevalence, they are still very popular and relevant for those who adhere to an active lifestyle. Many have long purchased a sports bracelet for themselves, and someone has probably already changed a couple of such devices.

The modern market is replete with a variety of very different models that differ in price, functionality, and also the appearance of the device. Huawei is the market leader in sales of its gadgets, and is also developing new devices day after day. The Honor Band 3 sports bracelet, developed by the company, has a pleasant appearance, affordable for everyone, as well as a wide range of different functions. But still, users may encounter a difficult situation in which they will not know how to configure the bracelet for further operation.

Honor Band 3 bracelet setup

A sports bracelet must be connected to a smartphone and configured through a special application. The Huawei Wear app or the standard Health app for Honor / Huawei smartphones, which is installed by default on phones of this model, is perfect for this. If the smartphone is owned by the owner of another company, then you can independently download Huawei Health from the Internet, using, for example, Google Play.

Currently, the Health app is even better and more effective than Huawei Wear, because it combines the functionality of both programs, but displays more correct lifestyle information compared to the Huawei Wear app. If there is a need to save data in the cloud, then the user needs to register his account.

The most important task of the Huawei Wear application is to directly configure a sports fitness tracker, and the program collects all the data so that it is displayed in the Health program.

The main functionality of the Huawei Wear app is as follows:

  • Huawei TrueSleep. sleep monitoring. Thanks to this function, data is collected by a fitness bracelet to analyze the quality and amount of sleep of the user. Thus, the device displays when the user of the bracelet went into sleep, what time did he wake up, what was the duration of sleep, etc.
  • A notification that the user has been seated for too long. If the owner is sitting for an hour, then the bracelet will vibrate and display on its screen a picture of where the person is charging.
  • Heart rate measurement in automatic mode. This feature helps you constantly monitor your heart rate.
  • Smart alarm clock. In the bracelet from Huawei, among 5 standard alarms, there is one smart. Thanks to a smart alarm clock, you can configure the device so that the awakening occurs up to half an hour earlier than originally planned. Awakening time depends on the phase of sleep.
  • Do not disturb. The time range is set during which the fitness bracelet does not receive messages, notifications are not displayed on the screen, and the display turns off. Simply put, the Do Not Disturb feature provides complete peace of mind to the owner without signaling any events.
  • Manage notifications. With help. This function can be used to turn on or off the display of notifications on the screen of any applications.
  • Bluetooth shutdown notifications.
  • Enabling gesture function. You can configure the device so that the bracelet screen will automatically turn on when you raise your hand in a horizontal position (as if the owner is looking at the watch, raising his hand). In addition, you can turn on and turn to switch. In this case, with sharp rotations of the wrist, the displays of the sports bracelet will automatically switch.

The interface in the program is intuitively simple, logical and understandable.

Pair the bracelet with a smartphone

The Honor Band 3 sports bracelet is able to work both with Android smartphones above version 4.4, and with an iPhone on iOs 8.0 and higher.

In order to synchronize the bracelet and phone, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • Download and install the Huawei Wear app;
  • if the smartphone does not have the Health application as a standard program, then you also need to download and install;
  • open the Huawei Wear app;
  • agree to the terms of use of this program;
  • register your account (enter height, weight);
  • Next, turn on Bluetooth and start searching for devices;
  • choose the fitness tracker Honor Band 3 among the devices found;
  • confirm the pairing process on the fitness bracelet;
  • open the bracelet access to data on the smartphone (to display a notification and work correctly during further operation).

At the final stage, you need to provide access to the Health application. In this case, the Honor Band 3 fitness bracelet will be fully paired with the phone, and the owner will be able to receive all the necessary and information that will be displayed on the bracelet screen, as well as the smartphone.