How To Set Up A Camera On Xiaomi

How To Set Up A Camera On Xiaomi

After watching reviews and buying a new smartphone, we do not always get what we rely on. The from the camera is not so high quality, and the photos, especially at night, are very “noisy”. How to configure the camera on Xiaomi Redmi and improve the result?

To begin with, you should set the quality of the camera itself to the maximum (or to the proper level).

To do this, go to the “System Applications” section in the system settings and click on “Camera”.

The camera settings menu opens, where you can set the parameters of both the photo and.

Setting photo quality on Xiaomi

First of all, click on the “Photo Quality” button and select “High”. This will reduce compression while saving photos, which means it will make images better and more detailed.

No less important is the item “Frame format”. There are two options to choose from:

  • Standard 4: 3;
  • Widescreen 16: 9.

There is no universal advice on what kind of format to choose and each one sets it at his discretion. Standard allows you to use the entire area of ​​the matrix to create a picture. Thus, having a 16 MP camera you will get a photo with an honest resolution of 16 MP, but the widescreen mode simply does not use the top and bottom of the matrix, which leads to a decrease in size, but the photos fit perfectly into the resolution of modern smartphones and laptop displays without the need for additional cropping.

At the very bottom of the settings menu there are 4 more items: exposure mode, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

The metering setting can be averaged, center-weighted, and spot.

With averaged metering, the brightness of all parts of the frame is taken into account equally.

The center-weighted mode involves calculating the brightness based on data at the focus point with smooth attenuation to the edges of the image.

Spot mode. measure the brightness of the frame at the rate of 1-5% of the matrix size.

The most popular are the last two options. center-weighted and spot.

As for contrast, saturation and sharpness. you need to try different options and focus on the one that suits you personally.

You can also switch the shooting from automatic to manual mode. This will allow you to set the white balance, ISO and camera shutter speed yourself.

This method is good when shooting in low light, it can significantly improve the quality of photos, but it also has several disadvantages:

  • By reducing the ISO, you can get less noise in the photo, but at the same time the shutter speed will increase, which will lead to blurry images if you use the camera without any support, for example, a tripod.
  • for each photo in various conditions it is necessary to change the settings, which significantly slows down the shooting process. At the same time, so that there are no blurry objects in the photo, during the shooting they should be static, unless, of course, this is the photographer’s artistic intention.

Background blur

The bokeh effect, or more simply, blurring the background is an opportunity to focus on a specific subject by isolating it from the mass of other elements of the photo.

In the event that your smartphone has a dual camera module (such as Xiaomi Mi6, Xiaomi Mi 5x, Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphones). you can use a special portrait mode which can be found in the article:

For all other mobile devices, you can use a proprietary application from Google and get at least a quality blur effect even when using a single camera. Read more about this in the material:

Setting quality on Xiaomi

Setting the quality is the resolution in which the will be recorded. To configure it, go to the item “Quality” and select the most optimal one. Most Xiaomi cameras have Full HD as such, since 4k is capable of recording at a low frame rate, and regular HD already looks pretty poor. For all this, do not forget that the higher the quality of the shooting, the more the file occupies on the smartphone.

Also, to improve the quality of the, go to the item “Focus mode” and select “Touch”. As practice has shown, the continuous focus mode (CAF) on Xiaomi smartphones for the most part misses when jumping from one object to another, which significantly worsens the result.


To make the shooting better and watchings does not cause disgust, you should use a few simple rules:

  • the should be horizontal so that it can be comfortably viewed on a large screen computer, laptop or TV;
  • when shooting a, do not sharply turn the camera from one object to another, the recording should be smooth;
  • the smartphone must be held with both hands, this will allow you to quench the jitter of the picture.