How to Set Time on TV

How to set up YouTube on a TV. This question has recently been increasingly asked by the owners of modern technology, who decided to connect it independently. Depending on the “stuffing” of the equipment and the availability of additional devices, you can do this in several ways, among which you can easily find the one that suits you.

How to Set Time on TV

Watching YouTube on your Smart TV via apps

Modern TVs with the built-in Smart TV function make watchings on YouTube quite simple. Such multifunctional technology includes LG, which has built-in WebOS, Sony and Philips. Android, and Samsung. Smart Hub. You can find out if there is a Smart TV in your TV by referring to the instructions, or by carefully studying the buttons on the remote control, among which there should be a responsible for calling the Smart TV menu.

To realize the possibility of watching Youtube, you need to connect the TV to the Internet using a cable or, if the signal is strong and does not disappear, through wi-fi. After that, follow a simple algorithm:

If Youtube for some reason doesn’t get on the TV, try another utility. For example, for Samsung in the market for the OS there is TV Cast, and for equipment running on android. Fork Player. Another option is to download the YouTube widget (apk file) to a flash drive, and then run and install it on your receiver.

In a number of modern models, the developers have already installed the YouTube application, you just have to open it and use the opportunities for comfortable viewings on popular international hosting through your account.

View YouTube via phone

If the above methods do not help, you can watch YouTube via TV using your smartphone. The algorithm of actions will be different for different platforms.

On Android

If the TV’s functionality allows, you can broadcasts from hosting from your phone or tablet. It is possible to manually and automatically integrate devices:

  1. Manual We launch the on the smartphone, and on the TV we open the settings and select the item relating to connecting the TV to the phone. We select the manual mode, we are waiting for the digital code to be displayed. In the YouTube application, select “watch on TV”, enter the code and wait until the connection is activated.
  2. Automatic. We connect the TV and phone to Wi-Fi. Next, launch the YouTube clip on your smartphone and click on the “Share” arrow and select “Wi-fi Direct” in the list and wait for the devices to find each other. After that, it remains on the TV to choose a Wi-Fi signal source and enjoy watching.
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To broadcasts from an Android phone or tablet, you can connect gadgets to the TV panel automatically or manually.

On iPhone

Happy owners of Apple technology need to do the same operations as owners of Android phones to find a solution on how to set up Youtube on a TV. Using the manual or automatic method of transferring clips from your smartphone to iOS, you can enjoy watching interesting content on popular hosting.

On other devices

If your smartphone or tablet works on a different platform, to connect to a TV and then watchs from YouTube to TV, you will need to study the instructions for the technique.

You can also implement the ability to watch YouTubes on a TV through a PC, the main condition is to use Google Chrome as a browser. Make sure that all equipment is connected to Wi-Fi, start the player on hosting and in the player’s settings, click “Broadcast to TV panel”.

How to watch YouTube on TV without Smart TV

If your TV does not have Smart TV, you can watchs from YouTube on it only after connecting special auxiliary devices:

  • HDMI cable connecting PC or laptop to TV;
  • Game console;
  • Smart consoles on Android;
  • Smart consoles Apple TV;
  • Media player created by Google ChromeCast.

Using these additional devices, you can watch interesting YouTubes and collections on the big screen. Here, perhaps, is all the information on how to make YouTube on a TV, we hope that the instructions given helped you to get the devices working.

Almost every modern TV has a Smart TV function. Smart TV is a technology that allows you to access the Internet from your TV to watchs, web pages, download applications. The Smart TV function multiplies the capabilities of your TV by making it a low-power computer. But in order to use this function, the TV must be set up, in particular to connect the TV to the Internet. In this article I will describe in detail How to set up Smart TV on a Philips TV.

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We go to the main menu of the TV, for this, press the button with the image of the House, in the future I will call this button “Home“.

Choose item “Configuration”.

Next tear “Network connection”.

Choose a connection type “Wireless” or “Wired”. The wireless method involves connecting to a router using a Wi-Fi network, wired using a network cable connected to the router.

If you connect via Wi-Fi, you need to select your network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and enter a password to connect to it. If “Wired” then you need to connect the TV to the router using a network cable. As a result, you should get a window about successful connection to the network.

After that, you need to update the TV firmware to fix errors in the previous version of the software. To do this, click “Home” on the TV remote and select “Configuration”.

In the menu, click “Software update”.

Indicate where the firmware will be downloaded from, in this example “the Internet”.

Next, the TV will check if there are new versions of software for the TV, if there is a suggestion to update them. You must agree to update the firmware. If there are no new software versions, a window will open informing you that you have already installed the latest software version.

Now you can safely run Smart TV on your Philips TV, for this, press the button “Home” on the remote control and select “Net TV Review”.

When you first launch Smart TV on a Philips TV, you must agree to the conditions for providing Smart TV and select some settings, this will be only once, in the future such offers will not arise. The first thing that opens is the Terms of Service for Smart TV, with which you must agree.

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After that, a window will open in which you need to agree to the use of cookies.

The next step will be offered to register with Philips, this procedure is voluntary, so you decide whether you will register or not, in this example I ignore registration.

Then a window opens offering to remember what you are looking to provide you with recommendations for viewing what you are interested in. I prefer not to use this functionality, so I will choose “Do not connect”.

At the next step, you will be asked to block applications with a rating of 18, then the choice is yours, if you enable this function, then applications 18 will be banned from viewing (in the future, this functionality can be turned on or off).

This completes the list of questions, later on when starting Smart TV they will no longer be. As a result, a window will open in which you will see a list of applications installed by default, among them there is a browser with which you can visit any web pages and ready-made applications, to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc.

If you are having trouble setting up Smart TV on your Philips TV, the first thing to check. TV network configuration, for this go to the menu (button “Home” on the remote control) go to “Configuration”. “Network settings”.

By choosing “View network settings” You will see the network settings of your TV.

The main thing to pay attention to. Field “IP address”, the address 192.168.X.Y should be written in it (for example, or, this means that your TV has received the network settings of the rotary and they “see” each other. If at the same time Smart TV does not work for you, you need to check the settings of your router.

Here are the most popular reasons why Smart TV on TV may not work:

If for some reason you are unable to configure Smart TV, I recommend reading the article. The solution to the most popular problems associated with setting up Smart TV.