How To Set Time On Huawei Phone

Using third-party applications

By default, all Honor devices use a standard clock widget. This is enough to know what the current time is, as well as to make a SIMple clock setting. However, third-party developers have created a number of applications that significantly extend the functionality of such widgets.

How to set the home screen time in Honor

Typically, you do not need to set the desktop time as it is displayed on the device screen by default. However, if you uninstall a widget (often accidentally), you may need to install it manually. It is necessary to act as follows:

  • Press your finger on any empty area of ​​the unlocked device desktop and hold it for a few seconds until a hidden menu appears.
  • At the bottom of the menu, select “Widgets”.
  • Scroll through the opened list to the “Clock” item, then click on it.
  • Choose a suitable watch option.

After that, in the selected tab of the desktop, the version of the clock that the user has selected will be displayed. They can be changed at any time in the same way (as well as deleted).

Placing the clock on the lock screen

Having a clock on the lock screen is a very useful option. When using it, the owner of the phone does not have to unlock the device to find out the current time. It will be enough to press the power button once or tap the monitor several times. This can significantly save time, especially when unlocking the device is difficult.

To display the clock on the lock screen, do the following:

  • Open device settings.
  • Select “Screen”.
  • In the menu, use the functions of turning on the screensaver, and then open its settings.
  • Activate the toggle switch located near the “Clock” item.

After these steps, the time will be displayed on the lock screen. It should be noted that in most cases the feature is enabled by default, although it may be disabled after a crash or update.

Adding clocks for other cities

Also, Honor phones provide the ability to display the time in several cities at once (it is assumed that they are in different time zones). The function will be useful for those who need to keep in touch with citizens in other countries (both for work and for personal reasons). Its activation frees you from unnecessary searches and calculations.

The option can be activated as follows:

  • Go to settings menu.
  • Select “System”.
  • Open the “Date and Time” menu.
  • Activate the item “Dual clock” or “World clock”.
  • Select your home city and other localities.

Thus, you can configure the display of data by time for several cities at once. Please note that the total number of settlements for which this option can be applied is limited.

Changing Date and Time (Auto Adjust)

The method described above is convenient if the client knows what time he needs to specify. However, modern devices provide the ability to automatically configure this parameter. To activate it, you need:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “System” section.
  • Go to “Date and Time”.
  • Move the “Auto tuning” toggle switch so that it changes color to blue.

The essence of autotuning is pretty SIMple. The device is synchronized with the data on the server and, depending on the region where the phone is located, automatically sets the time and date that is current at the moment. The data are corrected from time to time (if necessary). Also, modern smartphones are able to take into account the transition to winter and summer time.

Best clock widgets

A standard clock widget is enough to display the time. However, its functionality is limited. First, flexible customization is not available to users. Secondly, quite often the standard design of such applications looks very depressing and, even worse, there is no way to change it.

In this case, the user will be useful widgets developed by third-party developers. Today you can find dozens, if not hundreds of such programs. They differ in functionality and appearance, however, they make it possible to diversify the software filling of the phone.

The following widgets can be distinguished:

  • Clock (designed by Google employees);
  • Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7;
  • Digital clock widget;
  • Sense Flip Clock Weather.

The differences lie in the customization options. To choose the best deal, it is recommended to try each.

How the time is set on Honor phones

There are several methods at once, using which you can set the clock on a smartphone. Many users prefer to use auto-tuning (more on that below), but sometimes situations arise when you need to set the time manually. For example, if the owner of a smartphone wants the device to lag slightly behind the official time zones.

To configure, do the following:

  • Unblock device.
  • Find on desktop and open “Settings” shortcut.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • Select “Date and time” in the menu that opens (the menu is quite large, you can SIMplify the search by entering “time” in the search bar).
  • Disable the “Auto tuning” option by moving the corresponding toggle switch (otherwise the phone will not allow you to set your own parameters).
  • After disconnecting, the fields “Date” and “Time” will appear.
  • Highlight the “Time” item, set the required parameter, press the “OK” button. If necessary, do the same with the date.
  • Exit the menu.

After that, the time set by the user will be displayed. You can set any parameters (for both items). To re-configure, you must proceed in the same way.

Why time is lost on Honor and Huawei smartphones

Lagging behind the official time is not such a rare problem. However, you should not worry about this. As a rule, the reasons for its appearance are easily fixable and do not harm the phone itself. Some of the most popular factors causing such failures include:

  • Problems with the communication tower near which the user is located, its breakdown.
  • Problems with the telecom operator, including the lack of support for automatic time synchronization.
  • Software glitch in the phone. To solve this problem, it is often enough just to restart the device.
  • Too many programs and files on the phone.
  • Blocked cache.

The solution to the problem directly depends on its cause. In some cases, it is enough to clear the cache or restart the device. It can also help installing widgets and applications from third-party developers that synchronize time according to their aLGorithms.

Change date and time on HONOR (huawei)

In most cases, the time setting on your smartphone is done when you first turn it on. However, sometimes there are situations when you need to make changes to the clock yourself. Although it is quite SIMple to do this, not all users know how to configure this function on a smartphone for maximum user convenience.

How to install and use Vatsap on Huawei and Honor, instructions with pictures.

Do you want to install and use WhatsApp on your phone, smartphone or tablet and don’t know how? In this article, you will find information on how to install WhatsApp on Honor 9 and SIMilar Android devices. Below you will find instructions with attached screenshots on how to install the WhatsApp application on Huawei Honor, hopefully it will work with your device. To install and use the wattsap messenger, you need to have Internet on your device and preferably unlimited. If your phone does not have the Internet, then you can download and use WhatsApp by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This application allows you to write messages for free, make calls or make video calls, send and receive photos, videos and other files.

And so to begin with, we activate the Internet and open the “Play Store” application on an Android smartphone or tablet. In the application window that opens, select “WhatsApp Messenger” (usually the application is displayed automatically on the first screen, but if it is not there, then search.) Look below at the attached picture. Click “Install” after which the download and installation will begin. Next, we will be offered to open the application (or open it by finding it in the applications on the phone).

To use WhatsApp, we need to accept the terms of service for WhatsApp, click the “Accept and Continue” button. Next, they will offer access to contacts to send and receive photos and videos to friends and family, click “Next”. They will ask you to allow the WhatsApp application to access photos, media and files on the device, click “allow”. Allow access to contacts by selecting “Allow”.

Now you need to enter the number to which WhatsApp will be linked. Wattsap can be installed on a phone or tablet even if the number to which WhatsApp is linked is installed on another phone, that is, a number on a SIMple push-button phone, and wasap is installed on a smartphone without a SIM card at all, or on a smartphone you use the number for other needs, for example, just for the Internet. Therefore, we indicate the number from which you want to use the vatsap. Enter your number and click “Next” after which you will be asked to confirm the specified number, click “OK”. After confirmation, your number will receive a confirmation code, which we enter in the appropriate field of the application. Next, fill in the profile, enter the desired name and select “Next”. Everything is ready! Now you can use WhatsApp on your phone, you can make free calls, make video and voice calls, write SMS, send and receive photos, videos and other files. Click “Start chat” and see a list of contacts from the phone book who have whatsapp.

To write a message, call or send a photo or other file, open the desired contact and perform the desired action. You can also find out which numbers from the phone book use WhatsApp by looking at the contacts. If the number associated with WhatsApp is installed on one device, and the application itself on another, then on the phone or tablet in which WhatsApp is installed, you need to save the contacts with which you want to communicate and most likely save the contacts in the device’s memory. Attention! Calls and messages directly to the number itself, and not to the application, may be charged.


The developers have implemented the NTP protocol, which (as noted at the beginning of the article) can accurately determine the time zone. Especially, the program is necessary for those users whose operators do not work with NITZ (it is an auto-synchronization of time). Thus, if you notice that the phone stops showing the correct value, then it is better to install CLOCKSYNC.

The application in question operates in two modes:

  • Auto. Works only with activated superuser rights (ROOT). Ensures correctness down to 1-20 milliseconds.
  • Manual. Can be used without ROOT. The user independently configures all values. The program compares the time with the one set in the phone. If the readings differ, then the utility will show an offset notification.

Automatic time setting problem

Having looked at how to set the time on a Huawei and Honor phone, it’s worth noting a common problem with autodetecting the time zone. Android, which runs all the devices of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, draws information about the current time from mobile towers.

The system cannot always correctly determine this value. The most accurate indicators are demonstrated by NTP technology, designed to synchronize the internal clock of a smartphone. But, this network protocol does not work on Android if ROOT rights are not installed on it.

That is, the indicator under consideration during autotuning is entirely dependent on mobile towers. And, if the operator has any problems, then the time on the phone may get lost. This is the main problem with this setup. Therefore, it is better to set parameters manually without relying on the system.


The instruction is quite SIMple and does not require any special experience. Initially, you must bring up the widget menu. To do this, hold down your finger on an empty area of ​​the desktop and wait for the hidden parameters to appear.

At the bottom, select the widgets section.

Scroll through the line until you find “Clock”. Click on them and select the option you like from the proposed.

The widget will be added to the screen.

Third party application

Why do you need third-party applications if the phone has its own? The point is that a standard watch does not include many functions. By installing a third-party program, you can fix the problem of inaccurate time display or choose a more interesting design. Consider proven and popular apps from Google Play.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei?

Installing a clock on the main display of a smartphone is not difficult. Usually, they are already located on the home screen, and you can only replace their design, move them to the middle of the Honor screen or to another location.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

DATE AND TIME SETTINGS SHORTCUT is also highly rated by users in the official Google market.

The utility is also provided for free, works without ROOT, allows you to install a theme, demonstrates the exact meaning and allows you to manually change the parameters. Its functionality is SIMpler than that of the CLOCKSYNC program, it will not show notifications when the time indicator is shifted and does not support the NTP protocol. To start, just open the application and click on the button in the center. OPEN, after which a window with parameters will immediately start.

Where to find the time and date

The clock is located on the home page or desktop. To edit and set the correct value, you will have to use the settings.

Find the “System” tab.

In this section you will find the required tab, where the configuration is carried out.

But, also to find the desired section, you can use the search bar in the parameters, which is located at the very top. Just enter the category name there, and the system will show the matches.

By standard, auto-tuning is installed there, but this option does not always provide information correctly. In some situations, you need to set the clock manually. To unlock sections for manual adjustment, drag the slider to the “Off” position, as shown in the screenshot.

After that, items will open allowing you to make changes. Click on “Time”.

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

Specify the correct value and save the result by clicking the “Ok” button.

Change the time zone in the same category.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

The easiest option is to set auto time detection. The system, depending on your location, determines the current belt. To do this, go to the specified section again, located in the “System”.

In the window that opens, in the first line you will see the item “Auto-tuning”. Activate the option, after which the system will determine the time by cell towers.

Setting the clock using the Widget

The third way to customize the clock is to use the widget on the home page. To do this, just tap on it, which will launch the next page.

Below you will notice two icons, the first one is for adding extra time and the second one allows you to go into the options. Click on the gear.

In the section that opens, you can make detailed settings. For example, choose a style, set an alarm ringtone, etc. We need a date section.

The already familiar parameters page will open.

Make the settings as described above. That is, you can set automatic detection, but then you will not have guarantees of correct operation, or set everything manually.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

The easiest way to constantly see the correct time and date is to turn on auto-tuning. Huawei phones allow you to do this with a minimum of effort.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “System” section.
  • Open the item “Date and Time”.
  • Next, you should put in the active mode “Auto-tuning”.

When these actions are completed, the phone will begin to independently determine the time zone, change the date and time. This also applies to the transition to summer / winter time in some countries where this issue is relevant.

Change of location

Users can change the size of the clock. For this:

  • Hold the widget on the home screen for a few seconds.
  • Let go. White markers will appear around it.
  • By moving the markers you can change the size.

You can also move the clock or delete it altogether.

  • Press your finger on the clock widget on the home screen.
  • Hold and drag to the place where you want.
  • To move the time location to another screen, drag to the left or right side.
  • To delete, drag the widget to the “Delete” field.

Lock your home screen to avoid accidentally deleting or relocating your watch.

Automatic time setting problem

There are times when the clock or date may not be displayed correctly. No problem! Everything can be fixed manually.

  • Open the same section as to enable auto-tuning.
  • Disable automatic time and date setting.
  • After turning off the auto mode, you will have access to the fields for manual settings.
  • Open the subsection “Date” and set the correct date.
  • Open “Time” and manually set hours and minutes.
  • Click “OK” to save the entered information.
  • By analogy with the above, you need to set the time zone.

If you don’t travel often and your time zone does not change as often, then this option is perfect for you. Otherwise, you will have to edit the information yourself every time you change the time. Therefore, it is better to switch your phone to automatic mode in advance before the flight, and you can sleep peacefully.


  • Press and hold your finger in the middle of the Honor screen (an open area of ​​the desktop).
  • Open “Widgets” in the displayed menu.
  • Select the desired widget and hold your finger on it.
  • The main screens will appear in front of you. Drag the widget wherever you want.

Third party application

You can also install and configure the necessary information using third-party applications.

Why does the time go astray on Honor and Huawei phones

Initially, data on mobile phones was synchronized with data from cellular operators from mobile towers. However, the information obtained through the NTP network protocol is more accurate. But this is not supported by all Huawei smartphones, since root rights are required to use it.

Thus, due to certain errors on the part of the mobile operator, the information on the phone gets lost. And through the Internet, time also cannot be synchronized due to the lack of root rights. Therefore, the most effective way of setting is manual.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei?

Now we will analyze step by step the process of installing and editing information on the Android home screen.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

The second application that allows us to configure the data we need on the device, and which we will consider, will be the Date And Time Settings Shortcut. The application allows you to quickly go to the settings menu of the data under consideration with their further editing, the process of which we described above in the text of the article. Using the program is extremely SIMple:

  • Open the program.
  • Press the central large button labeled OPEN.
  • The section for editing data on your smartphone will open before you.


An app called ClockSync is popular with Google Play users. And all thanks to the wide functionality that allows you to synchronize and adjust the time of the Honor smartphone via the Internet with trusted servers. The program will be useful for those whose operator does not support NITZ (auto-time synchronization), the information is transmitted incorrectly or the clock is lost even despite the auto mode.

Clocksync has two operating modes:

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

  • Auto. This mode requires rooting the smartphone. The data is automatically adjusted with an accuracy of 1-20 milliseconds. It is also additionally possible to maintain and view statistics.
  • Manual. Root rights are not required for this mode. The mode makes it possible to manually set the date and clock. A special assistant is offered to adjust the clock. There is also an additional function. The smartphone will emit a sound signal when the difference between the actual and the set time reaches a certain value.

Add-ons also include the ability to see when the last sync took place, server details, and more.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

The functionality assumes an instant transition to the “Date and Time” section, where the manipulations described above are carried out. You just need to go to the application and click on the central button “Open!”.


This program has won the trust of mobile users, as evidenced by the high rating on Google Play.

The creators of the application have built in NTP technology, which makes it possible to determine the time zone over the network without errors. Especially, it will suit you if the mobile operator works with NITZ (time synchronization in automatic mode), which sends out-of-date information.

The program can be used in two modes.

  • Leave “Automatic”, which implies activation of root rights (time accuracy. 1-20 milliseconds.
  • Manual mode allows you to independently adjust various nuances, in particular, comparing the time with the one set on the device.

This helps to track down serious time offsets. The program shows the exact value of the change, and when the procedure was performed. Reading information occurs even when you go to bed, to be sure of the accuracy of the alarm.

Change of location

The location of the time on the screen changes with one movement of the hand. You just need to hold down the watch and move it to another place.

Similarly, the widget is removed. While holding it, drag it up to the “Delete” button.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei

To install the clock on the main display, no complicated manipulations are required. Usually, they are placed there initially, you can only change their appearance or time location. For example, in the middle of the Honor screen. The time will be set in the center of the display and when the screen is locked.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

To be sure of the accuracy of the time, and not to be late anywhere, set the automatic clock setting. For convenience, they are placed on the home screen using a widget. The location of partitions and options depends on the firmware and OS version. Additional switches may be added in the new update.

  • Find the “gear” icon and click on it. The “Settings” will open.
  • Go to the “System” section, find the line “Date and time”.
  • It is also possible to SIMplify your task by entering the required value in the search bar and clicking on the desired item.
  • Usually, there is “Auto-tuning”, but if you noticed that the function does not cope with the task, configure manually.
  • To do this, you need to disable auto-tuning by dragging the slider to the inactive phase.
  • You will see two new lines that change separately. “Date” and “Time”.
  • To set the date, select the appropriate item and set the desired date, month and year.
  • To set the time, drag the numbers until you set the exact hour and minutes, and confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.
  • In the same way, the time zone changes if necessary.

In the case when you need to synchronize the clock with the network, and this task appears during a flight to a foreign country, activate the “Auto-tuning” function again by dragging the slider in the opposite direction.

How to change time and date on Huawei / Honor: setup step by step

How to change the time for Honor and Huawei is a natural request of users of smartphones with the Android operating system if the settings are lost or the time zone has changed due to a flight to a foreign country. Initial setup usually occurs when the owner first downloads the gadget. This article will walk you through the process of setting up the clock on your phone in case of a failure. As well as possible problems that may arise.

How To Set Time On Huawei Phone

Third Party Applications

There is another option, how to change the time for Honor and Huawei. To do this, we use one of the proven third-party applications. They will help you set the exact time, choose a good design solution.


Call up the menu by holding your finger on an empty space on the screen. Hidden functionality will appear, where select the “Widgets” section.

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

Scroll through the list of possible screen add-ons until you come across “Clock”. Click on the icon and make a choice from the available options, after which it will appear on the working display.

Setting up the clock using a widget

Here’s how to set the time on your Huawei and Honor phone using the widget.

  • Click on it, a window will open.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the icon labeled “Settings”.
  • The page that opens allows you to customize some features, like the style of the clock or the melody for the alarm.
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • This line takes you to a familiar page. Repeat the steps above.

For example, return the automatic time setting, which does not guarantee accuracy due to frequent interruptions on the mobile tower.

Moving a widget

To move it to another location, click on the icon and wait a couple of seconds. As soon as the phone responds with a characteristic vibration, move it to the desired position by means of a swipe without releasing your finger.

To move to another page, bring it to the edge of the screen in the required direction and drag it to the desired location.

Where are the widgets on Huawei and Honor

They differ in that they can be placed virtually anywhere on the work screen. To activate edit mode and make changes, for example, add a new icon or delete an unnecessary one, you need to bring two fingers together on the screen. You can also open the editing mode by holding your finger on any free space. The following icons will then appear in the lower half of the display:

  • Wallpaper.
  • Widgets.
  • Navigation.

How to install the Widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei

Widget is an application presented in an illustrative format. It is an informative element that contains useful data that was obtained during the operation of a particular application. The most relevant Huawei and Honor widgets: weather, date and time, moon phases, small notes, etc.

Removing a widget or app icon

To remove an element, click on it with your finger and hold it for a couple of seconds. At the top, a minus in a circle or a trash can with the text Delete appears. Then, using a swipe, move to the icon, while keeping your finger on.

This procedure does not mean at all that he has been deleted from the memory of the mobile phone forever. In reality, the user only deletes from the main display. If necessary, you can return it back.

Recovering a deleted widget

Re-add the element to the screen using edit mode. In this case, you should start from the above instructions for adding.

How to install the widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei smartphones

How to open widgets on Huawei and Honor:

  • We select the table on which the element will be installed. Usually, they choose the main desktop so that, after unlocking the phone, you can immediately be able to observe the operation of the specific software installed in the device.
  • Using a swipe, we bring two fingers together. This operation activates the editing mode. After that, a menu of several items will appear at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on the widgets icon. Scrolling the tape to the right, we select, for example, music or clock.
  • Now you need to choose with dimensions. If we talk about music, then the best option would be 3×1.
  • Select the appropriate option and move it to the working display. After, it should appear on the desktop and reflect the exact data on the program’s activity.

To move to another page or delete, you need to perform a typical operation: hold down with your finger and drag to the desired position.

What to do if the widget does not load

The options can be as follows:

  • Failure in mobile phone settings.
  • Cache load. The loaded cache significantly contributes to the formation of problems in the functioning of the device. In this case, go to the “Settings” section and clean it.
  • The need to update your Google profile. Typically, users use this method on failures. If the item does not load, we just try to restart the smartphone. To do this, we delay the lock button and wait for the reboot. After that we try to enable.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the error of the program itself. Let’s say you can’t add an e-wallet. The solution is to update the software. Go to the Play Market, find the program you need and click on the update button.