How to Set Time on a Smartphone Screen

How to Set Time on a Smartphone Screen

Russia, occupying one sixth of the Earth’s land, has a “length” of 11 time zones. Therefore, it is not surprising, having slept in a train for one night, to move in time for two hours into the future. And this is nothing. with such a movement in time, the body will not receive much discomfort. Even worse is the pilots of the aircraft. they certainly just live out of time, flying in one day through half the world.

Given that many business partners or your loved ones may be in a different time zone, when contacting them, you need to know their time in order to be just a polite person. And for a business, knowing the real time in another time zone is a must!

In order to somehow manage these transitions in time and not get stuck in the “temporary portals”, Samsung smartphone manufacturers have provided for installing a dual clock on your phone’s screen for your time and time in another city.

And how to set the second clock on the Home screen on a Samsung smartphone?

This is done very simply. through installation widgetClock“.

We live in Samara and in the watch settings this data was entered when setting the date and time when the smartphone was first turned on. The procedure for changing the date and time settings of the main city is described in the article How to set the date and time on a Samsung smartphone. To go to it, click here.

And all our “business” interests are in Yekaterinburg. the capital of the Urals. Therefore, we will set the second hours for the city Ekaterinburg.

Next, we show how this is done using the example of an editorial smartphone. Samsung GALAXY A50 for OS Android 9 pie

Instructions for installing and configuring the second clock on a smartphone Samsung.

1. On the Home screen, where we plan to install a paired watch, you need to bring two fingers together on the screen with a swipe.

Screen No. 1. on the Home screen, swipe to bring two fingers together.

2. After that, the Screen settings will open. You need to select the “Widget“.

Screen No. 2. click on the “Widget” icon.

3. Next, flipping through the page with widgets, you need to find the “Clock“.

Screen No. 3. when flipping a page with widgets, you need to find the “Clock” block. Click on the “Clock” block.

4. This “Clock” block has four types of chronometers. You need to select “Double Clock”. To do this, click on the “Dual watch”And hold for a while.

Screen No. 4. press and hold the Double Clock widget.

After that, you will be “transferred” to the Home screen to determine the location for your paired watch. When moving the Double Clock widget with a swipe, install it in a place convenient for you.

Screen No. 5. swipe the Double Clock widget down.

5. Having decided on the location of the double watch, the program will prompt you to indicate the city, the time of which will be shown second chronometer. In our case, this is the city of Yekaterinburg.

This city must be found on the map, moving along it with a swipe. If necessary, spreading your fingers across the touchscreen, you will zoom in on the map.

Screen 6. swipe your fingers, zoom in on the map to search for the city. Screen number 7. click on the map to the position of the city of Yekaterinburg.

6. Further, inWidget settings»We changed the background from white to black, and reduced the background transparency to 24%.

After that, the clock settings are completed. You need to click on the buttonHome“And you will be taken to the Home screen.

Screen number 8. make widget settings. To go to the Home screen, press the navigation button “Home”.

7. Now on the Home screen we have two types of watches: paired and single. Dual watches have a dark background and show the current time in two cities: our city Samara 10:11 and city Yekaterinburg 11:11.

Screen No. 9. The main screen with a double clock and a single.

If you wish, you can delete a single clock or move the paired clock widget to another screen.

To do this, click on the widget, and after:
– for deletion: select the menu item “Remove from screen”.
– to move to another screen: you need to swipe the chronometer to the next page.