How to set the weather on your phone

How to set the weather on the Samsung

You have just bought a Samsung cell phone and you can not set the home screen? There are problems with the Samsung Weather widget, which seems to have disappeared from your phone menu and you don’t want to reappear? You have downloaded a weather app, but you can’t set it up properly? Don’t worry, problems of this type are very common among users and thankfully they can be solved with a few taps. How? I’ll explain it to you right away.

If you want, I can help you and explain how to set the weather on your Samsung in an easy way and without having to worry about looking at your cell phone screen every minute to see if the widget works or not. Also, if you find it useful, I will give you tips on what to apply Download the weather to your Samsung terminal if the default widget does not completely suit you.

So what do you think? You are ready to start? If your answer is yes, take five minutes out of your day, read the instructions I am about to give you, and try to put them into practice. If you want to restore the default Samsung widget or replace it with a workaround, you’re sure to find the answer to your problems. Enjoy reading and have fun!

How to set the weather on your Android screen

You can easily install the weather widget on your Android smartphone, on your desktop and anywhere else you like.

To place a standard weather widget on the screen press and hold on any free space on the desktop until the context menu appears.

Press “Widgets” button and find “Weather” widget

There can be several widgets. Choose the one that you like best.

Press and hold your finger on the selected widget to put it on the phone screen. In some cases it is possible to edit the widget size additionally.

weather, your, phone

With some manufacturers, to access the selection of widgets, you need to “tap” on the screen. This way, for example, works on Xiaomi phones with MIUI firmware.

The rest of the steps to install the weather, similar to the previous method.

In older versions of Android, the widget section is in the apps menu. The rest of the installation is the same.

What to do if the standard widget is not available or does not suit you?

If the functionality of the standard widget is not enough for you, you can download additional widgets from Play Market.

In the search bar, enter the word “Weather” to find the right app

Select the app you like, and then press “Install”

With the application, a new widget will be available. You can install the weather on your screen in the same way as the standard widget.

Today’s smartphones are very useful devices that can provide you with all the information you need. For example, you can easily see the weather on your home screen, and you’ll always know how you should dress, and whether you should bring an umbrella. This widget is easy to install on your desktop, and it will be very convenient to use.

How to change degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius in the Weather on iPhone

In addition to checking the weather via the weather app, you can find out the weather using the Siri assistant. Using the phrases:

By default, Siri will show the weather for the current location. If you need another city, just add it to the phrase. For example “Weather forecast for the week in Sochi”.

Answers to popular questions

How to change the temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To change the temperature scale in Huawei Weather, you need to open the options and click the appropriate icon: C⁰. Celsius, F⁰. Fahrenheit.

How to watch the forecast in multiple locations?

In the Huawei and Honor widget, to view the forecast in multiple cities, you should swipe to the right or left. At this time the screen will display one of the settlements added in the parameters.

Now you know how to display the weather on Honor and Huawei smartphones. If you have any problems when configuring or displaying the widget on the main screen, write to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will answer for sure.

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How to display the weather on your Android screen using apps

To display the forecast, it is not necessary to use the built-in application. Play Market is full of free widgets, which are different in terms of their interface and configuration. Thanks to such a variety, a person can choose a suitable configuration, taking into account the features of the device and personal preferences.

Each of the widgets rated below provides weather information at the current time. Some formats may contain advertising or additional news information. Description of the advantages and disadvantages of any of these products will allow you to choose the best option.

How to set the time in iOS

Now let’s look at how the time should be adjusted in iPhones running “iOS

For what reason the time and date on phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android

Why the time and date goes off on cell phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android”

Why the time and date jumps on phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android

  • Here you can set the time format (mechanical clock, electronic clock). The default setting here is mechanical clock, that is, when twelve divisions are displayed on the dial. But not everyone likes this option, many people are more comfortable using the clock with a display of all 24 hours. In the screenshot above, this is the format.
  • Disable the “Automatic” option. You need to turn it on when you want to configure the gadget to automatically determine the date and time based on the time zone. It requires Internet. But below are a number of reasons why this option should be disabled.
  • Next, you will need to set the time zone to which your place of residence belongs. First click on the appropriate option.

What is the reason why the time and date on phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android

Then at the top of the search box enter your country and then the city. The screenshot below shows an example with setting the Moscow time on the gadget.

For what reason the time and date on phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android

Now you can set the date. Click on the item shown in the screenshot and set the required values. Here you can see the day of the week, date and time.

For what reason the time and date on phones, tablets, iPhones, “iOS”, “Android” is confused

Above we talked about why you should turn off the “Automatically

“. This should be done for the following reasons:

weather, your, phone
  • First, in this case the time is taken from the Internet and corresponds to the time zone of the country. The fact is that many countries can set clocks one hour forward or one hour backward when there is a transition, for example, from winter time to summer time and back. For this reason, the time on your gadget can get confused and rush/delay by one hour.
  • Secondly, the time can get confused, for example if you are on a tourist trip. When you’re on the road, you may be shifting from one time zone to another, which confuses the gadget.
  • Third, your gadget will consume slightly more battery resources

Android P is not working? Try these Android :: Gadget Hacks

Among many new features, Android P brings back the spirit of lock screen widgets to users, showing the current temperature and weather conditions below the clock. It’s not screaming, but it’s a fun and useful addition that, unfortunately, doesn’t always work. If the weather isn’t showing up on your locked screen, you can try these steps to fix it.

Since Android P is currently in beta testing. And this is only the second developer preview version. mistakes are inevitable.Testers should always assume that their builds won’t be perfect when choosing beta programs, Android or other apps. However, here are steps to fix this particular error. Check them out below to see if they work for you.

Option 1. Make sure the Google app has permission to access your location

The weather data on your lock screen is pulled from the Google app, so if Google can’t determine your location, you’ll have no luck getting local weather. updates. This may seem obvious, but if the Google app has permission to access your location, it can eliminate a simple hitch.

To check, open “Settings,” then tap “Apps and Notifications”. Then click “View all X apps,” find “Google,” and select “Permissions”. If the slider next to “Location” isn’t blue, tap it to turn on the resolution, then reboot your phone to see if the weather shows up on your lock screen.

Option 2. Clear the cache and data in the Google app

Okay, Google can use your location, but the lock screen still does not show the weather. What next? Well, of course, clear the data and cache of the Google app.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but your phone is not made of magic. your device. it’s a computer. Sometimes the data and/or cache that has accumulated over time can be corrupted and degrade the performance of your phone, such as the weather function.

Fortunately, clearing data and cache is easy. You’ll find these options under Settings. Apps and notifications. View all apps X. Google. Once there, start by clearing the Google app cache by clicking the “Clear Cache” button at the top of the screen. Is the less aggressive of the two options.Reboot your phone to see if it works.

If that doesn’t work, clear your Google app data. Go to the same menu under Settings. Apps and notifications. View all apps X. Google, but this time tap “Clear Storage”. Then select “Clear Google search data,” then click “OK” in the pop-up window. Do. instead of. Click “Clear all data” as this will delete the history and settings in your Google account.

If you’re using the Pixel Launcher, clearing data in the Google app can reset the layout of your home screen.However, once you’re done, restart your phone again to see if the lock screen weather feature has started working.

Option 3. Deleting updates for the Google app

If the cache and/or data are not causing the problem, you can try removing updates for the Google app. This action will replace your Google app with a factory version without the latest updates, which you can then reinstall to eliminate any bugs with Google updates.

weather, your, phone

First, open the Settings app and go to “Apps and Notifications”.”If you don’t see” Google “right away, tap” View all apps X “, then select” Google “.

Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the display, then tap “Remove updates “. “OK” in the pop-up window with the update removal warning, and your Google app will be restored to the factory version.

However, you’re not done yet. Reboot your phone. Then open the Play Store and go to In the side menu, click “My apps and games,” then click “Update” next to “Google”. Finally, restart your phone again and check if the weather feature is back.

Nuclear option. device reset

If all else fails, if the steps above don’t help you restore the weather to your lock screen, there is one last option you can try. reset your device to factory settings.

We call this the nuclear option for a reason. you can’t go back to the factory settings after a reset. Any data that is not backed up will be 100% lost. Before you take this last step, make sure to back up all of your photos, messages, and important content on your phone.

You can find your phone’s reset options under “Settings”. “System”. “Reset Options.”. “Erase all data” (factory reset).After you click “Erase all data (factory reset),” Google will walk you through what will delete this action and also show you the accounts you are currently logged into, a way for the company to warn you about what you should lose.

Before you hit “Reset phone settings,” you can read our guide to resetting your device to factory settings. By following the appropriate steps, you will have the best chance of restoring the weather function on your lock screen.

These steps have helped users fix the weather on the lock screen, especially options 2 and 3.However, these are not guaranteed solutions. Even if these tips work for you, you may see the weather disappear again. All we can do until Google releases an update. Is to repeat the steps again until something sticks.

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Cover and screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks.

How to set the weather on your Android phone screen?

You’ve probably seen the weather widget on a buddy’s smartphone screen? So, you yourself can display such a widget on your desktop which will show the current weather forecast. For this you must be connected to the Internet. otherwise where the widget will take data from? And here’s how to install it on your desktop. in our article.

Immediately pay attention to the fact that your smartphone may have a weather widget installed. it can be found in most firmware. This means that you only need to display the widget on the screen, and to do this you need to get to the section with widgets. You can do it in different ways. For example, in one firmware version you need to tap the screen and hold your finger until the menu appears. In the other, tap the screen. Or both at once. What does the menu look like?? An example based on Samsung and One UI firmware. Select “Widgets” from the menu.

Choose the widget you need, tap on it and hold it down until you get the option to move it to the desktop.

Allow the app to find your location, or add your current location yourself.

If the internet is enabled, the app will show you the weather after getting your location.

If you want to add the weather to your homescreen (unlock screen), you will need to install a third-party app. What? For example, such a feature has Yandex.Weather. Installed via Play Market with the same name key.

weather, your, phone

After installation, you start it and if necessary, you can define your location, or you can specify the location manually.

The app displays the temperature on your lock screen by default, and the precipitation on some smartphones as well.

In addition you can find the weather information in the shortcut menu.

Which option to use? In our opinion, the built-in weather widgets are more than enough.

Programs to adjust and set the weather

In addition to the available widgets, you can use other programs that you need to download through the Google Play Market:

The most common program that not only broadcasts the temperature anywhere in the world, but also shows wind speed, wind direction, sunrise and sunset, pressure, likelihood of precipitation and more.

Bright application, it allows you to watch the forecast not only in real time but also for 10 days in advance. Many different useful features and graphical presentation.

Nice color design! Works in Russian, features automatic positioning.

YoWindow. a colorful landscape that shows the weather. If, for example, it’s snowing outside the window. YoWindow also has snow. You can see the sunrise at 5 a.m. on your smartphone if you are still in bed and you do not want to go and look out the window. If you do not need it and you want to save battery power, you can turn on “Simple weather“.

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