How to set the time on Honor 10 Lite

How to Customize Screen Lock Time on Huawei via Android Settings

Method 1. change the screen lock time on Android through the classic functions. In Android, the “Lock” item is responsible for this parameter.

There can be adjusted the time gap of inactivity, after which the screen fades and stops responding to your touch. By default, this is 30 seconds. But you can choose the following time frames:

  • 5/15/30 seconds;
  • 1/2/5/10/30 minutes.

Just put a tick in front of the indicator of interest, click “Save at the bottom” and reboot the device.

So that the monitor backlight does not turn off very quickly, it is better to set an indicator that suits you directly. If you want to turn off the monitor backlight faster, just press the power button on your Huawei or Honor.

How to enable QR code scanner on Honor, Huawei: several ways

Unlike the more ordinary barcode, you do not need any separate equipment in the form of a scanner to read information from a QR code. To do this, it is enough to have an ordinary phone with a camera in which the required functionality is located or can be installed.

How to change date and time in Honor 10 Lite

Not all owners of such phones realize that a tool suitable for reading such information can be found in the functionality of their device. Others just don’t know where to find it. And the latter have an absolutely logical question. how to turn on the QR code scanner?

We are ready to answer it. And for example, let’s take phones released under the name Honor and Huawei.

Screen Lock Timer Delay App

Screen Lock Timer Delay software is a custom addition to the phone’s functionality. Its main purpose is to set a time period during which auto-blocking will not work. The software can be downloaded free of charge in the Play Store or any other source.

If a password, pattern, or other Smart Media Recognition is enabled in the security section, you will have to enter it to access the desktop.

How to increase screen lock time on Honor and Huawei smartphones

How to increase the lock screen time? There are two options: through system functions and additional applications. Blocking is a reliable method to keep your information safe from others. It prevents accidental presses and touches of the monitor in your or bag. A quick hibernation is successful on the one hand, but not on the other. For example, when you are reading or playing, it is inconvenient to constantly touch the sensor so that it does not go out. For such purposes, it is better to use the extension of active time.

QR Scanner

Even with standard functionality, this application is certainly worth considering for an almost unavoidable installation in a phone. The fact is that its developer is Kaspersky Lab. In other words, a world-famous manufacturer of antivirus software.

In other words, using this scanner, the owner of the phone gets the opportunity to:

  • Quickly recognize links with infections or links with transitions to harmful Internet resources;
  • Automatic check for the safety of all information that is tied to the code. text, images, sites, etc.

Additionally, this application allows you to:

  • Very fast detection of contacts and transferring them to the phone’s contact book;
  • All scanned information remains in memory. It can be viewed later. one hundred percent at any time;
  • If the code asks for a connection to the network, then the program quickly switches the Wi-fi option of the phone into an active state.

Installing and using third-party applications

Yes, apart from stationary tools, anyone who wants to have the opportunity to install special applications that also allow you to achieve suitable goals. to read information from QR codes. We decided to talk about 3 of them as more interesting:

How to open MMS message on Honor and Huawei phone

You can open a multimedia message, just like an ordinary one, with the exception of mobile phones that do not support the format. In such cases, an ordinary SMS comes, which contains a link to the server where the materials are located and by going through it you can view all the information.

Direct scan

This method also implies two options:

Features of changing the time on Honor

As with all Android phones, you can easily set the required date and time on Honor phones.

Their installation is possible in two main options:

Methods: Description:
Set date and time automatically. In this case, the phone usually takes the data from the mobile operator.
Setting the date and time manually (manually). In this case, you will need to go to the phone settings and set the time zone, current date and time on your gadget yourself.

How to set the time in Honor

As we mentioned above, setting the date and time incorrectly leads to problems when launching some programs on Honor, as well as when surfing the net. In the latter case, some sites may not open at all, and other web resources will be unstable.

Let’s see what methods of changing the time on mobile devices exist.

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How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei?

Now let’s take a step-by-step process of installing and editing information on the Android home screen.

The way to change the parameters of the smartphone manually

The easiest way to set the watch correctly on Honor is as follows:

  • Go to the settings of your phone by clicking on the “Settings” icon;
  • Find the “System” section in the list of settings;
  • In this section, select the item “Date and time”;

In this case, the automatic date and time option is activated.

After opening, we look whether the automatic date and time is used here (the option “Date and time of the network” is activated).

If not, then activate it, and after that the data from your operator will be automatically displayed.

Tap on “Time” and set the correct time

If yes, then deactivate this option and set the parameters manually. To do this, first tap on the “Date” item and set the correct current date. Then tap on the “Time” item, and set the value you need.

Set the correct display of the Honor time zone

It is also worth activating the item “Time zone of the network” for the correct setting of the time zone.

After that, the correct time setting on your Honor will be completed.

How to set time / date on smartphones Honor and Huawei: methods, instructions

Working with date and time on Huawei or Honor smartphones is not such a rare issue. In addition to the initial installation when buying a phone or random failures, the function may be needed when traveling and crossing time zones. In order not to get confused and not to be late, we will find out in detail how to set the date and time on Honor and Huawei smartphones.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut. helps to correctly set the watch on Honor

Go to the date and time settings on your Honor with a single tap

Its functionality allows you to go to the date and time settings on Honor with one tap and set them as you wish.

The operation of this application greatly simplifies the work with the time settings, allowing you to set the desired parameters in just a few seconds.

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How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

The easiest way to constantly see the correct time and date is to turn on auto-tuning. Huawei phones allow you to do this with a minimum of effort.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “System” section.
  • Open the item “Date and Time”.
  • Next, you should put in the active mode “Auto-tuning”.

When these actions are completed, the phone will begin to independently determine the time zone, change the date and time. This also applies to the transition to summer / winter time in some countries where this issue is relevant.


  • Press and hold your finger in the middle of the Honor screen (an open area of ​​the desktop).
  • In the highlighted menu, open the “Widgets”.
  • Select the desired widget and hold your finger on it.
  • The main screens will appear in front of you. Drag the widget to wherever you want.

How to enable fingerprint on Honor

On the Honor 10 smartphone, users have the option to choose how to lock the screen. You can set a regular numeric password, pattern, or activate a fingerprint. In this case, you will not need to drive across the screen to repeat the key, and even more so to remember it. Touch your finger to the area on the back of the smartphone and the screen is unlocked.

This method is so good that no one except you can enter the smartphone system. The key for Honor 10 in the form of a fingerprint is always with you.

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Select “Security”;

Now try locking the screen to unlock using your fingerprint. You can remove it using the same settings that were required to activate the fingerprint.

Features of notifications in Honor 10 phone

In newer smartphones, developers allow you to customize notifications for each individual application. This is very convenient, you can turn off those of them whose notifications you do not need.

You can find these parameters in the Honor 10 settings:

  • Selecting the gear icon on the Android desktop;
  • Click on the “Notifications” item in the settings;

In the settings above, you can cancel all notifications at once.

And also configure the curtain on the smartphone: activate the standard one from the Android system or select the modified one. Each application can be configured separately.

To do this, select it from the list and in the window click on the desired section.

Clock and date in Chinese phone settings

If you need to move the clock widget on the home screen of Honor 10 to a different location, then we described how to do it in the previous chapter. Now we will talk about how to change the date and time on your mobile phone. As a rule, these settings come to us over the network automatically when we specify our region in the primary settings. And we connect the smartphone to the home Wi-Fi network for the first time. Or we will activate the transmission of mobile data.

In order to set the date manually, you need to open the settings and select the “Advanced settings” section. Where to choose “Date and Time”. In this section, remove the slider from the item “Date and time of the network”.

Specify the desired settings below. Now you know how to properly set up NFC, screen, fingerprint, notifications, keyboard, time and camera in your Honor 10 phone. We hope these instructions will help you better cope with the parameters of your mobile device.

Instructions for Honor 10 for setting up the camera

Manual setup of a photo and video camera on a smartphone is a task for professionals. The developers at Honor know this, so they have equipped the device with an intelligent camera.

It automatically adjusts to the environment, and itself activates the necessary modes and settings for maximum image quality. The Honor 10’s camera comes with a ton of presets ready to go. One has only to choose them by name. If you are photographing food, then select the appropriate settings in the list.

A “smart camera” based on a neural network works. By pointing it, the phone determines what is in front of it. And automatically turns on the mode that is most suitable in this situation.

How to set up on Honor 10: screen, NFC, time, camera, fingerprint, keyboard, notifications

It’s been a while since Huawei unveiled the Honor 10, a great budget smartphone. He has not lost his popularity today. In this article, we will look at ways to set the correct time, screen display, NFC technology, keyboard, camera, notifications, fingerprint on the Honor 10 smartphone.

Setting up the keyboard on a smartphone

By default, Honor 10 comes with the popular Android keyboard. Swiftkey. It has flexible settings, any of its elements can be changed if you don’t like it. You can choose the type of keyboard, change the location of additional buttons or the background of the keyboard. In the settings you need to select the “System” section, then “Language and input”, “Swiftkey keyboard”.

How to Set Up Date and Time in Honor 10 Lite. Time Zone Settings

In this section, you can create a new profile in which you can select the desired parameters.

They will be saved and can be applied at any time if the current settings fail. Or you will quickly want to change them. You can create multiple keyboard profiles. And use them in turn. Select the desired section from the menu to customize the keyboard elements. The Honor 10 smartphone allows us to customize any of its tools: time, camera, NFC, screen, notifications, fingerprint.

How to set up NFC technology on Honor 10

NFC wireless technology has become one of the most popular in smartphones for several reasons. The most important is its ability to transmit data over a short distance. This prevents intruders from intercepting sensitive information. After all, the range of the chip is only about 10 cm. In the Honor 10 smartphone, it acts as a contactless payment method for purchases. But you need to configure it before using it.

You can find NFC in Honor in the quick access menu. Pull down the Android shade and you will see the signed technology icon. If you can’t see it on the home screen, expand the entire list of smartphone features.

  • Select the icon and click on the item “Device connection”;
  • In the next window, click on the “NFC” block;

Third Party Applications

There is another option, how to change the time for Honor and Huawei. To do this, we use one of the proven third-party applications. They will help you set the exact time, choose a good design solution.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei

To install the clock on the main display, no complicated manipulations are required. Usually, they are placed there initially, you can only change their appearance or time location. For example, in the middle of the Honor screen. The time will be set in the center of the display and when the screen is locked.

How to change time and date on Huawei / Honor: setup step by step

How to change the time on Honor and Huawei is a natural request of users of smartphones with the Android operating system if the settings are lost or the time zone has changed due to a flight to a foreign country. Initial setup usually occurs when the owner first downloads the gadget. This article will walk you through the process of setting up the clock on your phone in case of a failure. As well as possible problems that may arise.

time, honor

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

To be sure of the accuracy of the time, and not to be late anywhere, set the auto-tuning of the clock. For convenience, they are placed on the home screen using a widget. The location of partitions and options depends on the firmware and OS version. Additional switches may be added in the new update.

  • Find the “gear” icon and click on it. the “Settings” will open.
  • Go to the “System” section, find the line “Date and time”.
  • It is also possible to simplify your task by entering the required value in the search bar and clicking on the desired item.
  • Usually, there is “Auto-tuning”, but if you noticed that the function does not cope with the task, configure it manually.
  • To do this, you need to disable auto-tuning by dragging the slider into the inactive phase.
  • You will see two new lines that change separately. “Date” and “Time”.
  • To set the date, select the appropriate item and set the desired date, month and year.
  • To set the time, drag the numbers until you set the exact hour and minutes, and confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.
  • In the same way, if necessary, the time zone is also changed.

In the case when you need to synchronize the clock with the network, and this task appears during a flight to a foreign country, activate the “Autotune” function again by dragging the slider in the opposite direction.

Change of location

The location of the time on the screen changes with one movement of the hand. You just need to hold down the watch and move it to another place.

Similarly, the widget is removed. While holding it, drag it up to the “Delete” button.


Call up the menu by holding your finger on an empty space on the screen. Hidden functionality will appear, where select the “Widgets” section.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Scroll through the list of possible screen add-ons until you come across “Clock”. Click on the icon and make a choice from the available options, after which it will appear on the working display.


This program has won the trust of mobile users, as evidenced by the high rating on Google Play.

The creators of the application have built in NTP technology, which allows you to determine the time zone over the network without errors. Especially, it will suit you if the mobile operator works with NITZ (time synchronization in automatic mode), which sends out-of-date information.

The program can be used in two modes.

  • Leave “Automatic”, which assumes the activation of root-rights (time accuracy. 1-20 milliseconds.
  • Manual mode allows you to independently adjust various nuances, in particular, comparing the time with the one set on the device.

This helps to track down serious time offsets. The program shows the exact value of the change, and when the procedure was performed. Reading information occurs even when you go to bed, to be sure of the accuracy of the alarm.

Automatic time setting problem

Now that we know how to set the clock, we will explain why a Huawei phone with Android OS can erroneously determine the time zone, and therefore the time. Information about the current time is received by the device from the mobile towers of the cellular operator.

It would be more efficient to synchronize the internal clock of the smartphone using NTP technology. But this requires ROOT rights.

From this it turns out that a time shift occurs every time an error pops up in the mobile operator’s network, knocking down the signal from the tower. Therefore, it is recommended to configure the function manually, so as not to get into unpleasant situations associated with a lagging clock.