How to set the time on a Huawei phone

How to change the date and time on your Android smartphone

Everything depends on a correctly set date and time on your smartphone, because the life of any modern person is closely connected to them. Some people set the time 10-15 minutes earlier to never be late, giving themselves some head start. In all modern smartphones on the Android operating system the date and time are set automatically, but if they are set incorrectly, or you need to change them, you can do this manually in a couple of minutes.

You can change the date and time on absolutely any smartphone from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG or any other company. To do this, you need to launch the application “Settings”, and then in the section “System and device” click on the “Advanced”. Here, at the very top, there will be a section called “Date and Time” that you need to open to make changes.

Depending on the firmware and Android version, this section may have different switches. To manually set the time and date you need to disable the setting “Date and time network”, and then just below set the desired date and time yourself. Here you can also activate the 24-hour time format, as well as enabling the automatic use of time zones, which will be picked up based on the location of your smartphone via GPS.

Note that the path to the “Date and time” section on all Android mobile devices may be different, so the easiest way to find this section is in the “Settings” app in the search at the top enter its name.

How to configure HUAWEI smartphone on and off on schedule.

Although the smartphone is our “window” to the boundless world of information, but it also brings certain inconveniences into our lives with its unexpected calls at unusual times, for example at night, when the baby has just fallen asleep.

In the circle of my good acquaintances there is a respected man, who in addition to teaching at a technical university is also engaged in scientific research, and his time is scheduled literally by the minutes. So it is possible to get through to him only at special time for contacts with the outside world: from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The rest of the time his phone is just off.

And just for some creative professions, such as writers, constantly working phone simply will not allow to concentrate for a long time to work fruitfully.

How to set the time on Honor and Huawei to the home screen?

Setting the clock on the main display of your smartphone is not difficult. Usually, they are already located on the main screen, and you can only change their design, move them to the middle of the Honor screen or elsewhere.


The instruction is quite simple and does not require any special experience. Initially, you should call the widget menu. To do this, press your finger on an empty area of the desktop and wait for the hidden options to appear.

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At the bottom, select the widget section.

Scroll down the line until you find “Clock”. Click on them and choose your favorite option from the ones offered.

Changing the Location

You can change the location of the time on the display in one motion. Pinch your finger on the watch face and simply drag to the desired location.

The procedure is similar to uninstalling apps. To erase a program, just drag it to the top of the screen.

To set the time on Android, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Start Settings, go to the “System and Device” category and select the “Extras” section.

Click the “Date and time” button.

In the window that appears you will be able to set the time, change the date, select the format of time and date display, set the time zone, as well as set the automatic reception of settings.

Note: date and time settings can be hidden in other subsections, for example, in the advanced settings. It depends on the Android version.

There is another way to get to the date and time settings. through the Clock app:

Launch the Watch app.

Press the settings button.

Press the “Date and time settings” button.

How to set the clock on your Huawei phone

In this article we asked a master to answer the question: “How to set the clock on Huawei phone?”, as well as to give useful recommendations What has come out of this,

Nowadays a lot of people do not wear wrist watches, because they do not see the sense in them, because progress has long stepped forward. Now almost everyone uses his phone instead of a watch, because it has everything you need, including the ability to quickly find out the exact time and date.

In order to quickly find out the time, the clock is displayed on the main screen of the smartphone. Sometimes it can happen that the clock disappears from the main screen of your phone, for example, after firmware upgrade. Usually it takes no more than two minutes to install the clock on the desktop. But, unfortunately, not all phone owners know how to correctly display a widget on the desktop, which significantly slows down the process.

A widget is a certain amount of information which is displayed as a small and graphical form. In widgets, the result of some application’s activity is observed. Examples of widgets include: weather forecast, music player, time, calendar, etc.д. Widgets are very popular because they take up little space, but display all the necessary information.

So, if you need to put the clock on the main screen of your Huawei phone, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • On the working screen of Huawei smartphone, where the clock should be located, it is necessary to put two fingers together (swipe).
  • A menu will open with choices: Wallpaper, Widgets, Navigation, Settings, where you should select “Widgets” from the list.
  • At the bottom of the display another list will open, displaying the icons of widgets that can be installed on the desktop of the Huawei smartphone. The user can select the widget that suits him best by scrolling left and right in the list.
  • On one of the pages will be a “Clock” widget. If you click on it, the user is again presented with a choice in a pop-up list: double clock size 42, digital clock size 41 and clock size 22 (analogue). The size is considered in the usual single widgets. You can select a double clock, where you can see the time in two different time zones or even countries.
  • You only need to click on the clock you like, and at the same moment it will be displayed on the desktop in its full size.

If you need to move the widget, then without leaving the editing mode of the desktop, you need to click on the widget and, without releasing your finger, drag it to the desired location on the main screen. over, the widget can even be moved to another screen. This way you can quickly display the clock on your Huawei phone, and you can move it to another screen at any time.

If the clock is no longer needed on the main screen, e.g. if you want to change the widget, it is much easier to remove it than to install it. To remove the clock from the desktop, you need to click on the widget while holding your finger. On the top right, the user will see an icon and the word “Trash”, this is where you should drag and drop the clock to remove it. You can remove the double clock on Huawei in the same way. When the user decides to display the clock again, the installation procedure should be repeated.

Setting the actual date and time is one of the first tasks to be performed on the network equipment to avoid further confusion when reviewing logs, etc.п. Let’s look at the manual setting of timezone, date and time, as well as setting time synchronization from ntp-server on huawei equipment.

Setting the time. Time format. HH:MM:SS

Date settings. Date format. YYYY-MM-DD

Viewing the current date, time and time zone information.

Moscow time zone 3 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Setting the time zone.2 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

It’s convenient to set the time on the hardware not manually, but synchronize it with ntp servers. To do this, use the following commands.

If your network uses MPLS and the ntp server is available via VRF, in this case, add to the settings the vpn-instance parameter.

Viewing the information about current sessions established with ntp servers.

Default setting pattern for huawei.

Template to set if ntp server is available via VRF.

That’s all. As you can see there is nothing complicated in the date and time settings of huawei equipment. Keep commenting, signing up and all good bye 🙂

Sometimes the Smart watch often does not come with instructions for use, or they are in a foreign language. This is inconvenient for those who are first purchasing a wearable gadget and do not know how to connect a smart watch to an Android phone. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

How to synchronize Smart Watch with your smartphone.

Huawei Y6 (2018): How to set up the date and the time? | works also for Y5, Y7 and Y9 (2018)

  • For starters, download the Android Wear app from Play Market, it’s free.
  • On your phone, turn on
  • Turn on your Smart watch, run the downloaded program on your phone, place the gadget no more than 1 meter away from the smartphone.
  • Press “Settings” in the application, the clock name will be displayed, select it.
  • On the displays of both devices you will see the codes, if they are the same, click “Connect”, otherwise repeat the procedure.

If the process is successful, the “Connected” icon will appear in Android Wear.

Parents who have 2 or more children buy several children’s smartwatches at once, the question arises: “Is it possible to control 2-3 devices from one smartphone??”. Yes, you can. First, open the same Android Wear app. Next, you will see a down arrow next to the already connected devices, tap it. Then the “New Watch” menu opens, where, according to the prompts, the second Smart Watch is connected. If you want to add a third gadget, follow the same instructions. There are no restrictions on the number of connected devices.

Let’s look at popular reasons why Android wear devices do not connect to your smartphone. The first thing to check is the internet connection. is the data transfer enabled. If yes, let’s look at 3 more reasons.

  • Updating the operating system and Google applications. Pay attention to device compatibility. Smartwatches on Android wear connect to phones and tablets on adroid 3 and above. Check this parameter. In addition to the OS on the device must be Google services 7.3.28 and newer, Google search 4 program.0, Android Wear app 1.0.
  • See if you forgot to turn on Bluetooth on your phone (In the settings, section “Wireless networks”).
  • You should not have flight mode enabled on your Smart watch. Go to your device settings and check.

These are the main moments when your smartphone or tablet does not see the device. If the operating system and programs are the right versions, flight mode is disabled and Bluetooth is active, restart both devices. It also helps to reset.

Go to your gadget’s settings, select “System” and then “Disable and Reset”.

If your phone still does not see the smart watch, uninstall and reinstall the Android Wear program. Repeat the synchronization process.

If Smart gadget and your phone connect, but it is unstable, check how far they are from each other: it shouldn’t be more than 1 meter. Internet connection can be problematic, check if it is stable. Also try to perform the actions that are applicable if there is no connection: update the OS and software to the correct version, see Bluetooth activity, make sure that Airplane mode is disabled. The rest is also according to the scheme: try to reinstall Android Wear or reset the settings.

Connecting the gadgets to your smartphone is simple, it will take 5-7 minutes. If you have difficulties with visibility or synchronization, check the Internet connection, whether Bluetooth is enabled, whether flight mode is not active and whether the Android version is the same as the right one. If everything is correct, it helps to reset and restart the devices.

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Briefly about the fitness bracelet

The functionality of this device does not differ from other similar gadgets, it is familiar and understandable, and the interface is intuitive. The Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness bracelet has good water protection, as well as protection against dust penetration inside the device. In addition, the bracelet is equipped with a pedometer, smart alarm clock, heart rate meter, calories, etc.д. Here users will find many different and useful features.

There is another important and unique detail in the Huawei Band 2 Pro. the presence of a GPS sensor, which provides maximum accuracy in measuring the steps taken and distance in general.

How to set the clock on the Android lock screen

On almost all Android devices, the clock is displayed by default on the lock screen.

On some smartphone models you may need to install an additional app or add them via widgets. If you’ve accidentally deleted your watch from the lock screen and don’t know how to get it back, here’s how to do it in detail.

How to set the date and time on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone.

A purely military anecdote:

Philosophical question: “How to combine space and time?” Answer: “It’s very easy to take a shovel and dig from the pole to lunch!”.

Therefore, in order not to get lost in space and time, even on a smartphone, it is required to enter the correct time and date when starting it.

Although, as previously described in the article “How to improve the accuracy of the navigator on a smartphone HUAWEI (honor)?”Even if you turn off the geolocation service, your smartphone will still “spy” in a four-dimensional space its position to know exactly where it is now and what time it is. Computer technology is worse than pedants and they no longer recognize inaccuracies, especially on the issue of true time. Time is the main parameter that the main processor of the smartphone constantly recalculates as a benchmark, confirming its correct operation.

So you can move to a neighboring time zone with geolocation service disabled, and when crossing the border, you will notice that your smartphone recalculated the current time and shows already the correct “current” time for that area. Т.е. Your “all-knowing” smartphone knows exactly where it is now.

How to set the dual clock on Huawei (honor) smartphone.

Russia, occupying one-sixth of the Earth’s land mass, has as many as 11 time zones. It’s no wonder that after one night’s sleep on the train you travel two hours into the future. And it’s still nothing at such teleportation the body does not receive special discomfort. And if you fly east, you might mix up the day and night, and you might get insomnia for a week until your body recalibrates!

Pilots of airplanes have it even worse. they definitely live out of time, flying halfway around the world in one day.

And you have to manage that time difference, especially if you are planning to have business meetings or phone conversations with another part of the world. It can happen.

In order to somehow manage these time transitions and not get stuck in “time portals”, the manufacturers of Huawei and Honor smartphones have provided the installation of a second clock on the phone screen: for home time and time by location (current).