How to set the keyboard on Huawei

How to change the language on Huawei tablet

Sometimes the user may find himself in a situation, when on his favorite tablet a foreign language is displayed. This can happen for various reasons:

  • If the tablet computer was purchased in another country, such as China;
  • If the firmware has been changed;
  • If the tablet was accidentally set up.

At first glance it may seem that changing the language on your tablet PC is not a problem, that it is a very easy task. In practice this is far from being the case. Even in cases with a native language installed, many users do not know where to switch the language. And if the entire menu is in a foreign language? For example, in Chinese. In this situation, even the most experienced users do not always know how to change the language.

Changing the input language (2). upper case (1 in Fig. 1), i.e. to press the arrow and hold your finger on this arrow for a while, and then type. You also need to tap and hold to turn off the capitalization mode: once the capitalization mode is turned on, it is turned off again.

  • Open Gboard Settings. The layout usually appears when you write text. Press the gear icon on it and select “Settings”.
  • In the “Layout” block, tap “Keyboard height” and set the desirable level.
  • Exit the “Settings” and check if the layout has been improved.

Layout types on Android smartphones

Modern Android has a standard English layout. They are divided into 5 different categories. It’s easy to find out which one on your phone. Open a social network and start texting. Now translate to English with the space bar. Notice the first 6 digits. Match them with the list:

The most popular is the standard layout called Querty. It is used on all personal computers and is universal. Its name comes from the location of the first six digits. The rest are more specialized, suitable for certain models and devices. Before buying a cell phone pay attention to this fact. In the salon you can see the phone in work, so you can assess the convenience of the layout. Everything is the same in the new models.

  • In the “Settings” menu. “Go to “System” and select “Language and Typing.
  • Go to the “SwiftKey keyboard” menu and press the “Enter” icon.
  • Find the “Change” tile at the top.
  • Slide or pull apart the keyboard edges to the desired size.

Go to Settings and select Advanced Settings, then select Language and Input, and tap the keyboard you want to customize, such as the default Huawei Swype. Here you’ll see settings that you can change, such as language, layout, and colors (t. ะต.

Launch the “Settings” application of the smartphone. On the first page of the smartphone settings find the “System” item and click on it. On the next page, select “Language and input” and tap on it. Now click on “Default Keyboard

How to Change Huawei Keyboard Settings | popup on keypress

Run the settings of your smartphone, and in the “System” section click on “Language and input. Then go to “SwiftKey Keyboard” and there click on the icon “Themes”. A window will appear where the keyboard themes available for installation will appear in the “Gallery” tab (in case the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi is enabled).

Setting up SwiftKey

On smartphones with the EMUI shell, the SwiftKey app is preinstalled in most cases. To change the design and language of the built-in keyboard:

  • Enter the default settings;
  • Find “System” and click on it;
  • Tap the ” Language and Input ” line;
  • Click on “SwiftKey Keyboard“;
  • On the tab that opens, select “Multilingual”;
  • click on the language name (by default ” Russian ” or ” English “) to change the layout type;
  • click on “Suggested languages” or “All languages” to select the desired one;
  • Go back to the previous tab and click on “Themes” for the keyboard layout;
  • Select ” Input ” to configure “Keys”, “Size”, “Input and Correction” and other settings.
keyboard, huawei

How to Change the Keyboard Color, Language and Theme on Huawei: Remove Vibration, Change Keys and Revert

To activate the Russian keyboard layout on the Huawei keyboard:

  • open the default settings;
  • find and click on ” System ” (“Advanced settings” or “” depending on the firmware version);
  • Press the ” Language and Input ” line;
  • Select “Gboard” or any other keyboard application used on your smartphone;
  • click on “Languages”;
  • click on “Add Layout” located at the bottom of the screen;
  • Find “Russian” in the list of languages and click on it to select it;
  • Check the box and click “Done” to confirm the action.

If the described procedure is correct, when you open the keyboard, it will be enough to click on the icon with an image of a planet next to the space bar to enable the Russian-language layout.

How to disable vibration when typing on Honor

To deactivate keyboard vibration on your Honor in case of SwiftKey

  • Go to “Settings” on Honor;
  • From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “System”; In the settings, select “System
  • In the system settings that open, select “Language and input”; Under “System”, select “Language and input
  • In the input methods list that opens, find “SwiftKey Keyboard” and tap on it; In the list of available keyboards, select “SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Next, select “Typing”; Click on “Enter
  • In the sub-section that opens, select “Sound Vibration”; Select “Sound and Vibration”
  • On the opened page of the above settings find an option “Keypress Vibration” and switch it off by moving the slider to the left. Keyboard Vibration
  • Keypress Vibration on your Honor phone will be turned off.