How to set the clock on your computer

HP PC. Adjusting the time and date, clock time jamming, incorrect time and date (Windows 10)

This document contains instructions on how to change your computer‘s date and time settings, enable the “Internet Time” feature, and solve common problems with your computer’s clock.

The computer uses the date and time for the following purposes:

Determining when files are created, changed, or deleted;

managing e-mail messages and arranging system restore points;

managing many other important system operations.

The time and date are displayed on the lock screen and on the taskbar.

Control Panel

You can change the time and date on your computer through the Control Panel. The easiest way to open the menu is to use the Windows search bar.

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In addition to the current settings, the Control Panel allows you to change the time zone. It is important that it coincides with the locality in which you are. Otherwise, even fine-tuning the time will cause difficulties in opening some sites through the browser and will affect the occurrence of other problems.

Setting the date using the operating system settings

In Windows 10 and 8 you can also adjust the time through “Settings”. Performed in the following order:

  • click on the “Start” menu, hover your mouse over the gear icon and select “Options”;
  • in the next window, select “Time and language”;
  • Click on “Clock for different time zones”;
  • click on “Change date and time”;
  • set the desired time values, and click “OK”.

And before you change the time or time zone in Windows 10, it is recommended to turn Time to UTC (Universal Time GMT) in the UEFI settings. In this case when the time is changed through the means of the operating system the clock is automatically adjusted in the BIOS/UEFI. If there are several operating systems installed on your PC (for example, also Linux distribution), the time will be the same for all of them.

And after changing the date, some browsers will not be able to connect to the Internet (because security certificates do not pass validation). This happens more often if you change time zone. To fix it, you can either wait a few minutes (the certificates will update in the background) or just restart your PC. This problem occurs mostly in browsers based on the Chromium engine (Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge).

How to change the time on your computer

The time on the computer screen is shown in the lower right corner of the screen, and the fact that the clock shows the time all the time is very convenient for work. Sometimes you have to change the time settings, especially when switching from daylight saving time to daylight saving time and vice versa. In addition, in recent times often change time zone, all this requires changing the date and time settings.

You can change the time on your computer by clicking on the clock located on the far right of the “Start” bar. In this case, the computer will display a calendar, which you sometimes need to look at, and the dial with the hands. In this window click on “Change date and time settings”. The window “Date time” will open.

In the window that appears you can change the date and time and set the time zone. After another decree on the translation of the hands, the time on my computer began to go off periodically: a few days after installation, the clock began to go one hour ahead. After changing the time zone, the problem did not occur any more.

Why did the clock show the wrong time? It turns out that in Windows 7, the computer clock is synchronized with the time on the Internet. The “internet time” tab can be found in the “Date and time” window, which specifies which time site your computer is configured to synchronize with. You can change the settings of synchronization by clicking on the “Change settings” button or disable the synchronization by removing the tick in the window that appears.

The “Additional clock” tab makes it possible to set the clock in a different time zone; this can be useful, for example, if you need to be in time to join a remote seminar (webinar), which are usually held at Moscow time, or in time to the beginning of trading at the stock exchange, if you trade online.

This way, the calendar and clock are hidden in the lower right corner of the screen. All date and time settings are available by clicking on the clock. The clock on your computer does not need to be constantly updated because it is synchronized with the internet time.

Setting the date and time in Windows XP

To set the date and time in the Windows XP system a special utility is used. To call the clock, open the control panel and click on the date and time icon. An additional window consisting of three tabs is displayed on the screen: date and time. this is the first tab where you can set the date and time. In order to change the date, select the month. Open the drop-down list and click on one of its items. Then set the year and click on one of the days of the month. You can change the time in the following way. Set the courses to any position in the time line. After that click on the arrows to the right of the time line, and you can increase or decrease the value.

Time zone

This tab is for setting the time zone. Open the drop-down list by clicking the left mouse button on the arrow on the right side of the list. Then select one of the values in the list and click on it with the left mouse button. In the bottom part of the tab there is the icon that defines the mode of automatic changeover to summer and winter time.

Internet Time

If the computer is a member of a domain, its clock is probably automatically synchronized with the network time server. If the computer is not in the domain, you can synchronize the computer’s clock with the internet time server. In order to synchronize, select the server, to do this open the drop-down list by clicking the left mouse button on the image of the arrow on the right side of the list. Then select one of the values in the list and click on it with the left mouse button. Then click the refresh now button and the synchronization will be done. If synchronization is on, the computer clock is synchronized with the internet time server once a week.

The time on your computer is out of sync

How to correct the clock on your computer

  • If the time on your computer is wrong because of the transition to winter time and back, it can be corrected by adjusting the time zone in your computer. Right-click on the time and date

Hover the cursor over the time with the date and press the right mouse button. In the context menu that appears, select “Date and time adjustment”.

You need to change your time zone

The “Date and Time” window will open. In this window, in the “Date and Time” tab, click on the “Change time zone” button.

Find your time zone

A window called “Time Zone Selection” will open. In this window select your region from the pop-up bar and if after selecting the region the item “Automatic shift to daylight saving time and back” will not disappear, then uncheck this item and click “OK”.

Click OK to confirm that this is your time zone

After that, set the correct time if necessary.

Daylight saving time is canceled and the clock will not change

To switch back to Automatic Daylight Saving Time, select a region other than your own from the pop-up menu in the “Time Zone Selection” window so that the “Automatic Daylight Saving Time” option appears. Check the box and press “OK”.

You need to go to the store and buy a CR2032 battery. Then unplug the computer’s power cord and take off the cover from the left side of the system unit.

Replace the battery if the time is wrong after restarting the computer

Remove the old battery from the motherboard and insert the new one. Close the lid of the system unit and turn on the computer power. After restarting the computer you will need to change the time and date.

Using the command line as an administrator

You can also set the date and time in Windows via the command line. It can be done in a couple of seconds. faster than through the “Control Panel”! The clock is set up this way:

  • Click on “Start” with the right mouse button and choose “Command Prompt (Administrator)”;
  • enter the password (if needed);
  • enter the command time aa:bb, where aa is hours and bb is minutes;
  • Press Enter.

The only drawback is that you can not specify seconds in this way.

  • Run the command line as an Administrator;
  • enter the command data mm-cc-hhhh, where mm is the calendar day, cc. month, hhhh. the current year;
  • press Enter.

Another detail: if every time you turn on your PC or laptop the clock “drops”, it indicates a “worn out” battery BIOS/UEFI. This can only be solved by battery replacement (in most cases you can buy a CR2032 size battery in any computer supply store).

To summarize, changing the time in Windows is really possible in more than one way. But you only need to use them if your computer is not connected to the Internet. In other cases the operating system automatically corrects the clock settings by default through synchronization with the server Tell us which method you personally use and which you think is more convenient.

Synchronizing Time with the Windows 7 Internet Time Server

Windows automatically synchronizes the date and time with a time server to ensure that the computer displays an accurate time. Follow the steps below to enable the Time on the Internet feature.

The “Internet Time” feature isn’t available if your computer is a domain member. Contact your system administrator for information about time synchronization.

If you are prompted by the system administrator to enter your password and confirm it, enter your password, and then enter it again to confirm it.

If your computer’s system time is not updated with the readings from the selected Internet time server, an error message appears. Select a different time server and try again.

Incorrect time zone settings

The second not less common cause of confused time on the computer is the wrong time zone.

Entering the date and time settings in Windows 10

If you go to the time settings, you will see the time zone. Many people rely on their country name in the time zone to select it. In most cases, they are the same.

A much more important parameter is not the name of the time zone, but its numerical designation (3, 2.1 and t.ะด.). If your time is an hour or two behind or fast, you can change the timezone by one or two in the case of time lag, or by one or two in the case of time lapse.1 in case it is one hour too fast. And so on.