How to Set Lg K7 Ringtone

It’s more pleasant to wake up to your favorite song, so many users are looking for how to put a ringtone on the alarm clock on Android. You can add a track directly when setting an alarm or through system folders.

Standard melody replacement

First, let’s see how to set up your call on Android when setting the alarm. The procedure will take a couple of minutes:

  1. Launch the Clock app.
  2. Click on the “Alarm” tab. The corresponding icon is usually located in the lower left pane.
    How to Set Lg K7 Ringtone
  3. Select one alarm to configure its settings. Among the available options will be an item with a name such as “Ringtone” or “Ringtone”. Click on it to select a different track.
  4. Using the file manager, specify the path to the Music directory and mark the file that you want to play in the morning.

Add a song to the list

If in the Clock application you can select a call for an alarm only from the list of standard melodies, then you need to replenish it with your song:

  1. On Android, create the media \ audio \ alarms folder. You can do this directly on the phone using the file manager, or on the computer by connecting the smartphone via USB and creating a directory in the explorer window.
  2. Move the music file that you want to put on the alarm to the “Alarms” folder.

After adding a track, start “Clock” and go to setting the alarm. Select “Ringtone” and mark the song that you previously uploaded to the Alarms directory.

Possible problems

If after adding a song to the list of standard Android tunes it still cannot be set to the alarm, because it is not displayed in the Clock application, try changing the file format from MP3 to OGG. You can convert the file online using a number of services. For example, use the site

  1. Download the song from your computer.
  2. Select Convert to OGG.
  3. Save the resulting file.

A track in OGG format must be transferred to the memory card of the mobile device in the media \ audio \ alarms directory. After adding an OGG file to this folder, the desired song will appear in the list of standard ringtones in the Clock application, that is, you can easily set a ringtone to wake up in the morning.

Using apps

If the functionality of the standard application for calls at the appointed time does not suit you, try using special applications.

  • Free alarm clock timer from AVG Labs. not only gives a signal, but also monitors sleep mode.
  • Shake Alarm. to turn off the signal you need to shake the phone intensively, and not just press the button.
  • Reliable Alarm Clock Puzzle. the set alarm will not turn off until you solve the puzzle.

Third-party programs offer both built-in tunes and the ability to download your favorite tracks. All applications are free, so the choice is really rich.