How To Set Date And Time On Android

By purchasing a new mobile gadget, users may encounter the problem of incorrectly set time zones, current date and time. However, it can be solved quite simply, and in this guide we will tell you how to set the date and time on a smartphone running Android.

Set the time parameters

To set the time on android, you need to perform a few simple steps:

How to Set Date And Time On Android

Step 1. Run Settings, go to the category “System and device”And select the”Additionally”.

Step 2. Press the buttondate and time”.

Step 3. In the window that opens, you can set the time, change the date, select the format for displaying time and date, set the time zone, and also set the automatic receipt of settings.

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note: Date and time parameters can be hidden in other sections, for example, in advanced settings. It depends on the version of Android.

You can go to the date and time parameters in another way. through the application Clock:

Step 1. Run the application Clock.

Step 2. Press the options button.

Step 3. Click on the “Date and Time Settings”.

Why is time getting lost on Android

Date and time synchronization on Android smartphones can sometimes work incorrectly, because of which the settings fail. To fix this problem, you must disable the “Network Date and Time“And”Network time zone”, And then set the settings manually.

If the issue persists, you should reset Android to the factory settings and reinstall all the settings.


Following the recommendations from this guide, you will always know the exact time and date on your gadget.

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I want to set the time for me. I have a double clock. Some of them show correctly. The second one is not. I need both clocks to show the same time.

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and with the ability to turn, I recovered the time and after a couple of hours the time is lost, tell me how to fix it