How to set a sound on your phone

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How to change notification sounds for certain apps on Android?

Open the “Settings” application on your phone and find the “Apps and Notifications” option. Inside, tap “Notifications,” then select “Advanced”. Scroll down and select the Default Notification Sounds option. From there, you can choose the notification ringtone you want to set for your phone.

Select the universal notification sound

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications panel and quick launch
  • Select “Sounds & Vibrations” from the “Settings” menu.
  • Tap the “Notification Sounds” option to select them from the list of available ringtones.
  • Choose the tone or song you want and you are done.

Change the notification sound for individual apps in Android 9 and 8

In recent versions of Android it is possible to set different notification sounds for different applications.

The setup is very simple. The following screenshots and setup paths are for the Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 9 Pie, but on a “pure” system, all the necessary steps are almost exactly the same.

  • Go to Settings. Notifications.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of apps that send notifications. If not all apps are displayed, tap the “View All” button.
  • Tap on the application whose notification sound you want to change.
  • The screen will show the different types of notifications that this app can send. For example, in the screenshot below, we see the settings for the Gmail app. If you want to change the sound of notifications for the incoming mail to a specified mailbox, click on the “E-Mail” item. With sound“.
  • In the “With sound” item, select the desired sound for the selected notification.

Similarly, you can change notification sounds for different apps and for different events in them, or, conversely, disable such notifications.

sound, your, phone

I should note that there are applications for which such settings are not available. Of those that I personally encountered, only Hangouts, i.e.ะต. there are not many of them, and they already use their own sounds instead of the system ones.

How to change different notification sounds on Android 7 and 6

In previous versions of Android there is no built-in feature to set different sounds for different notifications. However, it can be implemented with the help of third-party apps.

sound, your, phone

There are several apps available in Play Market that have such features: Light Flow, NotifiCon, Notification Catch App. In my case (tested on pure Android 7 Nougat) the simplest and most functional was the last app (in Russian, no need to root, works properly with the locked screen).

Changing the notification sound for the application in Notification Catch App looks like this (the first time you use it, you will have to give a lot of permissions for the application to be able to catch system notifications):

That’s it: in the same way you can add sound profiles for other apps and change their notification sounds accordingly. You can download the application from Play Market:

If for some reason this app does not work for you, I recommend you to try Light Flow. It allows you not only to change notification sounds for different applications, but also other parameters (e.g. LED color or blinking speed). The only drawback is that not all of the interface is translated into Russian.

How to enable the alarm sound on your cell phone

The built-in alarm clock does not have its own settings. it obeys the general settings (see the section above).

On the built-in you can only change the melody, assign a name to the ringtone, enable or disable ringtones after 5 minutes, enable vibration and sound time.

If you use third-party applications, they may have their own option to disable and enable the voice.

Only there are a lot of such applications and each has its own settings, so I will not touch this subject here.

How to set a melody to your ringtone by adding it to the “Ringtones” folder

If the installation of the user melodies is not implemented in the firmware, then you will have to use the file manager to create the folder “Ringtones” and download the tracks into it. After that melodies will be displayed in the list of ringtones in the settings, from where they can be installed.

You will need a built-in or third-party file manager, such as Solid Explorer, to do it. Go into it and create a folder “Ringtones” in the internal memory. in Solid Explorer click on “”, select “New Folder”, enter “Ringtones” and click “OK”.

Now move the desired song to the “Ringtones” folder you created. If you’re using Solid Explorer, place your finger on the track and click “Copy” (second icon on the left) in the options bar, then go to your “Ringtones” folder and click “Paste.

Your ringtone will be added to the list of default ringtones. To put it on your ringtone, go to “Settings” โ†’ “Sound” โ†’ “Ringtone” โ†’ “Media storage”, find the song, select it and click “OK”.

There is also a second way: use the same file manager to create a folder “media”, a folder “audio” in it, and a folder “ringtones” in it (all three with a small letter). You can upload a ringtone to “ringtones,” then select it from the settings menu.

Use other ways to add sound to your device

Think about why you need such a loud sound on your gadget? Maybe you should get some good wireless headphones for two? Or connect an FM-modulator to your gadget and get a cell phone with a radio function? Not even the best smartphone or tablet can replace your external speakers. car or home speakers, as well as a modern music center or stereo “in full gear”.

  • Chinese stores (for example, AliExpress) sell a huge number of models of flat and compact speakers. All of them are equipped with an internal amplifier with several watts of power (active speakers).
  • An external sound card with a quality amplifier and equalizer consumes a lot of power. If the power comes from microUSB on a smartphone or tablet (there are some). the battery will “run out” very quickly. Need a separate power supply.
  • Wireless solutions based on external amplifiers. The sound is usually transmitted via Bluetooth. You also need an external (additional) power supply.
  • Special cases and cradles, capable of reefing sound. they create a feeling of higher volume, according to the laws of physics of sound signals.

Infection of the phone with viruses, adware

Phone unstable operation may be caused by a virus. To their number can be attributed various adware, which, having infected the phone, begins to show bright banners at every opportunity. By the way, some of them come with sound (which in turn can affect the sound parameters. ).

In general the viruses on the phone are even more insidious than on a PC: in many cases they not only damage the software and files, but can also steal money from the account (as many people have bank cards attached to their phones). ).

However there was, I recommend to establish one of popular anti-viruses on phone and run them through all system. If this does not remove the virus, try Hard Resetting (resetting your phone to factory settings). Links with instructions are given below.

How to reset Android to factory settings

The most radical way, even when the tester app doesn’t find any errors, is a factory reset. It often helps to get rid of all the problems on your smartphone at once, including sound.

  • Go to Settings and select “About phone“.
  • Press “Backup and reset” (sometimes the section is called something else).
  • Select “Delete all data. Before doing so save any important data to the memory card.
  • Press “Reset.

The smartphone will reboot, and then you can reconfigure it.

sound, your, phone

We hope that our simple tips on solving the sound problem have helped you. And we also figured out why Android’s modem mode doesn’t work: read our piece on how to fix it.

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