How to set a photo on the phone screen

I can not put the wallpaper on Android. How to install a wallpaper on your Android phone

Once we all used a button cell phone. In those days there were a lot of WAP sites with pictures. In order to download wallpaper on your phone you should know the screen resolution. Now everything is a little more complicated. But if you master this theme, you can change the wallpaper at least every day!

Wallpapers for Android. is a common image that is constantly displayed on your desktop. The only exception is the live wallpaper, but we will talk about them below. What then is the difficulty? It would seem, download any picture from the Internet and set it as wallpaper! But it’s not all that simple. You may well encounter such cases where the image is stretched in width or height, as a result of which it does not look the best. This is due to the fact that you have found a picture of the wrong resolution.

Before you look for a suitable picture familiarize yourself with the display resolution of your smartphone or tablet. The image must have the same resolution. Or at least exactly the same aspect ratio.

There are many sites where you can download wallpaper adapted to a particular resolution. You can learn a little more about them, again, closer to the conclusion of the article. For now, let’s try to figure out how to find out the right resolution and what to do after? Display resolution is necessarily specified in the characteristics of the device. Just enter the name of your smartphone in the search and go to the page of this device, say, in “Yandex.Market”. In the list of specifications, you’re sure to see the screen resolution. A more difficult and time-consuming way. is a download of some benchmark. For example, many of the parameters of the device displays AnTuTu Benchmark. This method is useful if you do not know or have forgotten the name of your smartphone.

By the way, it is not necessary to pick up a picture with the resolution you want. If necessary, you can crop it with one or another application. It can be some photo editor for Android. And you can also use a computer where there is GIMP. Adobe Photoshop and other similar programs. When cropping, you should be guided either by the resolution of your display or its aspect ratio.

Here we have looked at the easiest and most convenient ways to add a photo to a contact call.

Nothing happens when I click on the icon that should say “take photo” or “select from gallery. When I select a photo from the gallery and click “use as a contact photo” it goes into contacts but does not see anyone, what can it be and what to do about it?

Hello. The procedure can be a little bit different for each device. Here the manufacturer itself sets the parameters. But in general the procedure is similar. Right now I have a Samsung S4 with Android 5 at hand.0, so I will describe it by example. Enter the contacts. Find the necessary contact. Choose it. You click on the “Edit” button (I have a pencil icon in the top right corner). Then, next to the line, where you write the name of the contact, there is a circle with a plus sign inside. Click on that button (that’s just the button to add a photo). Then select “Picture” and the gallery opens. Select the desired photo, make the desired panorama (select the position and everything) and click “Save”. Read the article again carefully (second way).

Nothing will not work if the contacts are stored on the sim card and not in the phone. aphTORS of such articles crap on cleverly, and all the information from the ceiling.

I got it all the second way! Phone ski Thank you!

Thank you very much the author of the article. I got tired of installing the photo, killed a lot of time, until I found this article The THIRD way workedSmartphone DOOGEE 5.0 PRO. Thank you very much again

Photo as an icon on the contact installed, but the incoming call does not. Phone Honor 8 lite.


Good afternoon, I have HTC U Ultra. When I save a number with a photo, the photo becomes badly visible, in the grid, and next to it, a good image pops up, but only a small one, in the bottom corner. How can you remove it?

Editing contacts would help. Take a better photo (higher resolution).

All read. All done. It does not work. In the menu there are no such marks (tips). Phone NECNO camon 15. So with a photo (his photo) can be displayed only on the main menu as a screen saver (no other tips). Change (edit) can only the number or name. What’s wrong with me or my phone?? Thanks.

Weird. On most smartphones, you open a contact from your phonebook, hit “edit”, click on the profile icon and choose either “take a photo” or “add a photo from the gallery”.

Before I downloaded a photo of the contact to call and it was easier for me to select the desired contact, and now I have put my photo on all my contacts. Is it correct that the contact I call will see my photo?

A contact will only see the photo he/she set in YOUR smartphone. Your photos on the contacts have nothing to do with it.

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How to put a photo on your phone screen

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How to put a photo on the phone screen

How to put a photo on your phone screen? “

  • Hold the cloth initial press.
  • Choose a command or icon Define wallpaper or wallpaper.
  • Choose wallpaper type
  • When prompted, select the desired wallpaper from the list
  • Click the “Save”, Define Wallpaper, or Apply button to confirm its selection.

To set a new wallpaper for your home screen, follow these steps:

Select the “Set wallpaper” or “Wallpaper” command or icon.

For example, select “Gallery” to use a photo you’ve taken, or “Wallpaper” to select a preset wallpaper design.

You can see a scrolling list of wallpaper options. The Select Image option allows you to use the Gallery or Photo app to select an image. The live wallpaper can be listed by name.

When prompted, select the desired wallpaper from the list.

To select an image from your phone, you’ll see a preview of the wallpaper. A cropping tool may appear, and you can select and crop part of the image.

For some live wallpapers, a settings icon is displayed. It allows you to customize certain aspects of the interactive wallpaper.

Tap the “Save”, “Set Wallpaper” or “Apply” button to confirm your choice.

Live wallpapers are interactive, usually with animation. Otherwise, the wallpaper image will scroll slightly as you move from one page of the home screen to another.

You can also change the lock screen wallpaper on some phones. For example, after step 2 (in the previous list), you might be prompted to choose a wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen, or both.

The settings app can contain the wallpaper command. Select “View” and find the “Wallpaper” command. In the same way, you can find the lock screen command on the home screen of the “Settings” app. Use it to set the lock screen wallpaper.

How to change the wallpaper on your Samsung smartphone

Changing the wallpaper on your Samsung device is a little different from the method described above. This is because Samsung offers you more options than most other phones.

  • Tap and hold your finger on a blank area on the home screen.
  • Tap on “Wallpaper” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Choose a new wallpaper from your Samsung favorites list or from your photo gallery.

Note: This method works on Samsung devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, but due to differences in Samsung software depending on the country and specific device model, it may vary slightly.


Another way to automatically change the wallpaper on your Android device is the “If This Then That (IFTTT)” app, which is always impressive with its wallpaper. IFTTT connects apps and services using triggers that trigger actions. and one of the supported actions is switching the background on the connected Android device.

For example, we figured out a way to change the wallpaper on the Redmi Note 3 whenever IFTTT found a new public Instagram photo taken in the downtown area.

The colorful Microsoft Arrow Launcher includes a daily updated wallpaper from the Bing search engine.If you have a Windows computer, you may already be familiar with this beautiful, updating wallpaper on your computer’s lock screen.

In addition, the launcher intelligently presents you with location-based apps, this system is head and shoulders above the competition in the form of automatic wallpaper changes. The longer you use Microsoft Arrow Launcher, the better it gets. Plus, it’s optimized to save battery life and memory space.

1.png 400w,×178.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 176px) 100vw, 176px” Every phone owner (especially if they just bought one) wants to make their phone as attractive as possible. For this we buy cases, other accessories, but an integral part that affects the overall appearance of the smartphone is the screen saver on the desktop. But not everyone immediately understands how to install them. Let’s get into it.

Install a photo on your phone screen through the gallery:

  • Go to Gallery
  • Select the desired photo from the list
  • Find the “” or “” button in the form of three dots
  • Select “Install as”
  • Next, select the app “Wallpaper” or as a desktop
  • The next item may be on your smartphone, but it is to fit your picture to the size of the screen with the ability to crop and rotate
  • And at the end just choose if you want the picture on the desktop and/or on the lock screen

So in a minute or two you will be able to install a picture on your Android smartphone screen on your own without any problems.

The second way is even easier, but you can not always choose any photo stored in the memory of the device.

Install wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet screen

To set a picture as wallpaper that has already been built into the Android system, it goes as follows.

In the main window, hold your finger on the screen until the following menu appears, as in the picture below.

Then click on the first icon in the list called “Wallpaper” to go to a menu where you can select the pictures you want.

When you have decided on the desired image (pictures monoclick to the right side), click on it to select it and at the very bottom click on the line: “SET AS WALLPAPER”.

In case you want to choose live or animated, then download them from Play market, there you can find different live wallpapers in all areas.

If you want to set the picture you have made on the phone, click on the “set as wallpaper” icon in the bottom of the page.

This option will take you to your personal photo gallery. Choose a picture and then click set it as wallpaper.

How to overlay a photo on an iPhone

The iPhone is an extremely functional device that can do a lot of useful things. But it’s all made possible by third-party apps from the App Store. In particular, below we will consider what tools you can use to superimpose one picture on another.

Overlaying one image on another using the iPhone

If you like processing photos on your iPhone, you’ve probably seen many examples of work where one picture is superimposed on top of another. You can achieve such an effect with the help of photo editing applications.


The application Pixlr is a powerful and high-quality photo editor with a huge set of tools for image editing. In particular, you can use it to combine two photos into one.

    Download Pixlr to your iPhone, launch it, and click the Photos button. The iPhone library is displayed, from which you will need to select the first picture.


The following program is a full-fledged photo editor with social networking features. That is why here you will need to go through a small registration process. However, this tool provides much more possibilities for combining two images than Pixlr.

    Install and run PicsArt. If you do not have an account with this service, enter your email address and click on “Create an Account” or use social networking integration. If you created a profile earlier, select “Sign In” below.

This is not a complete list of applications which allow you to impose one photo on another. the article presents only the most successful solutions.

We are glad we could help you with your problem. Describe what you’re unable to do. Our experts will do their best to answer as quickly as possible.