How to Set a Clock on a Phone Screen

The main advantage of Android (compared to iOS) is the ability to flexibly configure the system for you, because most of the parameters can be changed. Users often ask about OS modifications. One such question is how to set the clock on the screen of an Android phone. Let’s look at a few ways.

How to Set a Clock on a Phone Screen

Integrated widget

A widget is a remote interface element that can be placed on the Android main screen. It could be:

By default, a clock widget is preinstalled in the system launcher, but it is hidden. To display it, perform a number of functions:

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Hold the blank area until the menu appears.
  3. Click Widgets.
  4. Select “Clock” and hold it until the main screen appears.
  5. Move the dial to the desired location.

3rd party applications

The advantages of individual applications are that they can be flexibly configured. Consider the most interesting of them.

Minimal clock

This widget is popular among users, and also has many settings.

  1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.jmt.clockwidget]
  2. Hold a blank area of ​​the screen until a menu appears → click Widgets.
  3. Find this application.
  4. Hold widget → drag to desktop area.
  5. A menu with settings appears, including:
    • time format;
    • battery display;
    • date format;
    • font style;
    • background color and battery;
    • and much more.
    • Click “Save” after completing the setup.
    • The configured clock will appear on the screen.


    A simple application with a minimalistic design and simple settings.

    1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.sunspock.miclock]
    2. Hold an empty area until the menu appears → click Widgets.
    3. Find MiClock.
    4. Hold the clock → move to an area of ​​the screen.
    5. A menu opens with the settings, including style and format.
    6. Click Continue.

    The dial will appear on your screen.

    Always on

    An analogue of the function that is present on Samsung devices with OLED displays. The essence of the application is that it displays time on a locked screen.

    1. Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.tomer.alwayson]
    2. Go to Always On → Follow the instructions.
    3. Settings will be displayed, among which the most important:
    • operating rules (battery usage, shutdown period, etc.);
    • gestures (actions after swipe, etc.);
    • dial settings (appearance);
    • power saving mode (protection against battery overheating).

      The application will start after the screen lock and will work in energy-efficient mode.

      Analog clock live

      The peculiarity of the application is that it installs a live wallpaper-clock on the screen of your device.

      1. Download and run the app. [Appbox googleplay com.analogclocklivewallpaper.analogclock]
      2. Press “Setting” → set the clock by specifying:
      • clock face;
      • color;
      • display of date, second hand.
    • Go back → “Set wallpaper”.
    • Click apply.
    • The clock will be displayed on the desktop instead of the background image.