How to send SMS from a computer


The OSSINFO site provides a wide range of functionality. In addition to the standard steps for entering a phone number and SMS text, you can turn on transliteration and set the sending time.

According to the terms of the site, the user must agree with the following points:

  • The message must comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of advertising and information
  • It is forbidden to use SMS-messages for advertising purposes
  • The service is not used for illegal purposes.


The resource allows you to send SMS within the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The system must recognize your operator in order to transfer the data. If the operator code is not in the site database, you will not be able to send the message.

The data for sending contains the recipient’s phone number, message text and signature. To confirm, you need to enter a test word. The maximum number of characters is 160.

How to send SMS from a Computer to any Mobile Number ?


On the home page, you will see two fields. In the first, we enter the recipient’s phone number, in the second. the text of the message. The limit for symbols is 60. To send to your phone, you need to go through confirmation by completing a simple puzzle. Under the terms of use, SMS is sent free of charge. The only thing that is required of the user is to view the advertisements on the site.

Sending SMS via online services

Online portals for sending messages from a computer ceased to be in demand after this function appeared in personal accounts on operators’ websites. Nevertheless, some of them are still working now. Here is a list of those currently available for use:


The site can be used by subscribers of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. For new clients, a small information field opens with tips. To send SMS, you need to enter a phone number and a message. Then the verification code and click the “Send” button.

The recipient will receive an SMS from the Internet. He will not know who sent it if he does not add his name to the text. After sending, the correspondence history will appear, where you can check the delivery status, delete the message, etc.

Bulk SMS

For large-scale sending of SMS to the phone from a computer, special Internet resources are used. They are needed to advertise a company, business, or any promotions. One of these sites is called “”. Here you will find all the necessary information on the newsletter and a price list. Free use is provided only for the first 50 days of testing.

Sending SMS through the website of a mobile operator

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get access to sending a message to your phone. Mobile providers have long opened personal accounts for their subscribers on their official websites. Personal account provides information on tariffs, rules of use, additional services, various promotions, etc.

In the list of services, you will see the function of sending SMS to the phone from the computer. The advantage of this method is simplicity, availability and free use. The only drawback is the limited number of characters of one SMS and paid messages to send to other operators.

Programs for transferring SMS from computer to phone

Dedicated attachments are another tool for sending emails. Among such programs, we will single out three:

  • iSendsms
  • Funny SMS
  • Yakoon.

They are all available online for free download. This is an alternative option to online resources, since their principle of operation is almost identical. The difference between desktop programs is that they have richer functionality, which includes MMS mailings, sending history, contacts, etc.

Send SMS for free. test our SMS service!

Ever since mobile phones appeared, SMS messaging has gained immense popularity all over the world. Sending SMS messages is now available to every cell phone owner.

Progress has reached the point that SMS can be sent free of charge and without having a phone at hand. Thanks to the expansion of SMS services, you can send SMS free of charge from a computer with Internet access. This is a great way to save money on your phone and in any situation bring important information to your clients, acquaintances or friends.

Sending SMS over the Internet is now not a problem. You only need to select the mobile operator of the desired region, go to its website and find a page for sending free SMS messages.

Using the links below, you can easily find pages from which you can organize SMS sending via the Internet to Beeline, Megafon and MTS numbers, respectively.

To send an SMS message to a federal number in the Russian Federation, you need to dial the subscriber’s number in the format 7 925 XXX XXXX.

However, what if you need to send bulk SMS messages? After all, all telecom operators, in order to protect mobile subscribers from spam, strictly limit the number of SMS sent free of charge via the Internet from one IP address. This can be both a limitation on the number of messages sent during the day (no more than 10 per day), and the frequency of sending. In this case, we recommend using a special program for bulk SMS mailings.

We offer you to download a free program for sending SMS for free (download is available after registration on the site). We use several SMS connections directly to telecom operators (without intermediaries), reaching the maximum speed and reliability of message delivery. Please note that connection to us is free of charge, there is no monthly fee.

You can send immediately after registration in any way convenient for you: through the website, through the web account, through the SMS AIR Sender program. We are always ready to go to a meeting, if you need additional messages for testing, just write or call us and we will top up your balance. You will be able to test the free SMS distribution on your test base.

When using SMS mailing over the Internet, you need to remember that the subscribers to whom you send your messages must give prior consent to receive information when you use mobile marketing. By registering on our site you consent to the user agreement, which regulates all possible controversial issues.

2.3.3) Sending free test SMS-mailings:

  • The ability to test sending SMS for free before concluding a contract;
  • Possibility to set the signature of the sender field;
  • Good speed of sending and delivering messages.
  • Free tests involve extremely small mailing volumes.

It does not matter which alternative mailing option you use, but in the case of SMS advertising mailings, you must first obtain the consent of subscribers to receive messages. Therefore, we recommend sending SMS messages through traditional distribution channels.

2.1.1) Sending SMS messages through the sites of mobile operators.

  • Is free
  • No contract with a mobile operator is required
  • Anonymity
  • Impossibility of bulk shipments
  • An advertisement of the telecom operator through which you send the message can be added to the message
  • Inability to use for commercial purposes.
  • Unable to set the signature of the sender field.

How to make SMS mailing for free

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of user requests on how to make a free SMS mailing.

  • SMS mailing for free
  • free SMS distribution over the Internet
  • free SMS messaging software
  • free bulk SMS

.There are similar requests from users who visit our site, for example, the last similar requests:

These requests are most often due to either the unwillingness to pay for SMS mailings at the official tariffs of telecom operators, which have grown either several times or tenfold in the last year, or the unwillingness to enter into formal contractual relations that will require compliance with Russian laws regarding liability for SPAM. inaccurate advertising, etc.

send, computer

2.2.2) Sending SMS messages from your phone or via GSM modem.

  • Cheap SMS delivery: sending is carried out according to your tariff;
  • There is no need to conclude a direct contract with a cellular operator;
  • The possibility of using for commercial purposes;
  • Ease of sending: no need for a program to send bulk SMS from a computer via the Internet
  • Impossibility of bulk sending: the speed of sending and the number of SMS are limited;
  • Unable to set the signature of the sender field.

.Disadvantages of traditional mailing channels:

Our company offers you a completely free test SMS-mailing!

How to send SMS messages? Testing the Intis.SMS service.

We will do SMS mailing using the Intis.SMS service, which is located at In my opinion, this is the most convenient and reliable service that has been operating for many years and is licensed to provide SMS messaging services. [NEW] Early 2019 F1 ratings: laptops, home routers, all-in-one printer, Power bank, SSD, Smart TV set-top boxes with 4K UHD support, gaming graphics cards, PC processors, Wi-Fi amplifiers, smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, tablets for Internet surfing, antiviruses Let’s first figure out what this SMS mailing is, what it is for, and then we’ll take a closer look at how to implement it.

What is SMS messaging?

To be honest, I don’t know how it sounds scientifically, but I think that in my own words it will be clearer. SMS messaging using the example of an Internet service is an opportunity to send SMS messages to your own database of numbers. over, if you use the Internet service for this, in our case Intis.SMS, then the mailing can be done almost instantly, using a very large database of numbers and from a substitute sender’s number, or instead of the number, enter the name of the company.

Agree that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to do this kind of work from a mobile phone. Here is a look at the advantages of the Intis.SMS service compared to a regular mobile phone.

As you can see, the benefits are very large, so don’t torture your phone :).

What is the purpose of sending bulk SMS messages??

Since I am engaged in the creation of sites, from my own experience I can say that a lot of services use SMS mailing to notify their customers, for example, that the balance in the system is running out. And this is very useful, because I may not see an e-mail, or it will just go to spam, but I always read SMS.

Remember I said that SMS messaging can be useful to absolutely everyone. So, in the Intis.SMS service you can create a message, specify the numbers and date of sending. And thereby to congratulate your friends, for example, Happy New Year. You can write Happy New Year, darling! and send to all the girls, just don’t get carried away :).

How to make an SMS mailing using the Intis.SMS service?

I think that theory is enough, let’s get down to business. But I also want to write a few words about the Intis.SMS service. I already wrote about the fact that the service is reliable and time-tested, let’s now see what it offers in terms of the implementation of SMS messaging and the convenience of its implementation. Just want to write about what I really liked. This is a calculator for calculating the cost of SMS messages on the main page

And the ability to implement sending SMS messages through an SMS gateway. That is, you can attach their module to your site or software product. To help programmers, engineers and system administrators there is a specification for integrating the functionality of sending SMS messages into any software, website, automation device, etc., as well as examples of implementing an SMS gate in PHP (Class sources), C # (dll form sources, Python, Per, Java, Delphi, Ruby GEM, VB.NET, 1C v8.1 (source form), 1C v8.2 (source form), 1C v7.7, Qt4 (including compilation for Unix, Windows, mac-OS), Jscript and Vbs.

In short, everything is done for the user, believe me it is noticeable right away.

In order to make a newsletter, you just need to register.

We go to and at the top click Start working. The page that will open in a few steps describes the registration instructions. For individuals, everything is very simple, click on the Register link. And for legal entities, a slightly different way of registration, everything is written in the instructions.

To register, fill out a simple form and click Finish.

We will immediately be redirected to our office, and we will see such a window. In which you need to enter the code that will come in an SMS message to the number specified during registration.

After activating your account, we immediately get access to your personal account. It looks very simple and understandable.

As you drive, there are a lot of all sorts of different functions and settings. We will look at how to compose and send an SMS message. By the way, immediately after registration, the system allows you to send 10 SMS for free in Russia and 6 in Ukraine. And you can replenish your balance in many ways, just click on the link Click here to replenish your account in the upper right corner.

To quickly send an SMS, in the SMS field we write our message, and below in the Enter number field, enter the recipient’s number, and click Send. The message comes very quickly, I tried to send myself :).

If you want to change the sender’s name, then go to the Sender List tab and add the name or number, no more than 11 characters.

Something like this, I will not describe all the capabilities of the system, because it will take a very long time and you will most likely get tired of reading :).

Now you know how to make an SMS mailing, and inform your clients about a new promotion, or simply congratulate your loved ones. As always, I am waiting for questions and wishes in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good luck!

How to Send/Receive Text Messages from Computer

How to make an SMS mailing. detailed instructions

Registration window in the SMS mailing service After registration, go to your personal account and go to the SMS mailing section. Add recipients. Create an address book:

Adding SMS recipients The number of numbers is not limited, you can sort recipients by groups. To do this, go to the “Address Books” tab, click on the “Add Address Books” button and enter a name. Add phone numbers to the created address book. Several options are available: download numbers manually; import from file; paste from clipboard. We compose an SMS for extraterrestrial civilizations: the text of the message So, you almost went into outer space, but the most important thing is yet to come. the compilation of the message itself. Make sure that it is really of high quality, otherwise it is unlikely that anyone will respond to it. The SMS should demonstrate that you have come in peace. Otherwise, your potential clients will regard it as an attempt to infiltrate their privacy and seize their territories. And then get ready for a war with disgruntled recipients. But for a client to really be interested in your offers, they must be relevant. To do this, you must first segment the target audience. divide it into groups. To write a message via the Internet, go to the “Send SMS” tab. On this page you can enter text and see how it will look on the recipient’s phone.

Adding the text of the SMS message Final countdown and launch: proceed to the mailing list It’s time to move on to the mailing list itself. Enter the sender’s name. If you have not managed to register your alpha name, then messages will be sent from a common name from the options provided by the system. In the Recipients drop-down list, select the address book you created earlier. You can select one or several recipient lists. Schedule your dispatch time. In the “Additional options” the following sending options are available: “immediately”, “delay sending” and “on schedule”.

Final equipment check before takeoff: See if everything is entered correctly. We confirm the shipment. Analysis of SMS messaging results. After sending, you automatically go to the statistics page, where you see a detailed report of sending SMS in real time. Sending SMS mailing To test the service you have 10 free SMS. You can calculate the cost of the campaign and pay for the service at any time before sending it. Now you know how to make SMS campaigns yourself. You can see the process of sending messages visually in

As you can see, it is not difficult to send an SMS from your computer to your phone. If you still have any questions or problems, please contact Support. Our experts will tell you how to send bulk SMS and will promptly answer any question. Successful flight!

How to create bulk SMS using your phone and PC?

I have an unlimited tariff plan on my phone and unused SMS messages remain on it. Is it possible to send bulk SMS messages, for example, to congratulate your friends on a holiday??

There are phones from Nokia, which have the function of automatic SMS distribution for certain groups of subscribers. If your phone is from another company or you do not want to knock your contacts in the phone into groups, and also clog the phone’s memory with sent SMS messages, then you can connect your phone to the computer. If you want to know how to send SMS from computer to phone for free or how to send SMS from computer for free, we recommend using the Juice SMS program.

The Java Runtime Environment must be installed for the program to work. After the program is installed on your computer, you will need to do the following:

You need to create an association between the file executable by the program (it is located at C: Program FilesBeliever SoftwareJuiceSMS LiteJuiceSMSLite.jar) and the Java Runtime Environment :. right-click on the desired JuiceSMSLite.jar file and you need to click on the “Open with. Select program” item ;. click on the Browse button file C: Program FilesJavajre6binjavaw.jar;

Then connect your phone to a computer in PC Suite mode, and you can also connect it to a modem;

It is necessary to unload all other applications from the computer, because they can use the phone;

Then launch the Juice SMS software and find your connected phone in the settings, select it;

Go to the menu, select import from Excel document to import the address book. In addition, you can make settings for the position of columns in the Excel document and the fields in the Juice SMS software;

To create an automatic mailing list, click on the item: Create mailing list;

Then select the names and the list of your subscribers for whom SMS messages will be sent (such a combination as CTRLA does not work in this program, you need to use the selection by clicking the mouse or pressing the CTRLSHIFT buttons on the keyboard);

Next, you enter the text that will be sent in the message and click Save;

To send messages, click on the mailing list you have saved in the menu and click on the Send button.

After completing all the steps described, you will know exactly how to send SMS to phones from a computer.

Benefits of Atomic SMS:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Two types of interface: professional and simplified.
  • Ease of installation and settings: just enter your username and password into the Atomic SMS system, and in just a minute you will be able to send messages.
  • Installation of the program is free, you pay only for the sent SMS.

Main features of Atomic SMS:

  • SMS service allows you to send both single and bulk SMS directly from your computer.
  • Ability to set any alphanumeric sender name (SMS can be sent from any phone number or from any name, for example: MSN, Delivery, etc.).
  • SMS delivery reports.
  • Checking account balance.
  • Startup service when you turn on the computer.
  • Portability: the distribution package of the program can be copied and transferred to another computer.

Screenshots of Atomic SMS

Enter the sender’s name, enter the recipients’ phone numbers and the message text:

Enter your profile credentials: email and password. Register if you don’t have an account yet.

Other parameters can be set by clicking “Advanced parameters” in the “Settings” window.

SMS messaging software

Atomic SMS: universal and easy-to-use software for sending bulk SMS over the Internet directly from your computer. The program sends SMS messages through the gateway of the Atomic SMS service, which in turn guarantees a high percentage of message delivery.

Register on the site to take advantage of all the benefits of the Atomic SMS service. Free registration takes less than a minute.

Internet Messaging Program. Video Atomic SMS

Try Atomic SMS for free today!

Activate your account and get 10 free SMS

Click the Download button and then Save in the dialog box. Loading will happen automatically

I recommend this program to everyone who needs a program for sending SMS from a computer: Atomic SMS. Advantages: 1) easy to install, straight for “dummies”; 2) does not require prepayment before installation-post

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