How to send photos from iPhone to iPhone

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone

There are two operating systems Android and iOS for mobile devices. Despite some similarities, they are unique to Google and Apple. To transfer photos to the iPhone, you can use third-party applications or built-in functions. Standard ways do not give the desired result due to the fact that Apple actively fights content piracy.

Transferring photos directly to Android is not as easy as it should be. This is due to the restrictions that Apple puts on such operations to combat piracy.

Instructions for the transfer of files and photos begins with the activation of Bluetooth. To do this, simply open the quick settings panel and press the activation button. Next steps:

  • Checking the “visible to another device” function is checked. Otherwise, the gadget will not appear in the list of available.
  • On Android, select the File Manager application and open the DCIM folder. It is there to store the data captured by the built-in camera.
  • A long press on a particular file automatically creates a checkmark. In doing so, there are numerous choices.
  • To bypass the security, both devices are connected to a laptop. Use the wired method. The latest operating system has a “Start” button, on clicking on which the icons of the two smartphones will appear. Select the “Share” icon, and then a list of available options will appear.
  • The menu selects the iPhone cell phone when you connect multiple. If you do not have it, you will have to update it until you are connected.

Using your computer to transfer files is easy. This is the same way to transfer photos or move and other content.

How to Download a Photo to iPhone via iTunes?

Before you start transferring photos in the official way. That is, via iTunes. You need to make a number of preparatory steps:

  • Download and install the latest version of the mediacombine. You can download the program by following this link.
  • Connecting iPhone to PC with a USB cable.
  • Collect all the photos you want to transfer to the iPhone memory into one folder on your computer.

Copying photos to the “apple” device from different folders is impossible. This is one of the significant drawbacks of this method.

After completing the preparatory steps, you can proceed to the data transfer procedure:

Open iTunes and go to the device management menu. Click on the button with a picture of a smartphone.

In the “Settings” box, select the “Photos” tab.

Check the “Synchronize” box.

In the “Copy photos from:” menu, click on “Select folder”.

Use “Explorer” to locate the folder on your PC that contains the pictures you want to transfer to your iPhone.

If the folder also contains video files that you would also like to copy to your cell phone, check the “Include in video sync” box in iTunes.

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Click the “Apply” button.

Wait until synchronization is complete, then go to the “Photos” app on your iPhone. There you will see the folder with the pictures you copied.

Photos downloaded to the iPhone via iTunes can not be deleted in the standard way. If you open any of these photos you will see that the trashcan icon is no longer in its usual place.

You’ll also need to use the media combobox to delete them. Just uncheck “Synchronize” in the “Photos” tab and start the synchronization process by pressing “Apply” button. The folder with the photos will disappear from the memory of your mobile device.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. Via iCloud

Consider the best way when you don’t need to use the same Apple ID account on two devices. That’s how you can share your iCloud pictures to anyone. Plus, this way you can download old photos from iCloud to your new iPhone.

Open the browser on your phone, preferably Safari, and go to https://www.Icloud.Com/photos/. Sign in with your Apple ID.

How to send / transfer high quality photos videos and files from Android to iPhone vice versa

Click the “Select” button, select the photos you want, and click the pass icon in the lower left corner. Next, choose how you want to share: mail or link. In our case. Click that you want to get the link.

A special link will be generated, copy it and send it to a second smartphone. For example, just by telegram message.

Once the user on the second smartphone opens the link, he can download the pictures sent to himself.

Algorithm for transferring pictures using iTunes

Itunes program is used to manage the music content and allows you to both open the iPhone on your computer and move files to your hard drive.

To work in Windows, the application must be installed separately. On the official Apple website there is a distribution package, which must be downloaded and installed.

There are five steps to transfer media content.

  • Connect your phone via USB.
  • Open iTunes. System asks for security code.

If the iPhone is set to sync with iCloud, the iTunes program, to copy media, redirect the user to the cloud.

With the help of applications

There are special apps that help you send information. For example, you can use Send Anywhere.

Install and run the application on both devices: SA for Android and SA for iPhone.

Choose the photos you want to send in the application and click on “Send. This will open a window with a QR code.

How To Transfer from iPhone to iPhone. Contacts, Pictures, Videos &

On the second phone, go to “Get” and scan the QR code. The data transfer will start, wait for it to finish.

Send iPhone photos to iPhone via

Besides messengers, social networks, including VK, help to perform the operation on photo exchange. If you use this resource, it takes a few simple steps to send one or more pictures:

send, photos, iphone

In a couple of seconds, the recipient can view the photo sent to them. However, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the photo will be slightly reduced due to the peculiarities of VK servers. The same goes for messengers and other social networks.

The way

The second option, how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, involves using iCloud. To do this, you need to create a backup copy in the settings.

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to settings. Your name. Icloud. Backup. If you are operating a device with the operating system iOS 10.2 or another earlier one, then the process of creating a copy is a little easier. Go to settings. Icloud. Backup.

Once the copy of the necessary files has been created, move on to transferring the data:

  • Connect your new smartphone to a wireless internet network.
  • Follow all instructions until you see “Programs and data” and press “Restore from iCloud”.

Now your photos, music, pictures, programs and other files are in the new device. You can also upload photos to your computer using the same method.

If you want to erase all the data from the previous version of the phone, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset.”. “Erase content and settings. After that, the smartphone will be completely cleared, it will restart and the screen will show the greeting.

Transferring via PC

To conclude, let’s mention the old and well-known to many method of transferring photos to the device via computer.

  • First of all make sure that all necessary photos are copied from iPhone to PC to transfer them to another iPhone. You can transfer your photos to a PC using a USB connection. Connect the iPhone to the computer and copy the files, following the system’s instructions. Or, if your files are in some cloud storage (e.G. Google.Photo, Yandex.Disk, etc.Д.). Open a server on the computer and save files from there. Then choose a way to transfer photos via PC to another iPhone:
  • If you have uploaded your photos to a cloud service like Yandex or Google. Simply download the appropriate app to the new iPhone, and access the photos;
  • You can send files via email (see.The previous chapter);
  • It is possible to transfer files from PC to iPhone via iTunes (the program must already be installed on the computer). 1. To transfer photos, we create a separate folder on the computer, where we put all the necessary photos. Then connect the iPhone to the PC via USB connection and start iTunes on the computer. The synchronization process will start.
  • Click on our iPhone icon in the upper right corner of the iTunes app to access its memory. Then, select the “Photos” tab in the program:

Click on the “Photos” tab in iTunes to transfer the photos to the iPhone

  • To transfer the photos, check the box next to “Synchronize photos from. “Then we need to select the folder from which we will transfer the photos to the iPhone. After that, click “Done” in the corner of the screen and wait for the synchronization process to complete.
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Choose where we will synchronize photos from, then press Done