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No matter how you paint your captured in an e-mail, anyway there will be no words to depict it in detail in front of the addressee. Yes, and the good old wise truth says the same thing: “It’s better to see a little time than to listen or read hundreds of times.” No, of course, textual information does not hurt. But anyway…. The file attached to the email will in this case be the highlight that will leave a lasting impression after reading it. Or maybe it will bring some long-awaited clarity to the virtual conversation (or even a dispute!).

This article will tell you how to send by e-mail of large and small sizes from your computer or file storage and how to send a link to a posted on any site. By the way, all these operations can be performed without much difficulty! There is an e-mail, so why not use it 100%.

Sending files on popular email services

Even if you use e-mail, which is not covered in this article, you should not think that you will not be able to “forward” the via e-mail. It will even work out, believe me. For at each service this procedure is carried out in almost the same way.


To forward the to Mile.Ru, do this:

1. In the form for sending a message, click the “Attach file” button (it is located under the “Subject” line).

How to Send Email From a Phone

2. In the window that appears, click on the disk partition in the left pane, and then the folder in which the is stored.

3. Left-click on the file that you want to download, and click “Open.”

4. Wait until the is downloaded.

5. Send a letter to the addressee (“Send” button).


1. At the bottom of the form to send a message, click “Attach files.”

2. Open the folder, left-click to select a file. Its name should appear in the “Name.” field.

3. Click “Open.”

4. After downloading, send the letter with the clip to the addressee.


1. In the service profile, click “Write.”

2. Fill in the form fields (recipient address, heading, letter text).

3. In the bottom row of buttons, click “paper clip”.

4. Go to the directory with the file, select it with a mouse click.

5. Click “Open.”

6. Click on the “Submit” button in the form to activate the forwarding of the letter.

If the is posted on the site.

Naturally, you do not need to download it to send it to your friends, relatives and just acquaintances by e-mail. In this case, you need to copy the link to the and send it in a letter.

“Mining” links

You can get, or rather copy, the URL in several ways:

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1. On the page with the, insert the cursor into the address bar of the browser. If the link is not highlighted, press “Ctrl A” (Select All). Then copy it: without removing the cursor from the line, press “Ctrl C” (Copy).

2. Use the special option on the site.

For example, on a YouTube hosting link is provided in the “Share” section.

And on Vimeo, to get the URL, click the Share button.

The link is in the “Link” field on the additional panel.

Submit Link. Mail.Ru

1. In the functional panel above the field for placing the message text, click the additional menu “” with a mouse click.

2. In the list, select “Link”.

3. In the panel that appears, paste the copied link in the first line (CtrlV), and in the second line type the text. Anchor for the link (for example, “Watch this”). After entering the data, click “Add”.

Upon completion of the operation, the text with an active link to the will be displayed in the letter. To get acquainted with it, the recipient will only need to click on the anchor in the letter (highlighted link).


1. Complete the message with an offer to watch the.

2. While holding the left mouse button, move the cursor over it to make the letters stand out.

3. Click the link button in the top panel.

4. Paste the copied URL. Click OK.

5. After entering the URL in the letter, the anchor links to the highlighted in color will appear.


1. In the additional functions panel, click the “link” button.

2. Paste the link and enter the anchor text. Click ok.

3. Click “Submit.”

What if the is big?

If you want to share a of 1, 2, or even 3, 5 GB, you need to use the file storage service: “upload” the file to it, copy the link to download it and send it by e-mail. The recipient clicks on it with the mouse and safely downloads the from the storage to his PC.

The procedure for downloadings and getting links to services is slightly different.


1. In the top menu of the profile, click the “Cloud” section.

2. Click Download.

3. In the panel, click “Select Files”.

4. Specify in the system window the that you want to download, and then click “Open.”

5. At the end of the download, click the “Get Link” button at the top of the page.

6. In the “Link to file” window, click the “Copy” button.

7. Paste the received URL into a message explaining its purpose.


1. In the e-mail account, in the top menu, click “Disk”.

2. In the repository, click the “Download” button.

3. Select the “uploaded” file with a click.

4. In the panel located on the right side of the page, in the Share Link box, click the mouse to move the switch to the On position.

5. In the next line, copy the download link.


1. On the page of the mailbox, in the upper right corner, click the “square block” icon.

2. In the tiled services menu, click the “Disk” icon.

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3. On the right side of the “Create” button, click on the “My Drive” menu.

4. In the list, select “Upload files.” or “. Folder” (if you want to download the entire folder with files).

5. Once the download is complete, click once on the folder or file in the storage panel.

6. Click the link button in the panel located at the top right.

7. In the pop-up block, in the line “Access.”, click the switch to the position “. Enabled”.

8. Copy the download URL that appears.

In addition to the storage of mail services, you can also use other resources: hosting, file sharing, cloud services. The principle of working with them is exactly the same: uploading a → receiving a download link → sending the copied link to the addressee.

For example, DropMeFiles service allows you to send up to 50 GB. To use it, do the following:

Thanks to modern technology, we can perform actions that seemed fantastic even fifty years ago: being many thousands of kilometers apart, we communicate as if there is no distance. Sometimes it is necessary not to lose the result of this communication. Therefore, it is so important for us to know how to save correspondence in WhatsApp.

When sending information through this service, the data is subjected to special encryption processing, thanks to which it is protected from theft. Therefore, if you want to keep the correspondence in Vatsap, you need to know some features of working with such files.

To find out if Watsup can be hacked, read our article.

How to save WhatsApp correspondence to a computer?

There are several ways to keep correspondence in Votsap. With some messages are saved as encrypted files and it is impossible to read them or even just open them without the Vatsap application. This method is called backup. Another method allows you to save information in the form of readable files, but in Vatsap they will not open anymore.

The latter variety includes saving correspondence to a computer. As a result, you will receive files in the formats.Txt.Pdf.Gif and so on, which can be opened on a laptop or computer, but cannot be returned to Vatsap.

In order to save WhatsApp history from iPhone, Android and other devices to your computer, you need to use sending emails to chats. This method is described in some detail below.

How to save WhatsApp messages when changing phone?

This method is called backup and allows you to transfer information again to Vatsap when changing the phone. It’s best to copy files to the cloud, although on some devices there’s a way to save WhatsApp messages on your phone.

For smartphones created on the basis of different operating systems, the methods differ slightly, so choose the brand of your device below and follow the instructions.

Windows phone

You can save the conversation in vosap on this device using OneDrive. But, your phone should not be older than version 8.1, otherwise nothing will work.

  • Log into WhatsApp and open “Settings”;
  • Choose “Chats and calls”;
  • Touch the inscription “Backup”;
  • You can also save media files by ticking “Add to backup”;
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  • Click on the “Copy” button and wait for it to finish.

On the new Windows Phone, install the Vatsap program and enter it under the same number. On the offer of the system to restore the backups, give your consent.


First you need to find out if you have an account on iCloud, and if not, then create it. Now you can proceed directly to copying information.

  • In WhatsApp you need to find the application control panel (usually in the upper right corner) and touch the word “Settings”;
  • In the settings, find “Chats” and enter there;
  • Open the item “Copy”;
  • Touch the Create Copy virtual button and wait a bit until the copy is complete.
  • If you want to save and other media files as well, check the corresponding box.

Now, when you log into WhatsApp on a new phone under an old account, the application itself will offer you to download the conversation back to WhatsApp from iCloud. You only need to confirm your consent with a single tap on the screen.

To find out how to transfer Vatsap from iPhone to Android, you can read our article.


On phones on this platform, backing up Vatsap files is best done on a virtual Google Drive, which is related to your main Google account.

  • In the Vatsap application, open “Settings” and select “Chats” there.
  • Log in to Chat Backup.
  • In the settings of Google Drive, select the account where you want to save the conversation.
  • Now touch the words “Backup to Google Drive” and select the backup time. When you click on backup.
  • Check the box next to “Save” if you really want to save it.
  • Click on the “Backup” button and wait for the process to complete.

In the new phone, you can log in to Vatsap under the same number and restore copies from the virtual disk.

How to send WhatsApp correspondence to e-mail?

To transfer your messages via e-mail to another medium, you need to go into the application and follow these steps:

  • In the upper right corner, click on the panel with three dots. You will see the application menu.
  • Select the “Settings” item in it.
  • Touch the inscription Chats.
  • Touch the Chat History option.
  • Now find “Email“. All chats will open for you to choose. They need to be sent one at a time.
  • If some chat is not completely forwarded, then its length exceeds the possible size for sending by e-mail. You will be able to check exactly which messages have arrived and, having deleted the received messages from the chat, try to send it again.

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