How to send an empty message from the phone

How to make empty messages. How to send a blank message to

How to write a blank message in VK? Very rarely do users have the need to prepare a send without text. For this purpose it is necessary to know a special code of an empty.

This feature is of no practical use. It may be needed in the following cases:

  • The user has nothing to say.
  • You can use this option to express your emotions.
  • As a joke. A friend will think the message just didn’t go through.

You can identify other situations in which such a function is useful. But its real usefulness is highly questionable. That’s why few people use it in the future.

How to send a blank SMS from Android

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Sending a blank SMS from Android is very easy, and it only costs 30 cents. Yes, it is really very cheap, because sending a blank SMS from Android is done using the internet. What do you need to send a blank SMS from Android? First, you need to go to the site U-SMS, which has some links to special programs to send SMS. You can also download the program U-SMS for your smartphone, which was developed by our compatriot. It is important to choose the version of the program that is suitable for your version of the firmware of the device. Otherwise it will not work. Next, when you have already installed and downloaded the program to your smartphone, you need to go to the settings and specify the password that you have already received, as well as your phone number. In the “To” column, write the number of the subscriber to whom you want to send a blank SMS from Android. Just below you can write or not to write the text of the message. The first few messages are absolutely free, so to speak, for the test program. Then you can add money to your personal U-SMS account and send as many SMS as you want, as long as the account allows. The advantage of this service is a friendly web interface. Using the web interface you can create a mass mailing of messages and send a message to multiple recipients. You can access this interface via the homepage. Also in the program you can highlight the following advantages: 1. Great for older but reliable phones. Ease of operation through the service is amazing. Sometimes the phone itself can “glitch”, but thanks to this service you can easily and comfortably send a blank SMS from Android. And it costs a mere 30 kopecks per SMS. Very profitable.

SMS can be sent to some CIS countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus.ะต. The service works not only in Russia.The only slight confusion is that there are no special updates on the developer’s website and there is only one e-mail for communication or additional questions. We can only hope that the site will work in the future and also well promote and update their software product. If you will download this program and will use it, then you can be sure that you will not regret and will always have a great result in sending blank SMS from Android.

They know and they are struggling

The Central Bank did not answer Izvestia’s question about measures to combat the use of virtual cards and services to transfer from “plastic” to “plastic. In Yandex.Dengi, QIWI and Webmoney did not tell Izvestia how often they are approached by law enforcement agencies to identify users who received funds by fraud, or whether they block their cards. However, the press service of Yandex.Dengi press service said that they assist investigators in solving such cases within the framework of legal procedures. Judicial practice shows that in some cases, with the participation of credit institution the money to the victim can be returned.

Despite the fact that SMS is not such a popular type of information transfer as messengers, they continue to be used. But sometimes users face a situation when sent SMS are blanks.

This problem usually occurs when sending messages in Russian. Sometimes the recipient receives totally empty messages, messages with question marks instead of words, and in other cases he receives only punctuation marks. When sending messages in English, everything works correctly.

This problem occurs due to the use of different encodings when sending SMS. If the sender device uses one encoding and the recipient device uses a different one, the recipient device will not be able to recognize the message text.

often this problem occurs with Xiaomi devices. But regardless of the model and brand of the device the problem can be solved very easily.

Why are there symbols in the text??

Although the mechanism of sending an e-mail is simple, users are sometimes confused. Especially if they see the following after clicking the “Send” button:

Seeing this, the main thing is not to panic. And certainly do not take for granted that you can no longer trust instructions from the Internet. The “trick” really worked. To see for yourself, simply refresh the page. And then the message, as promised, will be empty.

Yes, sometimes crashes can occur, but only at the sender. The recipient will never see what combination of characters was sent.

How to send an empty message

Hello! I know what you’re doing, but I often come across these questions while surfing the net, especially on various forums and projects. Everyone was suggesting some kind of left-handed ways, which had to be done in several steps, downloading music, then deleting it, and so on. It’s actually all confusing and long. It’s not just about empty messages to private messages, but also to the wall and even the name.

The principle of sending empty messages: when you send a message, write: and your interlocutor will receive an empty message.

By the same token, as mentioned above, you can leave blank messages on the wall, make notes without titles, videos without titles, and more. In general, feel free to use and discuss on the forum before this feature was shut down, and hope that this useless thing will serve us for a long time yet.

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Everything works just not on all phones

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From the phone

To send a text message from a smartphone is necessary:

“Look at me

So, before we get down to parsing our question today, let’s take a look at why we need to send blank messages. After all, if something can be done, there must be a point to the action.

And indeed, messages like this. this is the most successful way to remind your friends of yourself without using annoying phrases like “how are you?”. So, if you are wondering how to send a blank message to “VK” as a “beacon”, you can be sure, you will definitely be able to cope with the task. But very often other users may think that such tricks are just a system glitch and pay no attention to you.

In fact, the ability to send empty emails. It is nothing more than the most common bug of the social network. However, so far it has not been “covered”. Most likely, no one will fix this “feature”, because there is no harm from these messages. Unless empty “phrases” will begin to annoy. Let’s see how to send an empty message to “VK”.

Purposes and reasons for writing

The purpose of such messages is not known. Most send them off as a joke. Some to attract the attention of a friend or user. The same way the method works from the mobile application

“Invisible” messages are also left on the wall. Even the name of the user in a social network can be made exactly the same, just for fun.

The codes do not carry any special meaning or illegal actions, so no bans or blockings are issued.

However, sometimes, when you send a combination of code, the characters will be displayed. There is nothing wrong with it, and the person you are talking to will see the empty lines anyway. And the characters you entered will also disappear. What does this have to do with. unknown.

So, with the help of a little trick users make fun of their friends. Or they try to start a new acquaintance, not being afraid to seem like a banal person and not starting a dialogue with hackneyed phrases and expressions. It’s hard to find another use for it.

Hello! Today we are going to analyze one more trick of the social network We will talk about how you can send blank messages to other users of the social network. It’s indispensable if you want to kill some time and make fun of your friends) But personally I haven’t found anything useful in this trick, but never mind.

What’s so complicated about it, because you can send the usual space, you’d think. No, nothing like that, they just won’t let you send. The developers of the social network took care that all unnecessary spaces are trimmed, and you have one. Naturally, the gap will be cut off and the message is left blank, and this can not be sent.

In connection with this, you need to send not the space itself, but its code. will let the space code through without cutting it, and it will be displayed as a space in the dialogs and the space will seem empty. Let’s move on to practice.

Open your page and go to his list of friends. Opposite to the desired friend click on the link “Write soo”.

We pop up a pop-up window for entering text. Our space code looks like this:

There we write it and click on the “Send” button.

We look at the dialogs and see that the last message we sent was empty, there is not a single character.

If you have a code sent instead of text. do not worry, just refresh the page or log out and log in again and everything will be fine. In any case, the text you sent to the person will appear to be empty.