How to send a video from a computer in WhatsApp. On a mobile iOS device

How to send a video from a computer in WhatsApp

Subscribers of the Messenger WotSAP can exchange information using application options installed on various devices. Computer holders have the opportunity to send messages to any service subscribers. This material contains instructions that allows the owners of gadgets with various operating rooms to send and receive messages through the Messenger Wottsap.

The basic method used by PC users to send messages through VOTSAP is to use standard program options.

The following are recommendations for Windows and Mac OS.

The owners of computers with the “apple” operating room should apply the following procedure:

Computer owners working on the Windows system should use the following algorithm:

  • Go through the browser to the official page of the service.
  • Click on the “Download” icon on the panel at the top.
  • Mark the correct version of the operating room.
  • Wait the end of the installation of the program, then start the file launch.

Further actions are related to the passage of the authentication procedure. It should be remembered that the computer version of WhatsApp is available only for users who previously installed the program on a smartphone. The user should take the following steps:

  • Run the program.
  • Dial the phone number.
  • Enter access code from SMS.
  • Perform scanning QR code that appeared on the screen. To do this, open the application parameters menu, go to the WhatsApp Web block and slip on the line “scan”. Further actions are performed using a telephone video camera.

The computer version of the application can be used similarly to the mobile service version:

  • The section of dialogs is located on the left side of the screen.
  • To start communication, you should note the desired chat or use the search line to go to the chosen conversation.
  • Inside the selected dialogue, add the text of the letter, attaching a multimedia investment. If necessary, the user can add a sticker for a more complete expression of the relationship of the message.

Through Web version

If the user does not provide for frequent use of the messenger, you can refuse to download the application, limiting yourself to the web version of WhatsApp.

For the correct functioning of the online version of VOTSAP, you need to install the application on the mobile device in advance and have access to the charged phone.

Sending messages from a computer via WhatsApp using the online version should start with authorization in the service. This follows:

  • Go to the official page of the service using one of the browsers.
  • Click on the icon “Web version” on the panel at the top of the screen.
  • Activate QR code. Open VOTSAP on the phone, go to the settings menu, go to the WhatsApp Web item and perform codes scan in accordance with the instructions.

After completing the procedure for entering the web version, sending messages from a computer through VotsAP looks completely simple:

  • Go into the right chat.
  • Write a message inside the text line.
  • Add attached multimedia file using the “paper clip” icon.
  • Send a message by clicking on the symbol “Airpower”.

Sending a message to the subscriber VOTSAP using the application web version will take no more than a dozen seconds. Service tunes is required to communicate with a smartphone.

Why is it not completely sent to WhatsApp video?

If the video file exceeds the requirements of the WATSAPP, only part of the sent video can be sent. The application will offer to cut the file to the desired size. Or the messenger will give a message about memory insufficiency. Correct such a situation can download the video for hosting or compression of the file to the required size.

To send a long video to WatsApp, you need to upload it to video hosting or other site, then copy and send a link to it. Several ways are used to transmit long videos. First, popular YouTube video hosting. Secondly, you can download the video on the Google disk, yandex disk, iCloud disk and so on, depending on the smartphone platform and personal preferences of the user. You can also add videos on social networks, for example, classmates or. and then send a link to them.

How to reduce (squeeze) video for Watsap?

You can squeeze a video for sending via WatsApp using additional programs. Finding services is quite simple. In the online store of the platform there are Video Compressor programs for iPhone or Video Supervision for Android. You need to install them on the phone, then select the video of interest from the rollers of the Gallery of the device and press the “compression”, noting the necessary size. After conducting these actions, a processed video can be sent using WhatsApp.

In addition to sending your own videos or videos found on the Internet, you can send files sent by interlocutors. In order to do this, you need to open the chat, squeeze the right video until it is highlighted in blue, and press the button to forward (usually the icon of the unfolding arrow). Next, select in the list of contacts of the interlocutor to whom the video will be sent and send.

Sending objects

You can send a file on WhatsApp from a computer by clicking on the paperwork icon to the left of the field for entering the text. On the screen there will appear options:

  • Photo and video. The “conductor” will open, where you need to choose the right object for sending.
  • Camera. When choosing this option, you need to allow the use of the camera. An image will appear on the screen. To capture it, you should click on the sign of the camera. If the picture turned out to be unsuccessful, you must click on the inscription “Revive”. Before sending to the photo, you can add only a text message.
  • Document. The option is similar to the first.
  • Contact. A window with a list of contacts using the messenger will open. You can send data from one or more users. The card will display a name, avatar and phone number. Below are two available actions: “Write” and “Add to the group”.
  • Room. The function of creating a separate conversation is available to Messenger users.

Important! To send an audio file, you need to select “Documents”. The mp3 dialog will not be available for listening, only for downloading.

WhatsApp supports sending the main types of media and documents. If the object cannot be transferred due to an unacceptable format or large size, you can use the cloud storage. The most popular service is Google disc.

Instructions for sending a file through a cloud:

send, video, computer, whatsapp, mobile, device
  • Go to the Google disk https: // www.Google.COM/Drive. click on the inscription “Open the disk”, enter the Google account.
  • Click on the “Create” button in the upper left corner of the page, select the option “upload files”, find the object through the “conductor”.

Useful tips


If you need to send a file whose expansion is not supported in WhatsApp, you can use not only Google disk, but also services for converting. On the site https: // www.Online-Convert.COM/RU Available converting most formats.


Do not try to send an empty message. Such a function in WhatsApp is not supported. An empty dialog box can be displayed on the screen due to a malfunction of the messenger or due to the fact that the system cannot read the symbol. The sign can be copied and sent to another contact, but not the fact that he will not be displayed.

In WhatsApp on a computer you can exchange SMS, main types of files, as well as contacts. Text messages are not limited by the number of characters, the maximum size of the media or document 64 MB.

Using the BlueStacks emulator

BlueStacks is a tool that allows you to launch Android mobile applications on your computer with Windows. You can synchronize your applications and services on different devices if Bluestacks is tied to your account on your mobile phone.

Before installing, check out the minimum settings necessary on PC to install the tool.

  • Download the BlueStacks emulator to your computer.
  • In the instrument window that opens, accept the Privacy Policy and service conditions.
  • In the next window of the installed software, enter the user name and password for your Google account.
  • After confirming the account, click the Google Play icon in the application and write “WhatsApp” in the search field.
  • When the WhatsApp Messenger file appears, click “Install”.
  • After installation, the application window will open, and the emulator will request a phone number to send the code by SMS.
  • Then enter the code obtained by SMS in the required field, and Watsap will be activated on the BlueStacks emulator.
send, video, computer, whatsapp, mobile, device

If the user has a backup copy of contacts in his Google account, WhatsApp automatically synchronizes them. If there are no copies, you will have to enter all your contacts manually. This is done in the same way as in the WhatsApp application on the phone.

To send the file to the recipient, drag the desired content from your computer to the Bluestacks window. Then open the recipient’s account account, press the bracket, select the “Gallery” icon in the new window (select the “Document” to send the file). Then click the file that you want to send, it will open in the recipient window. If necessary, text is added to it and content can be sent.

How to send a video from VK contact or YouTube to WhatsApp

Sending video materials from the social network differs from the exchange inside the messenger. To send a video from VK, you need to enter the section with the videos, find the one you want to share and open. Next, click on the upper menu of the screen on the label in the form of an arrow to the right, copy the displayed link to the video. Now go to WhatsApp, open the dialogue with the addressee and insert a copied link into the text field into the sent message.

A similar method is used to send video from YouTube. Instagram, Weiber, social networks and instant messengers. It is enough to find and open the desired video, slip onto the label in the form of an arrow from right to left, copy the link. Next, open a dialogue with the right interlocutor in Vatzap, insert a copied link in the message field and send the addressee.

How to convey a long video

If necessary, send a long video in WhatsApp from above the software limit, use one of the options:

  • Upload a large media file into the cloud service used (Google.Disk, Yandes.Disk, etc. P.) and send a link to the addressee.
  • You can download content into social networks or on YouTube and transfer the link by WhatsApp.
  • Divide the video into several parts, and send in the desired sequence.
  • Apply video compression using a special program. converter. Examples of converters: “Video Compressor”, Freemake Video Converter, Media Coder. Convert Video Online.

Second way: opening WhatsApp online

You can send a picture, gif or other file with a web version of the WhatsApp program. There are no differences in two these methods. In order to activate the online mode for the messenger, you need to perform the following stages:

Now it is convenient to continue communication in correspondence, attaching any media files. They can easily download on the computer in the future.

Third way: installing an emulator Nox

Using a visualization tool, it is convenient to find the necessary installer and activate it on PC. WhatsApp will work similarly. Therefore, sending SMS to the chat will not be difficult. Let’s perform all the settings step by step.

  • Click the Start button, wait for the Android visualizer loading. We go to Play Market, find WhatsApp in the messenger and install it in the emulator.

After that, you can use a messenger for standard correspondence between contacts or sending files of different formats.

Good to know! When trying to send files to the phone, it must be taken into account that their size is permissible for sending.

How to throw files with PC on WhatsApp?

Users can send the necessary files from a personal computer to the WhatsApp application. At the same time, program customers can use options that are suitable for conditions and preferences. Among the available options can be noted:

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web. a program that is installed on a computer, or allows the use of application functionality through a stationary device. In order to use the services of the program, you should:

  • Download the program for a personal computer;
  • When moving to the program, the code will open on the screen, which should be scanned using a mobile device;
  • Open the program through a smartphone and open the settings in the settings menu where you should select the WhatsApp Web section;
  • If you instill a phone camera on the code, then the data is synchronized, and the user can apply the functionality of a personal account through a computer.
  • The program should choose an interlocutor who will be sent a file. Specify the required file, and click on an icon with a paper clip for departure.

With the help of Blustax

Bluestacks. an addition that can be used using a personal computer with installed Windows. At the same time, the program can be synchronized with an account used using a mobile device.

Use WhatsApp on your computer

  • Download the program to a personal computer.
  • Accept consent to services.
  • Enter personal data with login and password from the account in the Google service. If there is no account, then you can register in a couple of minutes.
  • In the Google Play program, you should choose the WhatsApp option, and wait for the WhatsApp Messenger option, and download.
  • When loading the program, you should enter the phone number to which the COGD should come to the message.
  • After entering the code into the program, you can start using, and send files from the computer to the WhatsApp application.

How to print a document from Watsap on a computer?

Users can print documents through the WhatsApp application. Clients can choose operations:

  • Using a wireless network. Through Wi-Fi you can install a connection between a mobile device and a printer. After detecting the device on the printer, you should select a file and print files.
  • Using Printhand, which allows for wireless printing. At the same time, the work is done using a Wi-Fi network.
  • Using a connection via USB. If you could not connect via Wi-Fi, then you can connect a mobile device with the printer.
  • For devices based on Android, you should use the services of the Google Cloud Print program.
  • For iPhone you can download the AirPrint application. At the same time, it should be traced that the devices operate from one Wi-Fi network.

Files can be downloaded from the application, without the need to download the document to the computer. The procedure saves time and effort.

How to send a video file from the computer version of WhatsApp

Web Client of WhatsApp, supports not only sending standard SMS textual texts, but also makes it possible to exchange users among themselves, media files. Videos are no exception. And if with the usual version of WhatsApp, most users are familiar, then the web version of some causes difficulties. In fact, sending a video through the site or the WhatsApp web application is not difficult.

Messenger funds

To send a video on WhatsApp from the computer, you need to run the messenger web client and scan the emerging graphic key using the smartphone camera.

Then in WhatsApp web, you need to go into a personal or group conversation. Click on the paperwork icon, which is located in the upper part of the messenger.

In the window opened, find a video and press it. Send the message to the interlocutor.

In the installed version of WhatsApp web, the transmission of media takes place as in classic Vatsapa. The application is launched. Conversation is selected. The file is added using the paperwork icon, which is in the message entry line. If desired, you can add a text and send a video to the addressee.

Windows conductor

To send a video file from a computer to the phone, you need to enter the web version of the application, scan the emerging barcode with a smartphone.

Open the desired conversation in chats, click on the paper clip. In the file manager that appears, find a video on the computer, and press the ‘Open’ button.

How to Get WhatsApp on iPad

Send SMS to the addressee

Sending a video file by dragging. It is necessary to find the desired video, a window with a file on a PC, it is necessary to narrow to facilitate use. Capture the file from the conductor with the mouse, and drag it into the messenger window, where it is written ‘pull the file here’.

Link to video

To send a video on WhatsApp from a computer, you can use the links. The video file is loaded by one.

Another method involves loading the video into a cloud service:

  • To add files, you need to click on ‘’ icon.
  • After loading the roller into the cloud, you need to block the appearance of the context menu with a long click on the file. In the window that appears, from the list of available options, the parameter responsible for copying links is selected.
  • Then, the messenger is launched, and a dialogue or group chat is opened, where the file address will be sent. In the message entry field, you must press and hold the screen before the menu with the choice of options.
  • In a pop.up window, a line ‘insert’ is selected. And the sending of the message is pressed. The user received a message with the address of the video, crosses the link, and meets the video file.

Sending media files using the Bluestacks emulator

This emulator is designed to launch on a personal computer, applications designed to work on the Android platform. Allows you to synchronize the user’s applications and services that are on different gadgets. For synchronization, you need to bind the utility to the phone number.

  • Find and download the program on PC.
  • Adopt a privacy policy and the rules for the provision of services.
  • When the account is confirmed, you need to find the icon with Google-Play in the program window.
  • In the line of searching for a store, enter the name of the messenger.
  • Find WhatsApp and click on ‘install’.
  • When the installation is completed, to receive a confirmation code, indicate the phone number.
  • To the input line, enter the resulting code, and WhatsApp will be launched.

If there is a backup, the messenger will independently perform synchronization. If, there is no copy, then the user will have to make contacts manually. The principle of adding does not differ from adding on a smartphone.

To send a video file to the interlocutor, you need:

  • Choose a video, and drag it into the window of the blustax program.
  • Open a dialogue or group conversation in the messenger. Click.
  • In the window that appears, click on the ‘Gallery’ item. Choose a video and press it.
  • The selected video will be displayed in the interlocutor window. Press send.

The above steps will help users of online versions and applications WhatsApp Web, share videos with their friends. Connecting and using an emulator of programs created for the Android platform will also not cause problems. Since the utility integration is easy to handle.

Why is it useful

Secondly, the video files saved on the device can be sent to other users. This can be not only important information, but just funny videos.

Now consider how to save the video on Android, on the device with the iOS operating system and on the computer.

Downloading on a mobile device

It is worth noting that you can download video from Watsap to the phone both manually and in automatic mode. Consider both options for two mobile operating systems.


To download the video on Android manually, you need:

After the end of the download process, the video will be saved in the device gallery.

You can download all the videos sent in automatic mode if you take the following steps:

  • Open the messenger.
  • Click on the button with three points.
  • Select “Settings” item.
  • Go to the section “Data and storage”.
  • In the subparagraph “Media Automobile” Tap on the line “Wi-Fi”.
  • Install a checkmark near the “Video” item.
  • Click “OK”.

INFORMATION! Automatic download of video files is also possible through a mobile network, but this can lead to a quick consumption of Internet traffic.


In order to keep the video manually on the iPhone, you need to perform the same steps as on the Android device. Auto load is adjusted as follows: 1. WhatsApp is launched.

The section “Data and storage” opens.

The item “Wi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi and cellular communications” is selected.

Now all the video files sent to the messenger will automatically stay in the phone’s memory.

ATTENTION! Automatic loading parameters are set separately for documents, photos, audio and video files.

Now consider how you can transfer the received videos to the memory of a personal computer.

You can save a video from Watsap to a computer in several ways. We highlight 4 of them:

In the event that there is a removable memory card on the mobile device, then it can be connected to a computer via cardrider. It needs to be attached to the USB-string, and then copy or transfer the necessary file to the folder to PC.

ADVICE! WhatsApp video can be found in the device in the WhatsApp folder. Having opened it, you need to go further to Media, and then to “WhatsApp Video”.

If the second option is selected. Bluetooth, then in this case it should be activated both on the smartphone and on the computer. By installing the connection, you can start transmitting data. After the end, it is possible to transfer the video to the desired folder.

The third option is to save video files through a direct connection to a computer. faster. To do this, you only need to attach the gadget to the PC and copy the necessary data.

The fourth way is the use of the browser version of Watsap. To use it, you need to take the following steps: 1. Run the browser installed on the computer.

Follow the following link: https: //

Open WhatsApp on a smartphone or tablet.

Tap to the vertical troot in the upper right corner.

Scan using a camera on a QR code from a monitor to PC.

Click on the “Download” button, which is shown as a directed down arrow.

In this way, other files from Watsap are copied.

send, video, computer, whatsapp, mobile, device

THE MOST IMPORTANT! WhatsApp messenger can be used as a means for receiving videos. Media files are stored in the device gallery manually and using automatic download, which can be carried out through Wi-Fi and a mobile network. Video files are transferred to a memory card and a personal computer. To copy on PC, use one of the methods given in the article. Share the video and use it for your own needs with the WhatsApp messenger!