How to send a photo from your iPhone via Bluetooth

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Can you send photos via Bluetooth to your iPhone?

You cannot send photos via Bluetooth. The iPhone is not designed to pair via Bluetooth with any computer other than a personal hotspot.

  • 1 Open the Photo Transfer app and tap the “SEND” button.
  • 2 Touch “OTHER DEVICE.
  • 3 Press “SELECT” to select the photos you want to send, then press “USE BLUETOOTH”.
  • 4 Then press the “SEARCH DEVICES” button on both devices and follow the instructions on the screen.

Transferring Photos

In this way, you can easily transfer a photo from iPhone to iPhone. Even on Android this is possible, but sometimes difficulties arise. Try it anyway! If you have trouble, you can try the other methods described below.

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

Users of phones from different manufacturers with different operating systems will sooner or later want to transfer files from one device to another. In some cases it is not possible to transfer images via Bluetooth. Such a situation arises due to different versions of operating systems. Owners of devices have to look for alternatives. But sometimes there are no problems, the transmission is uninterrupted. You are recommended to try this method on your gadgets.

  • The systems are competing with each other, so you still need an internet connection (a cell phone is fine) to download the Airblue sharing software to both devices. It is great for transferring pictures and photos. Then you need to activate Bluetooth;
  • User goes to the application on both gadgets. On an Android phone, it will need to point to a file to be transferred. On a second device, you will need to accept the content that you are sending. A dialog window will pop up to confirm your transmission actions. You can send an unlimited number of files, and the app is free. The transfer rate reaches 1.7 MB / sec.

Is it possible to transfer files from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth?

To transfer files wirelessly between your iPhone and Android device, both devices must have the same third-party Bluetooth file transfer app installed. Install the free Bump app on both devices to share files over the Bluetooth connection.

Either your Android phone is using Bluetooth v4. If not, you need to set it in your Bluetooth discovery settings so the sending device can identify it. Open the app, you will see a full list of apps on your Android phone, and then select the app you want to share.

How to transfer files from your iPhone via Bluetooth?

Iphone users are happy with all the smartphone features possible, including the revolutionary fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S. But they definitely lack one possibility. Unfortunately, you can not transfer files via Bluetooth from your “Apple” smartphone. Such injustice becomes a stumbling block for potential buyers of iPhone, but few people know that it is possible to transfer files from iPhone via Bluetooth using the AirBlue Sharing tweak from Cydia.

Jailbreak aficionados can rejoice, because only they can open such a simple but in case of iPhone an amazing function. And those who never dared to “jailbreak” their device can think about it again by reading our detailed guide How to Jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n7. By the way it comes with an excellent FAQ, after studying which no one will have a question about jailbreaking.

As for transferring files from iPhone via Bluetooth, it’s easy. Buy the AirBlue Sharing tweak from the BigBoss repository for 4.99 and enjoy it at your leisure. Yes, the extension is not cheap, but there is no alternative at the moment.

To use AirBlue Sharing tweak is very easy. In order to send a file via Bluetooth from iPhone you have to tap on the desired file for a few seconds, until you see the popup window. You can select and transfer absolutely any files, whether it be music, photos, videos, contacts and much more. By “other” we mean files with any extension that you can find using the iFile tweak, which gives access to the iOS file system.

send, photo, your, iphone, bluetooth

Airblue Sharing works with no need to configure anything, immediately after booting up the Bluetooth file transfer feature is enabled on the system level. If we talk about the possibilities of the tweak, it’s really cool: data transfer rate up to 1.7 MB / s, the connection is automatically turned off after the transfer, thereby the battery is less consumed, supported by many third-party applications. Users also like the ability to transfer multiple files at the same time.

Airblue Sharing allows you to transfer files to almost any Bluetooth-equipped device. Supported desktop operating systems: OS X, Windows and Linux as well as mobile operating systems: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and iOS. Files can be transferred to other iOS devices only if the AirBlue Sharing tweak is installed on them.

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone 2021 (2 Ways)

Transferring via hotspot

If there is no Wi-Fi network nearby for data transfer, there is another way to exchange files between iOS and Android. This is where the SHAREit app comes in handy.

send, photo, your, iphone, bluetooth

When running the program on the Android device and trying to transfer the file, the smartphone creates an access point and shows the password to connect to it.

On the iPhone, just go to settings and connect to the network, and then data transfer will occur.

If you initiate a transfer from your iPhone, the utility will first ask you to create an access point on your Android device, which will receive the files, and after connecting to it, it will perform the transfer.

This is how quickly and easily you can transfer any type of data between completely different mobile operating systems. Download a couple of apps you need so that you have them handy in case you need them.

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Apple products differ from other companies’ devices with a lot of advantages, the main of which are constant system updates and a reliable system of data protection. But the core set of features and capabilities is similar across all gadgets from different manufacturers. All smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth technology, one of the functions of which is the wireless transfer of data between devices. However, this particular Bluetooth function on the iPhone is excluded. The developer explains it by the protection of copyright information. Let’s solve the question, which in the early days of “Apple” devices in our expanses was asked by all users. Why do we need Bluetooth on the iPhone?

send, photo, your, iphone, bluetooth

Cable via Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer. One and the same Finder

You can transfer files from Android to Mac and from Mac to Android via cable. It is needed in the case when the first place is not the convenience of the connection, but the speed of information transfer: photos, video, high-capacity files.

I work on a 2019 MacBook Air that charges with a USB-C cable to USB-C. Most new Android smartphones have the same connection, so you can use the included cable. But I’ve more often connected with the short “cord” with Type-C on both ends from the included ZMI 10 Charging Can.

Without additional software, Mac doesn’t see Android connected in external storage mode. For this you need a special universal application Android File Transfer. It launches as soon as you plug the cable into your Mac and smartphone.

The program is similar to a separate Finder window and supports macOS 10.7 and up. It does not always work 100% correctly, but it often copes with its duties.

To transfer photos

Now it’s easy to transfer photos from your phone to your computer. Click on the icon in the tray and then click on “Receive File”. A waiting window will appear. If there is no such item in the menu, call up “Start”, type “Bluetooth” into the search and select “File Transfer”. In the window that appears, choose whether to accept or send.

Tip: Right-click on this caption and then “Send to. Desktop. This way it will always be “at your fingertips.”.

Now, when the file waiting window has opened, you can drop the photos. On your smartphone, go to the gallery and press “share. Select “Bluetooth” as the destination.

Windows 10 will prompt you to select a path for them where they will be saved. In Windows 7 it is usually the “Documents” folder. A bar will appear on the screen with the progress of the transfer.

If you need to transfer files from your computer to your phone via Bluetooth, you simply select “Send” instead of “Receive”. Windows will prompt you to define the files, and the process will run.

Of course, before you transfer your files, you have to make sure that your laptop has Bluetooth and that it works. If you need to update the drivers. These issues are also solvable. If this method does not work and you need to transfer information urgently, there are always other ways:

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

  • Applications for direct transfer via Wi-Fi from your phone to your computer;
  • Upload photos to a cloud storage service like Yandex.Disk;
  • To transmit a file to yourself in messengers;
  • Transfer photos via email;
  • USB cable.

When everything is set up, you can transfer photos from your phone to your computer in just a few minutes. Data transfer in new devices is getting faster and faster.