How to Send a Fax From a Computer Over the Internet

Now, in order to send a fax, you don’t need to go to the fax machine, wait for a convenient time for the recipient to send a fax, spend time dialing and waiting for the fax machine to finish sending. Using RuFax, you can send a fax via the Internet directly from your workplace or from home from any communication device. smartphone, computer, iPad, IPhone.

How to Send a Fax From a Computer Over the Internet

Do not install fax modems, do not occupy telephone lines, and do not waste time setting up and supporting stand-alone solutions. The maximum that you can achieve in this case is to automate some functions of sending faxes at a specific workplace.

Sending a fax from a computer via RuFax will take you a minimum of time. just attach the document and indicate the recipient’s number. This will allow, if necessary, without much effort to repeat the transfer of the necessary pages from the archive of sent faxes, will reduce your time and telephone costs.

Your main tool at RuFax will be a simple and well-known browser. To send a fax, connect and send the required documents to the recipients using the convenient “Fax Sending Wizard”.

Sending a fax from a computer via RuFax will give you more options compared to traditional means and other automation technologies:

Access from any workplace

You can simplify and automate sending faxes from any workplace., having internet access. Create your own virtual office in RuFax and arrange access for facsimile exchange under a single contract to any number of employees.

All faxes are stored electronically.

All facsimile correspondence will be stored electronically; you can use any received or sent fax multiple times. Now, in order to get acquainted with the received fax or send a document to fax, you do not need to go to the office. You can get access to your personal account, all received and sent faxes from any point where there is Internet access. from a computer, smartphone or other communication device.

Collaborate with fax documents

You can organize collaboration with faxes for several users of your virtual office. Use the capabilities of tags and comments that are available to all office users. you can always quickly find or group the required faxes.

Fax multicast

You can send a fax to several addresses at once, spending as much time as sending a fax to one recipient. Sending a multicast fax is as simple as sending a fax to one recipient: specify several recipient numbers and attach the required document. everything else for fax delivery will be done by our Service.

Delivery Alerts

You will be able to receive notifications about the fact of delivery, fax reception and other events in the system in the form of SMS or email. Now, to find out the results of fax delivery or resend it if necessary, you do not have to be in the office.

Payment of delivered faxes only

In RuFax, you will pay only for the delivered pages, and not the time spent on telephone connections. The system takes upon itself all efforts to dial and transmit your fax, making several attempts to send it.

Facsimile documents. in the company’s EDMS

Using RuFax, it is easy to integrate facsimile workflow into your organization’s overall electronic workflow system. All received and sent faxes are stored in your personal account in electronic form. For the export of incoming faxes, as well as for the automation of sending documents to fax from the organization’s information system, we offer various means.

Sending paper and electronic documents

Sending a fax from a computer to RuFax allows you to send not only scanned images paper documents, but also electronic documents of any format. The means of automatic conversion to RuFax allow users of the service to send documents of almost any format to fax without prior processing and preparation.