How to see the password from the Internet on a computer

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How to find out a password from your Wi-Fi?

In our article today, we will tell you about different ways to find out the password from our Wi-Fi network on PC, laptop and even mobile devices. Many users often face a situation where they cannot recall their own authorization password for access to wireless Internet. These password data are necessary for quick and comfortable web-singing and will surely come in handy for the subsequent distribution of Wi-Fi for other gadgets.

CMD : Find all Wi-Fi passwords with only 1 command | Windows 10 / 11 | NETVN

Please note that the computer from which you need to find out the Wi-Fi password must be connected to this network. The option is also suitable if you have successfully connected to it earlier. In other cases, you will need to enter the router configuration.

Adapter parameters

The easiest way to find out the password from the wireless access point in Windows 7 is to view the connection settings. It can be displayed even if the connection is lost, but information about it has been preserved in the system.

  • In the taskbar, click the left mouse button on the wireless connection icon. It is by default located next to time.
  • A pop.Up window will appear. Here, click on the inscription “Center for networks and total access”.
  • In the left menu of the window opened, switch to “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • Among the list of networks, select the access point used at the moment. Click on it with the right mouse button. In the falling menu, click on the “condition”.
  • The window “Status is wireless network” will open. Use the “Properties of the Wireless Network” there.
  • In the new window, switch to the Safety tab.
  • Under the field of “Network Security Key”, put the box “display the entered signs”. The current password from Wi-Fi will be displayed in this field.

On the phone

How to determine the password for access to Wi-Fi using a computer and how to look at the router, we already know. And what to do if there is no computer, but there is only a mobile phone. Let’s figure it out.

Regardless of the phone model, the password can be viewed by entering the web integral router. To do this, the phone must be connected to the network.

  • In any browser we open the address 192.168.One.1 or 192.168.0.One;
  • Enter the username and password (usually admin, admin);
  • In the router menu, we are looking for a settings item that depends on the manufacturer of the router (the section above is described in detail).

How to Find your WiFi Password Windows 10 WiFi Free and Easy [Tutorial]


On phones and tablets working for Android OS. You can find out the access key in two ways: using the program or see in a system file.

To find out the password using the application, you need:

  • Download in the Playmarket application store Wi-Fi Key Recovery and install. Other applications are also suitable: Wi-Fi Password, Wi-Fi Pass Recovery;
  • Open the utility and find the right Wi-Fi network (SSID) in the list;
  • The PSK field will be the key to the network.

To see the key in the settings, you need:

On old smartphones with the version of the operating system no older than iOS 7, you could find out the key to Wi-Fi directly from the device. To do this, you had to go to the settings, then go to Safari and find out the necessary information in the Password point.

Now the keys are stored there only from sites. Therefore, to find out the password using only the standard iOS capabilities, it is impossible. There are programs that can show the saved access key to Wi-Fi, for example, Wifipasswords, but they need to install them to make a halbreak procedure-Jailbreak.

On the Android phone

No Root right

The essence of this method is to go to the router menu through a mobile browser on the phone.

Download the IPCONFIG application from the Play Market store (at the link.

After starting, the program will automatically find and show the saved Wi-Fi networks (SSID) and data from them (PSK).

This method works on some old phone models.

On the phone menu, go to “Settings”. Open the “” tab.

Then go to “Setting up the Wi-Fi access point”.

This is the most time.Consuming way. You will need USB cable and computer. You also need to install drivers for your phone model from the manufacturer’s website.

Open the phone settings and go to the “For Developers” section.

If you do not have such a section, click six to seven times on the “On the phone” item. After that the menu will display.

Install the switch to the “VCL” position and activate the “Debugging by USB”.

On the computer download and unzip the SDK Platform-Tools tools (loading link).

Connect the phone to the computer via USB cable and select the “Data Transfer” mode.

Open the command line on behalf of the administrator. Print the command: D: \ Extracted \ Adb Pull/Data/Misc/Wi-Fi/WPA_SUPPPLICANT.Conf D: \ Password

D: \ Extracted. This is the path to unpacked files, D: \ password. The final folder where the file configuration will be saved.

Open the Password folder, it will have a WPA_SUPPLICANT document.Conf. Run this file using a notebook. The line “PSK” will be written password.

Through the router

Watch the password from Vifay will turn out to be a network hub. There are several ways in working with the router to determine the key to Wi-Fi.

On the rear panel of the router

The manufacturer leaves a sticker or print on the device with a default access access key. We look at the bottom or back of the router. The method is simple and proven. Is not suitable if the login and password were changed by the user. You can check the attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

From the web of the router integer

For entering the web integer of the router, there is a fairly ordinary observer and IP address of the router connected to the PC. The address of the models of one manufacturer is often common and is placed on a box or rear panel of the router. In extreme cases, we find according to the model through the search on the network. IP is entered in the field for requests, confirm Enter.

Routers of different firms differ in the formats of the web integrate. In general, you need to see a item or section responsible for protecting the connection from the connection by third parties. It is located in the wireless connection settings. Most often, a string or column with a password will be signed as Key.

Drop the default router settings

If not one of the ways has worked for any reason, there is always the opportunity to roll back the condition of the router settings to the factory-by default. This will apply the key that the manufacturer prescribed on the panel from the back. Any router has a reset button- most often it stands behind, in a row with the controls and connecting connectors. You need to clamp and hold it for no more than 10 seconds. The button is drowned deep into the case so as not to accidentally press the reboot-you will need to apply something similar to a clip or a key for a Simcart slot. After that, there will be a factory password on the router.

Wireless network parameters

The easiest way to find out the Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 is through the wireless network parameters. A prerequisite-you need to be connected to Wi-Fi, the password from which is forgotten, and have the rights of the administrator in Windows 10. You can see the key for an inactive network in ways that will be described below.

  • The first way. We click on the Wi-Fi icon, which is located in the tria (lower right angle, next to the language panel) with the right mouse button and select “Open” Network and Internet “. Next, select the item “Change of adapter parameters”. For the second method, you need to click a combination of Winr keys in the “execute” window that opens. “NCPA”. “NCPA”.CPL ”without quotes, then click on the“ Enter ”button.
  • We find the grid to which we are connected, and click on it with the right mouse button. Choosing the item “condition”.
  • Next, click on the “Properties of the Wireless Network” and in the window that opens, select the “Safety” tab, put the box “display the entered signs”. After that, the code is visible in the “Network Safety Key” field. This is the key to the wifai.

This method of viewing a Wi-Fi password on a computer with Windows 10 operating room should not cause difficulties. Let’s move on to other methods.

We will learn the password from our Wi-Fi network on Android mobile phone

There are two ways to see the password from the saved Wi-Fi network on the phone with the Android operating system.

We look at the password through the properties of the access point

Go to the settings and connect to the Wi-Fi network from which you want to know the password.

Further, in the settings, go to the menu “Wi-Fi access point”-“Configure the Wi-Fi point”.

In the access settings menu, you can click on the “display symbols” icon next to the password field. So you will see a password saved on the phone.

Unfortunately, if after the “password” is empty, then you have never used the phone at home as an access point, which means that the password from the Wi-Fi network has not been appropriate automatically as a password from the access point in this field.

Watch the Wi-Fi password in Android system files

Mobile phones and tablets on the Android operating system store data on saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords in service files. Without a ROOT, it is not possible to get access to these files, but if you already have a ROOT access, then everything is very simple.

The necessary data is stored in the WPA_SUPPLICANT file.Conf, which is located in the service folder/DATA/MISC/Wi-Fi/.

Download and install from Google Play any file manager of the rights of a super sexman, for example, RootbrowSer.

Launch the program and go to the Data folder.

Open the Wi-Fi folder and the WPA_SUPPLICANT file in it.Conf.

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In the file opened, the Wi-Fi password will be in the line “PSK = Password”.