How To Scan Documents From A Printer To A Computer

How To Scan Documents From A Printer To A Computer

Scanning all kinds of texts, images, graphs and tables is a necessity in the modern office work of any organization. Therefore, the question of how to scan documents from a printer to a computer remains relevant for a number of users of such office equipment. In general, it is very easy to solve such a problem and scan the required number of documents on a printer.

What is needed for scanning?

To solve a problem such as “how to scan a document onto a computer” you will need a personal computer, and its type and performance are not of great importance to the device itself, which is equipped with a scanner. Those. in this case, you need a scanning printer, and not any device of this type.

In addition to the PC and office equipment that has a scanner, you will also need appropriate software. For example, the ABBYY FineReader program is an excellent option. It allows not only scanning documents, but also performing text recognition in more than 150 languages ​​of the world!

VueScan, which is lightweight and user-friendly software that supports most of today’s flatbed scanners, as well as multifunction devices, also enjoys some distribution. Documents scanned using this utility can be saved not only in JPEG or TIFF formats, but also in PDF, which is very convenient when working in the office. Most importantly, this program has an integrated OCR system, which is intended for optical character recognition. Therefore, to recognize the scanned text, you do not need the presence of additional utilities.

The two programs listed are paid, so if you are looking for a completely free option, you can resort to CuneiForm. Despite its “gratuitousness”, this utility has good functionality, for example, with its help you can work with various printed fonts and recognize texts in two dozen languages. It can also recognize tables. To improve the quality of recognized texts, the program has the ability to compare words with a dictionary, which can be constantly expanded.

If you do not want to download and install any of the above programs on your personal computer, then use the usual “Scanner Wizard”.


  1. Before answering the question of how to make a scan, take and connect the scanner to a PC. On the computer, in turn, drivers must be installed that match the model of your printer. You can install them both from a CD-ROM, which comes in the same set with office equipment, and previously downloading the latest version of this software from the manufacturer’s website.

Thus, the question of how to scan from a printer to a computer is easily solved. over, today there are a large number of special programs and utilities that allow you to scan a document, edit it and recognize text. In general, the solution to the task “how to scan from a printer” consists of preparation, scanning, recognition, verification and saving.