How to scan a qr code on your Samsung phone

Ways to scan the code

In order to pay bills and receive reliable information on certain cultural objects, it is not necessary to carry a special barcode scanner. In fact, you need a minimum of tools: a smartphone with a primary or front-facing camera and software that can display the data encrypted in the picture.


The most popular applications for reading QR codes:

Working with mobile scanners is very simple:

  • Download the application to your smartphone.
  • Open the program.
  • Aiming camera at QR code.
  • Get information about the product or copy the web link to go to the site.

How to scan a QR code on your Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi smartphone

Manufacturers of modern phones often implement their own barcode tools on Android. It is possible to read without installing an application on several models.

Owners of Xiaomi devices can use the built-in “Scanner” program. Located in the “Tools” section or in the auxiliary panel.

For the app to work, the user needs to place the symbol inside the limiter for scanning. After the correct scanning on the focused camera the encoded information appears on the screen.

Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9: How to Scan QR Code w/ Built-In Scanner

Finding the scanner on your Xiaomi device

Important! The uniqueness of the app is to scan any photo album picture for a qr code.

Users of Huawei or Honor devices can display a number of tools on the locked display for operational use. Character scanning application is included.

Instructions for opening and using the program from the locked screen:

  • Swipe up to unlock the display. Settings panel is located at the bottom.
  • From the list of available utilities select the scanner.
  • Point the camera to the quick response code.
  • Wait for the results of the decoding and analyze the data.

On the main screen of the mobile device, you can find the program through the quick search menu. Swipe down from the middle of the display and select the sign of the utility found in the query bar.

Important! In order to scan the code from the picture, it is necessary to select the required picture and go to the service “Scan QR code” through the panel of additional settings “.

The scanner function is built into the classic Samsung smartphone camera. To read it, it is only necessary to point the lens at an object.

If the automatic mode did not recognize the object, it is possible to switch to a special format. The method is available on modern devices to obtain encrypted information:

How to scan a QR code on the Samsung phone

Very few people know that the QR code (quick response code) was invented by a Japanese engineer, for the daily needs of the automobile industry.

However, in due course, it has gained great popularity in all branches and spheres, because of the superiority over the usual bar codes.

As QR, has a higher speed of reading, and also can hold much more information.

Almost all modern smartphones have a built-in function that is able to read and decode information encoded in this uncomplicated picture.

On Samsung phones, the utility is located in the notification curtain, the second screen, why the developers have hidden it so far away, I do not quite understand.

Below in the article, I will show how to open this function, literally in a few seconds.

Where can I find the QR code on my Samsung phone?

Lower the notification curtain with a swipe down.

Open it fully, with another swipe.

Now it is necessary to swipe to the left to open the second screen with icons.

The button we need is situated here and we have to press it.

Read the message, then click on the OK button.

Point the camera at the square and let it focus, after which it will automatically read.

In my case, the manufacturer’s web-site is encoded and it is possible to go to it at once.

In the default browser, opened the desired link.

That’s all for me, if you have something to add to this article, leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to activate the QR code scanning function on Samsung Galaxy S9 instructions

To activate QR scanning on Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s default internet browser.
  • Inside the browser, you have to select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Extensions” and then click on the activation slider, which is next to the section that reads QR Code Reader.

I will explain everything as simply as possible and give you a practical lesson. Right here without departing from the article. You can also scan barcodes with the same instruction.

“My smartphone’s interface may be different from yours due to a different theme and version of Android. The differences do not affect the process of installation and use of the QR code scanner”

First, you need a QR code scanner. I found the easiest one. It has fewer annoying ads and scans what you need. It is very easy to install it. It’s even easier to use.

  • First, let’s go to Google Play. You have to write in the underlined red line: “qr code scanner” or better “Smart qr scanner and generator”. We click on the search icon or just on the popped up sentence, which is suitable for us.
  • Choose “Smart QR Scanner and Generator” by clicking the green INSTALL or INSTALL button. Another useful program is also QR Droid with similar functionality.
  • Wait for the application to install and open it by clicking on the “OPEN” or “OPEN” button.
  • If you have exited Google Play, the app icon looks like this:
  • Launch the application and see the following menu. There are two points “Scan” and “Generate”. Your version may be “Scan” and “Generate”. I clicked on the top item. In response, the program asked permission to use the camera. I agreed.
  • In front of me opened a window with a camera like on the left. And first of all, I decided to tap all the settings you can. At the bottom left is the highlighting function. With it it is possible to scan a QR code normally at night. To the right of it is a little less useful function of focusing the camera.
  • The third button is the list of QR code types, which should be perceived by the scanner. It is better not to remove anything there, and simply go back.
  • The next button will be a little more useful. It changes the camera. Top main camera. Rear front camera above the monitor.
  • Now move on to scanning itself. It is enough just to open the program and put the central frame on the QR code. No need to press anything. Just point the camera at the barcode or QR. The program works automatically and instantly recognizes everything. In my case, I pointed it directly at the QR code and it was immediately displayed for me “”. As I promised it is very simple.
  • Practise on your own. Here is the QR code which I have created. If you see it on another phone or computer, just point and scan. How to create your own QR code I will explain further.
  • Alright, now let’s create our own one. Now go to the original menu and choose “Generate” or “Generate”. A line appears, where it is necessary to write anything that you want to encode into a QR code. I have entered our website. Press “Generate” or “Generate”.
  • QR code ready! This way you can create any QR code on Android. At the bottom there are two buttons: “Save” (SAVE) and “Share” (SHARE). Saves it to the gallery. Share allows you to send a QR code to whoever needs it.

In addition, you can download another great app for scanning. Barcode Scanner

Through the built-in QR scanner on Android

Built-in scanners exist in almost all modern models of smartphones, to use the option is enough to start the camera and point it at the code to be read. If nothing happens, then try to find the function in the camera settings and activate it.

Now let’s try to scan a QR code by Android phone on Samsung, with the help of built-in tools to show you the whole process by example. A great app called Bixby Camera. The official Samsung website states which models support the program

The result will look as follows:

I also want to tell more about the OS version 8.1.0. On the example of BlackBerry KEY one 4GLTE show how the developers have taken care of their users and built into the camera ability to scan business cards.

Please note that depending on the brand, the availability of Android QR code scanning may vary slightly.

Now let’s see how to read an Android QR code on a business card example.

  • The system will automatically open “Add contact” → the data will be entered in the fields. Check everything, because the quality of the recognition depends on the paper, the level of fraying of the business card, etc.д.

For comparison, I am attaching several screenshots of another business card. there is clearly a difference.

The function is very convenient, because it simplifies the data entry, thus you can avoid mistakes when entering numbers and save your time.

Apps for Android

If your smartphone does not have an integrated QR sensor, it is required to download special utilities. The following variants are the most popular.

Lightning QR Scanner

Free utility that takes up almost no storage space. Deal with the decryption of elements quickly. To do it you should:

  • Open the application.
  • Allow the system to read the information.
  • Aim the lens at a black square.
  • Open formed database.

This scanner allows you to archive previously decrypted information.

QR Code

Effective program for scanning graphical elements. To start it must be installed and after start agree with request to read information from the phone. The decryption of data is performed as in the previous variant. The procedure takes several seconds. Upon completion, the hidden ciphers are placed in an archive, which will contain all previously saved references.

A distinctive feature of the utility is the ability to configure the tool yourself. For example the user can turn off the vibration or remove the sound. There is a technical support section.

QR Bot

One of the most powerful scanning utilities. The system is able to recognize about 40 encrypted ciphers. After installation you should tick the box and you can start scanning. The camera immediately grabs the black frame and reads the information.

The only drawback is that after decoding the information is placed on the program site. There is also a lot of advertising content in the process. However, in addition to recognizing ciphers, the program is able to recognize photos.

The “QR” code is a black square with different lines and squiggles inside. Its working principle is quite simple. Any information is encrypted into a black square using special blocks.

To read the code it is enough just to point the camera to it, pre-installing special application. It is important not to forget to turn on the Internet connection, otherwise nothing will happen. After this a link will appear on the screen, by entering it you will have access to the information, encoded in the square. Let’s consider 5 ways, how quickly and easily you can recognize a QR code.

How to scan a QR code on your Samsung Galaxy Tab or phone using Built-in Code Scanner Utility buttons?

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher, you will be happy to know that it already has a built-in Samsung qr code reader, scanner utility or app. There is no direct access to this utility, it requires you to open the Samsung Browser.

So, once you open this browser app, click on the icon in the top right corner that has three vertical dots. A menu will be displayed, from which you should select Extensions. Now find the QR code reader option and activate it if you are not already in this mode.

After that go to the menu of Samsung Internet application and select the option Scan QR code to read or scan the desired code. If neither of the two options is visible, consider updating your browser application.