How To Save Videos And Photos From Instagram To Iphone

How To Saves And Photos From Instagram To Iphone

The social network Instagram over the past years has changed a lot: it replenished with “Stories” that disappear 24 hours after the addition, expanded with “Live” broadcasts in real time, and opened with additional entertaining content. But the conservatism of the developers has remained the same:s and photos can still not be officially stored on the hard drives of a computer or the internal / external memory of smartphones and tablets.

It is impossible to find the correct answers to the questions that arise, and therefore it is better to focus on the main thing: how to save the from Instagram to the iPhone using third-party tools.

Instruction manual

Motives Instagram users unknown. Are developers trying to protect the audience from intellectual property theft? Or is introducing such functionality problematic in a social network? We’ll deal with savings and photos from Instagram, offering to apply three methods.

Built-in methods for saving photos from Instagram

If you have to work with photos or images, you don’t even have to look in the App Store to save the result. The procedure is predictable.

  • Open the news feed, find the frame you like, press the combination of two keys: “Home” and “Lock”, or “Home” and the volume up on the iPhone X. The result is immediately saved as a thumbnail that you are immediately allowed to interact with: superfluous. crop, text. write, and cover the inscriptions in the frame with a marker.
  • If you click on the “Finish” button, the photo will be instantly saved in the “Gallery”, from where it is easy to upload the image back to social networks or keep it for future use.

Saves from Instagram using applications

First of all, it is important to log in to the AppStore, filling in the available text fields with valid information, driving in the username and password. Then immediately proceed to the search, where you can enter any of the options you like: SaveGram, Instagrab, InstDown. Functionality is almost the same everywhere, but with some nuances. Instagrab, for example, offers to immediately log in using an Instagram account, and by the standards of modern social networks, this approach is at least unsafe. Therefore, the instruction is given to InstDown.

We go to Instagram. Click the ellipsis next to the post you like. Then select the “Copy link” drop-down menu item:

Paste the copied data into InstDown by double-clicking on the text field, and then on the Paste button:

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